Celtics Notes: Tatum, Draft, Brown, Offseason

The Celtics entered the Eastern Conference Finals as slight favorites to beat Miami, but for the third time in four years, Boston couldn’t get over the hump and advance to the NBA Finals after becoming one of the last two teams standing in the East.

As Bobby Marks details in an Insider-only piece for ESPN.com, the next steps for the Celtics this offseason will be to lock up Jayson Tatum to a maximum-salary rookie extension and to determine how best to upgrade the roster around Tatum and their other core pieces.

According to Marks, determining what to do with their three first-round picks this year also represents a key decision for the Celtics. A year ago, the team used three picks in the top 33 and got mixed results from the trio of Romeo Langford, Grant Williams, and Carsen Edwards. With three of the top 30 selections in the 2020 draft, Boston will have to decide whether to draft three players again, attempt to trade up, or look to turn one or two of those picks into future assets.

Here’s more on the Celtics:

  • Asked after Sunday’s loss about the possibility of a rookie scale extension, Tatum deflected the question, indicating that he hasn’t seriously considered the idea yet. “I was just focused on this season,” Tatum said, per Tim Bontemps of ESPN. “The front office and my agent gotta talk about it. But I’m not thinking about that right now. We just lost a series. Just thinking about the guys in the locker room and the games. That’s what I’m thinking about. Stuff like that, going to happen, if it happens, (is) not really my concern.”
  • Once his extension goes into effect in 2020/21, Jaylen Brown‘s first-year cap hit will be $23.73MM, notes ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Twitter link). That figure includes a $22.99MM base salary and $744K in likely incentives. Brown can earn further incentives in future seasons on that deal if he achieves certain individual accolades.
  • Despite the disappointing end to their playoff run, the 2019/20 season should only serve to fortify the Celtics’ direction going forward, according to Jared Weiss of The Athletic, who says the club still has a very promising future.
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55 thoughts on “Celtics Notes: Tatum, Draft, Brown, Offseason

  1. Otogar

    Celtics have a bright future. They have to somehow unload Hayward and get a first-class PF/C. Theis is solid and Williams has potential, but they mainly lost this series because they didn’t have any answer to Adebayo.

    • wildboys

      A Horford – Heyward swap with Philly makes sense for both teams imo.

      • Jeff Zanghi

        Idk about that… maybe in the immediate (like 1-season’s worth) future that could help the Celtics (maybe) but personally I think Horford is all but done being a starting caliber C. I think he’s probably better off being a role player than a guy to rely on going forward. And the second issue (assuming the first is correct) is that if the Celtics were to make that trade… they’d be on the hook for Horford for another 3 years, whereas Harward only has 1 season left. That’s a sacrifice ($-wise) you might be willing to take if Horford were 5 years younger — or had at least produced better this past season. But given his age and production drop-off I really don’t see that as being a good fit for the C’s moving forward. They need someone better than Al Horford at C if they really want to take that ‘next step’ — having said all of that… if they had had him during their series against the Heat — I do think that that could have possibly pushed them over the top. But going forward… I don’t think that’s a deal worth making for the future.

      • T-Dawg

        You’re kidding right? If not you truly haven’t watched the Celtics this year!

  2. implant

    Celtics choke means the Lakers will win a title without bearing the Celtics. Just doesn’t seem right

    • GoLandCrabs

      Celtic fans did notstop trash talk to the Lakers while they were down and yet the Lakers make a Finals first. Celtics rebuild keeps getting passed up by other teams who didn’t need to tank to win.

      • Curtisrowe

        Oh, I think the Celtics and their fans are more than happy with how things are going, No one thought they were going to be this good this year.

        thanks for checking in though.

        • GoLandCrabs

          What?? The Celtics were not supposed to be good this year???? LOL making up nonsense because they failed to make the Finals in a Lebron free conference again.

          • Curtisrowe

            The over under on Celtics wins was 48 wins at the beginning of the season. They were Plus 2900 to win the championship. There were 8 teams favored about them. Here’s a link link to basketball-reference.com Now tell me more about who is making up nonsense.

            • GoLandCrabs

              And they lost to a team with odds of +6000. Celtics fans would have been going nuts if you told them all that stands between them and the finals was the Heat.

              • Curtisrowe

                I said Celtics weren’t supposed to be “this good” this year, and they weren’t. What are you so angry about?

                • GoLandCrabs

                  Not angry at all, my team is actually in the Finals. Even if Vegas didn’t see them as top contenders many of their fans did. They talked trash nonstop about the Lakers and not is coming back to bite them. Not talking about you and if you don’t believe the things I am talking about it check twitter. These are not 2 year old takes either.

                  • Curtisrowe

                    I mean, you called me a liar, and said what I was saying was “weak”.

                    You’re super salty.

                    • traderumors

                      I think I’m going to start referring to you as SidneyWicks because if you compare every season to those pre-Bird years than no wonder you’re always more than happy.

      • BloodySox

        Your so clueless. Almost everyone in america wants to live in LA. Its impossible for Boston to compete with LA in free agent market. The Lakers get to cut the line due to their geographical location. Ask Mookie Betts

        • “Almost everyone in america wants to live in LA.”
          Just ask all the homeless people, lol.

