Mavs Expected To Make Heavy Push For Giannis

The Mavericks are gearing up to pursue Giannis Antetokounmpo if the two-time MVP hits the free agent market next year, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst (video link).

During a segment on “The Jump,” Windhorst said Dallas will keep a low profile this offseason in order to maximize cap space and make a spirited run at the Bucks’ superstar. Milwaukee intends to put a five-year, super-max extension on the table for their franchise player this fall but Antetokounmpo has not tipped his hand on what he’ll do.

“They want to keep their books clean for 2021 when they’re going to chase Giannis,” Windhorst said of the Mavs. “They’ve got to worry about Tim Hardaway because he’s got a ($19MM) player option but I wouldn’t expect them to add any major free agents (this offseason). They’re going to wait.”

Windhorst was careful to point out that Mavs aren’t considered frontrunners for Antetokoumpo’s services — only that they’ll go all out to land him. Dallas’ interest has been noted recently by other media members, so it’s not surprising that the club will make every effort to create another super-team.

Hardaway will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021 if he exercises his option this year. Dallas should have enough wiggle room to offer Antetokounmpo a max deal and can clear more space by moving some contracts.

The idea, naturally, is to have him join forces with two other stars, Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. However, Porzingis injury issues are a concern. He underwent another knee surgery, this time on his right knee, last week.

They want to have a third star,” Windhorst said. “Porzingis has to prove he can be healthy to be that third star.”

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28 thoughts on “Mavs Expected To Make Heavy Push For Giannis

  1. Windbag goes on ESPN’s rumor-mongering version of Fox & Friends to further denigrate a small market, whose star says he wants to stay. What a shocker. The guy is a clown.

    ESPN is only interested in the giant markets and will glorify/promote them on air. They’d be tickled pink if the NBA contracted and left franchises only in LA, SF, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Boston, and Philly. They don’t give a flying f**k about the other 19 markets.

    • hiflew

      In fairness, the top free agents and trade targets don’t give a flying f**k about the other 19 markets either. I don’t really foresee someone like Karl-Anthony Towns forcing a trade to Memphis. Or Giannis packing his bags to join Portland. No matter how perfect that it might be. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  2. phillyballers

    Um.. THJ is a FA when Giannis is a FA. His option is for this season, which will be exercised. Mavs need to unload Powell and Kleber for better, cheaper options if they intend to pursue Giannis.

  3. mike.honcho

    They’ll have the cap space, getting Giannis would be a stretch though.

    I do agree that they need a 3rd star ……. Hardaway too erratic to be that 3rd scorer.

    Giannis won’t leave the BUCKS, if he ever does, South Beach looks to be the better choice.

    By the way, why does Windhorst report these things …….. he only covers LeBron right ?

  4. imindless

    Fit would be super wonky seeing as how much the offense needs to run through doncic. Beal or someone who can play off ball seems more likely as a fit with mavs than giannis.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Heavy push ???? Only thing they will be pushing. Is a broke down KP out of town. Giannis is not walking away from Bucks. And if he decides to do it. He won’t leave them hanging. It will be a sign and trade or agree to trade. Mavs got nothing to trade. Forget this nonsense. Smoke a blunt.

    • Sillivan

      I agree

      Giannis is more like Davis than LeBron
      Giannis is a nice guy and he does not walk for nothing
      It will be sign and trade for Bucks to get young players and picks

  6. DeathbyDeathwest

    As a Bucks fan, this is the first “rumor” that actually has me sweating Giannis’s future.

    The Heat would slay with Giannis, but if he’s following the “unspoken rules” as well as he seems – he won’t go there.

    Giannis and Luka on the same squad? Otherwordly – Space Jam: The Original. Mavs even have an injury prone big-man shooter to tempt the accident-prone Bucks FO into a sign-and-trade.

    • Noel1982

      What should have you more sick is the slight Slightly slight chance of trading Giannis for Wiggins and lamelo lol ! Sometimes nothing is better then getting something and Giannis might not wanna leave !

      • DeathbyDeathwest

        Compare what AD said in NOLA, and even after winning the title, to what Giannis has said. Giannis (probably) wants to stay.

        The idea of Giannis going to GSW is almost as ridiculous as Harden and Westbrook winning a title together. Or that Morey will be able to constructively help them do so this offseason.

