Lakers’ Rajon Rondo Fractures Thumb, Out 6-8 Weeks

7:00pm: Head coach Frank Vogel said he expects Rondo “to be part of our playoff run,” according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

7:19am: The Lakers‘ backcourt depth has taken another hit, as the team announced late last night that point guard Rajon Rondo suffered a fractured right thumb during Sunday’s practice. Rondo will undergo surgery on the thumb and is expected to resume full basketball activities in about six-to-eight weeks, as Mike Trudell of tweets.

Rondo, 34, was playing a career-low 20.8 minutes per game this season after averaging 31.7 MPG during the first 13 years of his NBA career. Still, that made him a regular part of L.A.’s rotation off the bench. He has recorded 7.1 PPG, 5.0 APG, and 3.0 RPG in 48 games (three starts) in 2019/20.

With Rondo sidelined and Avery Bradley having voluntarily opting out of the restart, the Lakers will have to lean more heavily on some of their other backcourt options. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Danny Green, and Alex Caruso are all candidates to receive a bump in minutes, tweets Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

As Slater points out, recently-signed guards Dion Waiters and J.R. Smith also move up on the depth chart and move closer to assuming rotation roles with Bradley and Rondo out of the mix.

The Lakers won’t be eligible to sign anyone to replace Rondo, since the NBA’s transaction window closed on June 30. At this point, only substitute-player contracts can be signed — and substitute players are only eligible to replace those who are opting out or who contract COVID-19.

Although L.A. will be without Rondo for the eight seeding games and the start of the postseason, his timeline puts him on track to make it back later in the playoffs, assuming the Lakers – as expected – make a deep run. If he were to return to action eight weeks from today (September 7), the Lakers could be in the midst of the Western Conference semifinals at that time.

Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin of ESPN first reported late on Sunday night that Rondo had suffered a significant hand injury.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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23 thoughts on “Lakers’ Rajon Rondo Fractures Thumb, Out 6-8 Weeks

  1. wagner13

    Without both Bradley and Rondo, the Lakers might have some difficulty defending opposing guards. They should get Rondo back prior to a potential Clippers matchup, but this could pose as a problem against the likes of Houston and even Oklahoma City

    • Afk711

      The Lakers 4th string team crushed the Thunder and the Rockets have huge problems with Westbrook getting the rona.

      • wagner13

        Westbrook will more than likely be recovered in time. Besides, teams can have off days. You can’t possibly believe the Thunder are actually that bad. I didn’t say the Lakers were toast, I’m just evaluating the situation

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Any problems the Rockets are experiencing are nothing compared to losing your backup PG for almost 2 months plus your starting SG who is also the team’s best perimeter defender.

        • Afk711

          Games start in just over 2 weeks and Harden/Westbrook are no where to be found LOL. As long as the Lakers have Lebron and Davis they are fine. Gotta love people acting like Rondo and Bradley are what makes the team. Laker haters are delusional.

          • harden-westbrook-mvps

            “The Lakers 4th string team crushed the Rockets”? Who is delusional here? How do they have a 4th team with 15/17 players? Please.

            • Afk711

              Crushed THE THUNDER. Are the Thunder the Rockwts? Their bench players whomped them when AD/LBJ sat. But sure we can’t handle the loss of Rondo and Bradley.

              • wagner13

                Lol nobody said you can’t handle it. I was just pointing out that the road to victory might be a little more difficult. You Lakers fans get triggered so easily. Try being a Memphis backer like yours truly

            • 4Quarters

              Just wait, next it’ll be the Lakers practice squad players trounced the Thunder.

              4th string lol.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        They are a bit touchy, thinking their team is invulnerable. But Harden and Westbrook will both be back with their team long before Rondo returns from his injury 6-8 weeks from now (and Bradley won’t be back at all). The Lakers will have to rely heavily on LeBron and Davis to play heavy minutes when the playoffs being, at least 40 minutes apiece. Whereas the Rockets won’t need to put such a heavy burden on both of their MVP’s.

        • x%sure

          Because of Rivers and Gordon are so good, right.
          The Lakers lost their two WORST on/offs at guard. Along with James directing the offense anyway, the Lakers actually got better! And I thought they would be down players by the time to get back on court. Leadership.

        • Afk711

          This delusion at its finest. Its not “next” I said it was OKC loud and clear the first time lol, it was Rockets boy who though I was talking about his team. The Lakers stomped OKC with FOUR starters ou, this is a fact. The Lakers have been relying on LBJ and AD all season, this is nothing new. The Rockets have literally been scrambling signing vets all season and you try and claim you have a good bench. LOL who is scoring for you besides Harden and Westbrook. Absolute delusion.

          • 4Quarters

            Point probably would have landed better if the 4th string hyperbole wasn’t there. Make your point without making your point look ridiculous.

        • Afk711

          Also to enter the bubble, Westbrook has to test negative twice. Even after that he has to quarantine himself for 10 days. He will not be back in time for the first round. CP3 is tgoing to knock out his old team in the first round LOL. You love to see it.

    • buddydeal

      I don’t think they’re gonna miss Rondo’s defense…not exactly his strong suit

  2. mlbnyyfan

    LBJ calling Wade, Ray Allen or Mike Miller. Any chance J Kidd suits up and gives the Lakers at least 15mins.

  3. x%sure

    Rondo would be better in an uptempo offense, though everyone seems to wants a youngster for that purpose.

    Bradley however continually gets overrated despite never coming close to average in PER. Three times traded, then waived by Memphis in a good move. Lakers will probably follow the trend and use him to uprade his position by trade. He also has had surprisingly mediocre defensive stats despite appearances.

    Rondo, Bradley, Caruso, Green, Cook, C-Pope… all have a PER between 8.9 and 12.4; this is not the Lakers strength, nor their injury weakness.

    • El Don

      Sooo very true x%sure! People talking like he is a star, Bradley is hardly a bench player in the league, is very below average, missing him doesn’t affect the team… actually as you say it might make them better even!

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