Jonathan Kuminga Going G League Route?

The top-rated prospect in the Class of 2020, Jalen Green, passed on college opportunities to join the G League. Two other highly-regarded prospects made the same commitment, as did one from overseas.

Now, Jonathan Kuminga — ranked No. 4 in his class by ESPN — may join them, Adam Zagoria of tweets. All signs point to Kuminga joining the G League’s new Select Team and receiving as much as $500K, according to Zagoria.

The 6’8” Kuminga announced on social media he would reveal his decision on Thursday. A native of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kuminga attended The Patrick School in Elizabeth, N.J. He narrowed his college options to Auburn, Duke, Kentucky and Texas Tech.

Kuminga is currently training in Miami, Zagoria continues, and was recently seen playing pickup ball with Michael Beasley, who just signed with the Nets as a substitute player, as well as another of the prospects headed to the G League, Isaiah Todd.

Todd is ranked No. 15 by ESPN while the other prep player who went the G League route, guard Daishen Nix, is rated No. 21. Kai Sotto, a 7’2″ center from the Philippines, is also committed to the Select Team.

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5 thoughts on “Jonathan Kuminga Going G League Route?

  1. Jeff Zanghi

    I know the article is mainly about Kuminga but I happened to then look into Kai Sotto… And from what I’ve read online about his tournament statistics, etc. even from as young as 16 years old… this kid seems like he’s going to be quite the player. He averaged 20+PPG and 20+RPG in his most recent tournament play and seems to have quite the scoring, rebounding and blocking skills — will be quite fascinating to watch how he does on the new G-League elite team next season and then where he winds up in the draft

    • bravesfan88

      Yeah, I had the exact same thoughts after reading the article..”Hmmm…a 7’2″ big man from the Phillipines!?…Tell me more please..” lol

      Then, I quickly realized he is left-handed, and that only further added to my intrigue. In terms of his height and weight, Kai Sotto is listed as being somewhere between 7’0″-7’2″ and between He is also listed as being either a top 50 or top 60 prospect, so he is listed as a legit four-star prospect.

      In terms of what Sotto has going for him moving forward, and projecting his outlook going forward, here are the positives and negatives I have read and gathered about Sotto..

      1.) His height will always be an asset offensively, whether it’s helping him down in the post, and also it provides him with some clear looks being able to shoot over opponents when he is working his mid-range game.

      2.) His height will also obviously assist him defensively. So far, in his amateur career, he has been able to prove he is an adept shot blocker. His impact might not always get noticed statistically, but his height and wingspan allows him to alter anyone coming at or near him down low.

      3.) Again, his height, and his mature basketball IQ has allowed him to consistently record excellent rebounding numbers, both offensively and defensively as well.

      4.) He should be able to fill out his frame, and put on some muscle. Even with that being said, however, reports indicate that his frame might not allow him to ever truly maximize his height advantages, nor be a real opposing force down low..Even still, by bulking up a bit, it should be adequate enough for him to become an efficient low-post weapon offensively. Also, defensively, the added muscle should allow him to mask his lack of lateral quickness..

      5.) A repeated knock on Sotto was his motor, and his perceived lack of constant 100% effort. It is hard to fully gauge how accurate these reports are, but I don’t think he should have many effort questions moving forward. With an increased and advanced level of competition in the G-League, we should see Sotto really stepping up his game and his natural competitiveness and drive should take over..

      6. Every report indicated that Sotto actually has a very mature skillset offensively. This includes a developed set of moves down low, and he is also able to utilize a LH&RH hook shot. Sotto also uses a step-back fadeaway to help create separation, and this allows him to become a threat in the midrange areas. I couldn’t find any information about his abilities behind the arc, but I imagine with an already advanced and developed midrange shot, it isnt unrealistic to think he could eventually become at least a threat from 3.

      7. At the Skills Factory in Atlanta Georgia, he was able to play against the likes of IMG Academy, among other premiere Academies and programs. He was also a fixture for some national tournaments, so he has had some experience against high level, high school, 16U, and 18U opponents..

      Overall, in Sotto, you’re looking at a potential fringe All-Star, that could eventually get you 15-20pts,10-12reb, and adding a block or two each and every night. From everything I was able to gather, he could end up having a similar impact to Enes Kanter offensively,except Sotto would also provide value defensively as a rim protector.

      I would sign up for that as a GM with my first pick, regardless wherever my team is picking. Some of these talented, foreign big men never truly pan out, and end up becoming busts more often than not. Even so, Sotto already comes in with an advanced offensive skillset, and I think that fact significantly decreases his bust potential. If you can get Sotto to become more efficient with his shot selection, improve his passing, put on some muscle mass, and if you can improve his conditioning, I think Sotto could easily become an impact NBA Starter and yes, a borderline perennial All-Star!!

      • x%sure

        8. He needs to grow wings to help him fly, too.

        There is someone of his dimensions draft-eligible this year I think, and he is already a fine shooter and handler, no need for the word “potential”. He is extremely skinny though, moreso than Bol or Fall. Long Russian name

  2. TheGoldenStateWarrior30

    At this point the NCAA hoop season looks in doubt, so soon we’ll probably see all kinds of players change their mind and declare for the draft

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