NBA Confirms 2020 Draft Will Be Conducted Virtually

As expected, the 2020 NBA draft will be conducted virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic that upended the ’19/20 season and continues to prevent large-scale gatherings. The NBA and ESPN issued a joint press release today confirming that this year’s draft broadcast will air on Wednesday, November 18 at 7:00 pm eastern time.

The plan is for NBA commissioner Adam Silver and deputy commissioner Mark Tatum to appear live at ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Connecticut, where they’ll reveal this year’s draft picks. As usual, Silver will announce the first-round selections, while Tatum will handle the second round.

Although there won’t be a traditional “green room” for top prospects, a number of draftees will appear virtually, according to today’s announcement

The NBA also conducted its August draft lottery virtually, while other leagues – including the WNBA and NFL – have completed virtual drafts already this year. So while this format is unusual for the NBA, it’s not entirely without precedent.

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8 thoughts on “NBA Confirms 2020 Draft Will Be Conducted Virtually

        • windycitykid89

          I’m good with it too. Just saying “who cares” to the annoying, repeatable comments about low ratings and what not. Just because they don’t wanna watch it, that doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t want to watch it. I wanna see what the Bulls do with the #4 pick

          • Tatsumaki

            In terms of talent this draft is pretty borderline bad. None of the players being drafted are impact players like zion. Who ever is drafted by bulls won’t make a huge impact.

  1. mgomrjsurf

    MLB was on both ESPN and MLB Network so NBA’s on both ESPN and NBATV.

  2. hiflew

    I don’t really understand why the draft isn’t done virtually every year. I’m sure there are some people that like the stage and the bad suits and such, but the main idea to me is who goes where. That can be done without seeing a bunch of crying mamas and awkward hugs with the commish.

    • x%sure

      ✓. 1.Players fancy up.
      2.They hear their name called.
      3.The cameras zoom in.
      4.The player buries his face into a shoulder & doesn’t move.

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