        • Noel1982

          I fully agree there is just warriors fans convinced bucks will be forced to trade Giannis to warriors for that stiff Wiggins and a package of picks in the week 2021 draft and the wolves pick that is top 5 protected

          • Every team wants Giannis. I don’t get who Dallas plans to trade for him. Bucks management is who you should be angry with. They can keep him if they do some spending. I just don’t see any team coming up with a fair trade offer for him.

            • Noel1982

              That’s just it bucks and him are either gonna extend or play this season out and see what happens in free agency! It’s a risk for bucks but it might also be their last chance In forever to pretend to compete for a title so they won’t give that away to trade Giannis for a mediocre player on a bad contract ( Wiggins) and a pick In bad draft plus the variable of the wolves pick that’s also top 5 protected ! Giannis will not be traded wise or not

  7. The Howler

    As a lifelong Bucks fan, I hope Giannis stays and gives MIL a chance to win a title and leaves a lot of teams with a wad of cash that they will overpay someone else with. Key is to add a couple of good 3 pt shooters…one of which being a PG. Another is nudging Brick Lopez to get more easy buckets inside instead of shooting 3s only 1% better than Giannis and 5% below league average. The final is to maintain focus on bball during the season and not divert too much attention to none bball issues. I can’t find one effing news article about George Hill is doing NOW to support his big cause.

  8. The same way Lakers waited all free agency for Kawhi the Mavs gonna do the same but he’s leaving MIL for Lakers or heat the Mavs and raptors are dark horses he want a championship on his resume he not tryna be ringless and stuck like dame and harden he shouldn’t have won mvp this year

    • Noel1982

      Not a mavs fan but if he joined mavs for at least 3 or 4 years at some point he and luka would very likely win at least one title

      • x%sure

        They both like to do what they want to, plus KP & HC C arlisle… to many chefs.

    • If he wasn’t a worthy MVP why would you even want him on your precious Lakers?

  9. x%sure

    A big 3, like LAL has? MIA? BOS? DEN?— 2,4,4,2. All even.
    Hey one of you two, play center.

    Heavy push… spirited run… Unless these are codes for money under the table, they mean no bidding on FAs this offseason, and probably no team improvement should be expected. Indeed salaries have to be jettisoned by 2021 among Kleber, Delon Wright, Seth Curry, or seriously injured Dwight Powell, all in the $8-11mil range. Only four others are signed for 21/22, KP, LD, Finney, & Brunson. Hardaway & Boban still would like some room too somehow!

  10. Mavs going to make a big push, what a shocker. Won’t any team who will have or can create cap space not be pushing to get Giannis.

    Like, which GM says “ah no, think we’ll pass on Giannis, he would cut into the cap space we were saving for Josh Jackson”.

    I get a story in which a team is going to go hard after a star like Beal hard, but every team is going to at least consider how they find a way to chase Giannis. Most will realize quickly they won’t have a chance of landing him, but put ducks in rows and let’s see what we come up with.

  11. hoosierhysteria

    Does he want a ring for Max money? Only time will tell. He will not extend this year. It will cost him big if he does

  12. hoosierhysteria

    Ring or money? Luka is next true superstar. His league after LBJ retires.

  13. D-NBA

    Giannis seems like he wants that Kobe,Dirk,and Duncan approval as a superstar who remained with one franchise going over to Dallas would be him relinquishing that to Luka.

    LeBron joined Wade and Durant joined Curry but those were short tours, I don’t see Giannis wanting all the extra media attention and higher expectations by going to the Mavericks.

  14. KnickerbockerAl

    Bucks didn’t show up in playoffs. The neutral sight hurt them the most. Helped Heat the most. Bucks were exposed. You can prepare and defend them. A seven gm series is not the season. Their coach never regrouped. Never showed sense of urgency and true respect for Heat. Me, I would have fired coach. Bucks need to address this. Best way is to get a floor general. A CP3 type PG who plays both ways. Holiday, Lowry, even Rubio can help. Then it’s about who can you really get. I think Holiday makes them better stronger. And makes statement to Giannis. They could contend for yrs now with Jrue. Giannis can’t dominate the ball in playoffs. That’s a big option to have. But In playoffs, like Rondo did. You need a play maker who is not afraid to make team decisions. Team plays to make sure you win. Manage the gm on offense n defense.

  15. david-45

    giannis hasnt played with another dominat ball handler like luka. could make his life a lot easier. also giannas hasnt played with a floor spacer like KP either. giannis can also bring the ball up and make luka life a lot easier. this would be a match in heaven for giannas honestly

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