Paul George: “Feeling Back To Myself Again”

The NBA’s four-month hiatus allowed Paul George to fully heal for the first time since having surgery on both shoulders last offseason, writes Jovan Buha of The Athletic. In a Zoom session with reporters, the Clippers star talked about how much progress he has made since the season was suspended.

“I had insecurities throughout the season just because I wasn’t all the way 100 (percent), shoulder didn’t feel back to 100 (percent),” George said. “Everything was kind of waiting and hoping, believing in the doctors that everything they were telling me was going to come into this moment now where I feel great, no shoulder issues. The whole season, all the way up until maybe a month or two ago, I had to always do shoulder rehab stuff, warming the shoulder up. Just so much went into stuff I had to do before I actually took a foot on the floor.

“Now I feel great again. I feel great going on the court, shooting, doing regular things. Just confident in that, feeling back to myself again.”

Even though George finished third in the MVP race with the Thunder last season, he was playing through pain, dealing with a small labrum tear in his left shoulder and a partially torn tendon in the right one. He was traded to L.A. in July, but missed all of training camp and the Clippers’ first 11 regular season games while recovering from the operations. A strained left hamstring in midseason cost him 11 more games.

George told reporters he was able to stay in “great shape” during the hiatus by using an exercise machine, adding, “My body (is) in the best form that it can be right now.”

Clippers coach Doc Rivers got to watch George shoot at the team’s practice facility and said the physical difference was evident.

“When you factor in at the beginning of training camp, P.G. couldn’t play, he wasn’t healthy,” Rivers said. “Now in this second ‘training camp,’ he’ll be 100 percent healthy. I think that’s huge for us.”

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7 thoughts on “Paul George: “Feeling Back To Myself Again”

  1. harden-westbrook-mvps

    Both the Clippers and Rockets took advantage of the time off more than most teams. They’re finally healthy now and could very easily meet in the WCF.

    • El Don

      Can’t see either of them in the WCF!
      LAL v DEN that is the very best WCF we can see, best teams with best players!

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Denver is loaded with the best players while the Rockets and Clippers have just a bunch of no-names on their rosters?

  2. hoosierhysteria

    PG better play D and take good shots if Clippers are gonna be champions. That means very few 3’s….take it to the hoop.

  3. The Clips’ main issue is the lack of floor time that KL and PG13 have together in key lineups. The Lakers are well ahead of them in that regard. But if the Clips can close that gap, I’d make them the favorites in the West. Assuming the sport isn’t overwhelmed by health, fitness and motivation issues, which it may be.

    • x%sure

      And with the Clips, attitude issues, IMO effectively more damaging than the Lakers’ political issues.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Nuggets have been hit by Virus. Not sure about them. They were definitely playing well. The healthy teams are the ones with best chance. I see an all LA west finals. The seeding stays same. Clippers are deepest team. AD is not getting his way with Harrell. And a in shape Noah can give them 15 mins. Gives Zubac and Harrell time to breathe. Clippers have best bench. Lou, Jackson, Morris. Much better than any teams second unit. Staying healthy is key to me. Follow protocol stay safe. Always thought this yrs playoffs. Were going to be fun competitive. Hope it still is.

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