Central Notes: Bulls, Boylen, Wood, Pistons, Turner

Speaking to K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago following his recent dismissal, former Bulls head coach Jim Boylen expressed no hard feelings toward his old team, telling Johnson that he “loved every minute of working for the Bulls” and that he understands why new head of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas would want to bring in his own coach.

Boylen also expressed no regrets about his stint in Chicago, noting that Bulls ownership and former head of basketball ops John Paxson asked him to “bring more discipline” to the team. Boylen praised his players for competing hard, citing injuries and a young roster as a couple of the reasons why the club didn’t win more games.

“I don’t worry about people who haven’t coached critiquing me,” Boylen said. “I don’t try to be a doctor.”

Despite Boylen’s comments, reviews of his time with the Bulls weren’t exactly positive. According to Darnell Mayberry of The Athletic, who took a deep dive into the last two seasons in Chicago, Boylen’s tenure was described by multiple people within the organization as “toxic,” with one calling it “a circus” and another referring to it as a “nightmare.”

In Mayberry’s view, Boylen tried to maintain total control of the team with a tough, abrasive style, but “couldn’t get out of his own way.” Boylen’s greatest success during his time as the Bulls’ head coach, according to Mayberry, was “simply getting the job.”

Here’s more from around the Central:

  • Rob Schaefer of NBC Sports Chicago explores which candidates for the Bulls‘ head coaching job are favored by oddsmakers, pointing out that one prominent sportsbook lists Ime Udoka, Adrian Griffin, Kenny Atkinson, and Tyronn Lue as the frontrunners.
  • The Pistons have more options with Christian Wood this fall than simply re-signing him or letting him walk, according to James Edwards III of The Athletic, who digs into how the team could use a sign-and-trade deal to its advantage if Wood wants to join a team without cap room.
  • The rebuilding Pistons should keep a close eye on players coming off two-way contracts, writes Duncan Smith of Forbes. As Forbes explains, under-the-radar free agents like Chris Chiozza are realistic targets for Detroit and could help the club make the most of its cap space.
  • Pacers big man Myles Turner recently spoke to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype about life on the Disney World campus, Indiana’s playoff outlook, Victor Oladipo‘s 2021 free agency, and several other topics.
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10 thoughts on “Central Notes: Bulls, Boylen, Wood, Pistons, Turner

  1. rxbrgr

    I’m not sure I understand how targeting 2-way players is a good use of cap space. Would they be getting more than the minimum (no cap space required)? Would they be signed to longer than the two years the minimum exception allows? (I’d guess not if they want to retain restricted rights on the players at the end of their contracts.)

    • Luke Adams

      I think the idea is that investing in a couple of those players on the cheap (maybe the minimum) would put the Pistons in position to maximize the rest of their cap room. Presumably that logic applies to any developmental projects though, not just former two-way guys.

      • rxbrgr

        Yeah, I agree. I just don’t see it as being a move dependent on cap room, so it was the phrase “good use of cap room” I was questioning. Any team could use their minimum exception (or other exception) on players worth investing in, regardless of cap room.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Two way contract players. Are players with most upside. Like poster said they are cheaper than a FA. Pistons need young players. Are rebuilding so it makes more sense.
    Woods is someone Knicks gave scouted. Pistons would be smart to sign n trade. I’ve been saying this for months now. Knicks not giving up picks. But they probably give up a young player. DSJ, Payton, Nttilikina were all lottery picks. They need a young PG. I think out of all three Nttilikina is one who Thibs would rather keep. This could be DSJ way out. He can go and start in Detroit. I know I make trade. DSJ contract is 6 mill. Love to have Woods at 6 mill a yr. Probably throw in a future 2nd rd pick. if we get that price

    • Thibs should tryng to sign kriss dunn,one of the best devensive pg.my bulls look like wont re-sign him.to bad.i like dunn

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Always liked Dunn. His offensive gm hasn’t really developed. He was a lottery pick too. Well we have Nttilikina who is similar. Hopefully Thibs can help him. Payton also but he will probably get cut. Contract is 8 mill and not guaranteed.

  3. x%sure

    I would try to S&T C.Wood for Troy Brown, who will get lost in the Wizard lead-guard shuffle. He’s an up-the-middle guy like Derrick Rose. To keep Rose from totally taking over, the Pistons should get a promising PG, like the Magic is doing with Fultz & Augustin who is hanging in there.
    Or, Sacto may be cutting Bagley loose, and Bagley will realize because of health that he’s a center and be more consistent.

    It would be best to keep Wood, but there’s so much talk about him being dissatisfied. Once he sees a 4/$54 offered, he may get that way. The writer said there’s only six teams that can bid, and a team that feels set may worry about his reputation. Maybe Detroit should, since Wood would amount to an originator there?

    There’s an opportunity to name someone tall the PG and let him work in, pushed by Rose. NAWalker or even Kennard? Or use the draft and keep Wood. I might go to 4/$64, $1mil per.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    I watched a lot of video on Woods gm. Since the interest from Knicks. I remember him at UNLV. I was surprised he didn’t get drafted. But watching him hrs lol. He got game. He’s a big that move. Not a consistent shooter yet. But does shoot the ball. His FG% is 60%. His FT% is 75%. He even shot 38 % 3PT last yr. Thing is he only had that 3 wk run. But his work looks good. Got good leg work for a big. Definitely can play C small ball. That’s the thing I see him more as a C. Even though he can play PF. Playing the 4 defensively is another thing. He’s mostly played the 5. He’s looked loose and moves well. Even puts the ball on the floor. But playing defense on wing takes work. He is 24 yrs old. I would take a chance on his talent. Pistons would be wise to sign and trade him. You can move him to any team if he’s signed. Celtics can use a big like him. Any team that needs a versatile big, can use him. You don’t want to see him just walk. Young player and a pick.

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