        • GoLandCrabs

          Paul George was traded to Oklahoma City and stayed there over LA in free agency where everyone thought he was going for sure. Kawhi Leonard was traded to Canada. The idea the Celtics didn’t have an oppurtunity to get stars is nonsense. Ainge has had no backbone to go for it in a big trade.

          • BloodySox

            Paul George asked for trade and why would Danny Ainge trade for a player with no desire to stay? You gotta be trolling so I’ll let you rant.

            • GoLandCrabs

              Did Paul George go on national TV and talk about how it was his dream to go play for the Thunder??? OKC an even smaller town than Boston had more guts to go for it and way more to lose.

          • tjbarnaba

            Yeah he never makes a big trade,, trading Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen didn’t change the landscape of the NBA…. good one skippy, is it just the fact that you’re still a teenager you happen to be so very dense?

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          “Almost everyone in america wants to live in LA.”

          Almost everyone in America is an idiot.

      • Jeff Zanghi

        The Celtics didn’t EVER tank… in fact they really did quite the opposite… they’ve been competitive virtually every season since Brad Stevens took over (and before that was their big-3 so they were competitive then too)… I think they only had one losing season since then… and even that season wasn’t by any means a “tanking” year. So not sure what point you were trying to make but you couldn’t be more off base if you think the Celtics got to where they are by “tanking” — I mean that’s not even remotely the case.

      • Montezuma

        Your team made the finals because Lebron decided he wanted to live in LA, then tempered and colluded with AD to force a trade. Congratulations on hiring a mercenary and taking advantage of the system – yay!

  3. case7187

    Celtics need to focus on the bench other than their starting 5 they have nothing they need to let who’s ever a free agent walk hope that Kanter ops out and try to package those 3 picks and 2 of last yrs pick for a sixth or seventh man

    • Curtisrowe

      No way Kanter leaves, he is gonna pick up that option for sure. And agreed, the Celtics need way more depth, and depth with some experience, if they’re gonna win it all.

  4. GoLandCrabs

    I thought the Celtics were supposed to take over the East once Lebron left? Brad Stevens has become beyond overrated. Who was that clueless media dude on twitter who said he’d take Stevens over Lebron on his team? LOL

      • GoLandCrabs

        The “Celtics were not supposed to be good” defense is weak and a lie. Bill Simmons swore they were better than the Lakers before THIS SEASON

      • traderumors

        Wyc Grousbeck once said when he bought the team the only thing Red Auerbach told him was to stay ahead of the Lakers, so we’ll see what happens if the Lakers beat the Heat and tie the Celtics with 17 NBA titles.

  5. BloodySox

    Celtics took too many 3’s. I don’t know how Brad Stevens wasn’t ripping hair out of his head.

  6. mikedickinson

    They need a stretch big….not a guy who clogs the lane. Bam’s athleticism and ability to face up killed the Celtics. AD would have been the same way in the finals. Package your picks and players and get that guy to Boston.

    • I agree 100%. Get a guy who doesn’t constantly need the ball in his hands to be effective. None of those first round picks can be that guy. Someone will bite, like the Kings (Bagley or Giles). I don’t necessarily believe he needs to be a stretch, but capable of mid range shots and taking it to the hole.

      • thrillamilla32

        sign Ibaka this off season! trade kanter and some pics for cap space and bench players. we will lock up the east next season if we do that.

  7. Dxit90a

    Boston need :
    1. A center : Myles Turner, Serge Ibaka , Nikola Vučević, Thomas Bryant
    2. Some bench

    • downeysoft42

      Could definitely get behind some Myles turner. I thought they had enough shooting that deandre Jordan would have been the elite piece down low to sign last year I think it was.

    • miltpappas

      Drummond would push the Celtics over the top, but that trade ain’t happening.

      • x%sure

        It might if the Cavs take Toppin. I don’t think Altman will though, because he made the Drummond call and would not want to undermine it.

  8. Sillivan

    Next year
    Nets will beat Celtics
    Nets can trade 3 bench players for a good player

  9. miltpappas

    This isn’t 1984 or 1970. Three #1 picks mean little unless they’re all in the top 12. Ainge will go out and draft useless guards who can’t shoot again and ignore the big man he sorely needs.

  10. x%sure

    Celtics will underperform as long as Celtic nation thinks HC Stevens is a genius. He’s not even average in intelligence. He talks to them like with the kids in college. Well it worked then but is this what Tatum wants?
    Maybe so, given Tatum. Maybe BS gives the team some answers when the camera ‘s away. Or assistants handle his actual job. I am going by what he says with cameras rolling.

  11. KnickerbockerAl

    Celtics never really replaced Horford. Bam just killed them. But I think he’s about to do that to NBA. Better take Heat serious. They have grown up. Are a good team with good mix. Always thought Celts would go after Aldridge or Love at trade deadline. Don’t get why they hung on to Hayward. With the three #1 picks they have in draft. They could have done something to get a solid Big. Considering how close gms were with Heat. It could have put them over the top. Heat are for real and have cap space. Why wouldn’t any FA want to go there. They are young and ready now. Celtics will be fine. They should move Hayward and expiring contract now. Sixers for Horford (just kidding). They have 3 #1 picks this draft. They can load up with bigs. Even sign a rim protector (Howard). They will be better, wiser, and deeper next yr. Celts and Heat are the young teams in East. Who are all grown up now. East is deep now. It’s not the Bron yrs of the East anymore.

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