New York Notes: Walker, Fine, Durant, Fizdale

Kemba Walker‘s interest in signing with the Knicks as a free agent last summer was “very serious,” the Celtics guard said in a Ringer podcast (Twitter link). The New York native revealed that “before Boston actually came along, the Knicks were one of my top priorities. I was thinking they were going to get another player (top free agent) but it didn’t work out.” Walker wound up agreeing to a four-year, $141MM max contract with Boston.

We have more on the New York teams:

  • The Nets were fined $25K for failing to comply with league policies regarding the reporting of injuries, according to an post. The fine was not related to public injury reports distributed to the media, but rather something related to its own internal database, Brian Lewis of the New York Post tweets.
  • If Kevin Durant has his way, he’ll be playing next season with Caris LeVert, Chris Chiozza and Jamal Crawford. Durant praised the trio on the Play for Keeps podcast, Lewis relays. That could influence the way the Nets approach roster changes in the offseason. LeVert is considered to be the Nets’ best asset to acquire a third star but Durant may feel differently. “[LeVert] is definitely better than I thought,” Durant said. Chiozza is on a two-way deal, while the veteran Crawford was signed as a substitute player for the restart.
  • Ex-Knicks coach David Fizdale endorses his former team’s selection of Tom Thibodeau as its new head coach, according to Ian Begley of SNY. Fizdale made his comments during a Sirius XM Radio interview. “I think (Thibs) is a great hire. I think Thibs is a hell of a coach,” Fizdale said. “He demands hard work and toughness out of his guys.”
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11 thoughts on “New York Notes: Walker, Fine, Durant, Fizdale

  1. Jeff Zanghi

    Was Durant really saying he specifically wants to play with those 3 guys next year? Or just being a supportive teammate saying that they’ve been playing well together right now? I find it hard to believe that Durant would be overly involved in desperately wanting the 39 year old Crawford to have to be a part of the team going forward — same goes for 2-way player Chiozza… Like he might be impressed with their play and being a good team player by praising them — but idk that I’d read into it that he strongly wants to ‘play alongside’ them going forward.

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      He should worry more about his own play next season coming off a serious injury that has shortened a lot of other NBA careers.

    • eschizzle

      Agreed, this seems like trying to fabricate a story out of a pretty standard supportive comment players make about teammates all the time

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    LeVert is the player they want to keep. Rumors have always been about Allen and Dinwiddie. There was a poster awhile back. Who suggested Dinwiddie for Horford. I think that’s an excellent trade. It would take big ones from Sixers. To trade in your conference. But man that would help both teams big time. Horford can play with Jordan. Or can play C in small ball. Horford has big following in NY (Dominicano). Dinwiddie is perfect for Sixers. He can start at PG. He and Simmons can run team. Love this trade.

    • jump shot

      Levert and Dinwiddie for Horford and Richardson? (and throw in Zhaire)

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Seriously no one in NY cares what Fizdale says. Cash your check and Shut up. He is not an NBA coach.

  4. Simmons>Russ

    I kinda like the Nets and I think having Irving KD and Jordan as your core whatever you put around that will be good.
    Especially someone like Jamal Crawford he would be lethal when called upon and I’d love to see the Nets 1v1’s at practice with Irving JCross and KD.

    However I do feel bad for Spencer Dinwiddie.
    He played back up to DAngelo Russell and was a sixth man of the year candidate. Then Irving came to replace Russell and Spencer has again taken a back seat. Irving only played about 30 games and meanwhile Dinwiddie helped carry this team to the playoffs with solid numbers again.
    I hope if the nets do go chasing another star that Dinwiddie lands in a situation that suits him.
    Think he would be perfect with Donovan Mitchell on the Jazz, on the Heat with Butler or on the Bucks with Giannis.

  5. harden-westbrook-mvps

    The eastern conference has 7 of the 9 worst teams in the NBA, and that includes the Warriors who aren’t really one of the worst 9, so in reality 8 of the 9 worst teams in the NBA play in the east. This is why a 60-game winner in that conference is basically equal to a 50-game winner in the West.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Who is champions?? Top eight teams in East are as good as west if not better. The future is the East. Younger deeper teams. The west has been deeper for most part. Going back to Heat. But the East still wins. And this usually goes in cycles. Top west teams are old. Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, Blazers, Rockets. All have 2-3 yrs. Denver, Jazz, are teams moving up. After then it’s all youth. We have to see who will step up. Celtics, Sixers, Bucks, Heat, even Nets are all younger and ready now. The young East teams are ready to step up. So I can see the East getting deeper. I don’t believe in best records. It should always be East vs West.

      • harden-westbrook-mvps

        Don’t be ridiculous. The only reason the Raptors are champs is because both Durant and Thompson got hurt last year. The top 8 teams in the east are not even close to the top 8 in the West. Orlando and Brooklyn have losing records and they’re about as good as Minnesota. Indiana and Philly would barely be able to compete for a playoff spot if they played in the West.

  6. harden-westbrook-mvps

    It’s funny how the Nets are playing so well right now, but wait until next season when they get both KD and Kyrie back healthy and they will begin losing again.

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