Atlantic Notes: Harden, Oladipo, Grant, VanVleet

The Nets have shifted their focus away from a potential James Harden blockbuster and are simply looking to make marginal upgrades to the roster, according to Brian Lewis of the New York Post. Brooklyn might pursue the Hornets’ Nicolas Batum once he clears waivers to give itself another defensive wing. The Nets tried and failed to secure Serge Ibaka‘s services with the $5.7MM taxpayer mid-level exception and also struck out on wing Kent Bazemore, Lewis adds.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Knicks president Leon Rose isn’t eager to pursue a trade for Pacers guard Victor Oladipo even though GM Scott Perry wants to explore that possibility, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes. The front office did make a strong push for free agent forward Jerami Grant, who wound up with the Pistons in a sign-and-trade with Denver. Rose could still make another trade for a rotation player or take on another team’s unwanted contract with an asset attached in order to reach the salary cap floor, Berman adds.
  • Re-signing Fred VanVleet to a four-year, $85MM contract could be considered overpaying but the Raptors have a reputation for rewarding players for a job well done, Eric Koreen of The Athletic opines. While the Raptors may have essentially been bidding against themselves at that price, their reputation of taking care of their own helps in acquiring other players. The contract is also structured so that they can pursue a top-flight free agent next summer.
  • That contract could ultimately prove to be a good value if VanVleet improves in a few areas, according to Blake Murphy of The Athletic. He needs to get better with his pull-up shooting and finishing at the rim when he takes over lead guard responsibilities, which will happen when Kyle Lowry leaves or shifts to more of an off-guard role. He also needs to get better in pick-and-rolls, Murphy adds.
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16 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Harden, Oladipo, Grant, VanVleet

    • harden-westbrook-mvps

      No one can make a worthwhile bid for Harden, so one of the others.

      • Sports guy 2005

        I think a team that’s trending in the right direction might try a midseason trade for Harden, especially if their assets are looking good at the time. If they’re trying to go all in to win the Finals, I could see Indiana trending that direction. They have a number of assets Houston could look at. From Vic to Turner to Warren to Sabonis to Brogdon to the Holiday brothers to Lamb. The Wood/Cousins signing signal to me they’re going to try it back with Harden, but I think Indy is a team to keep an eye on in those talks.

        • Sillivan

          The best deal for Rockets would be
          Victory, Turner and 2 Protected First
          Harden walk for nothing in 2 years

          • buttholesurfer69 2

            Nah to me it’s a no brainer. It’s Ben Simmons or nothing. You know Daryl will do it

            There’s no other under 25 potential franchise player feasible for HOU to get that Im aware if

            • Sports guy 2005

              Ben Simmons is an overrated asset. He can’t shoot and he doesn’t control the game like the greats do. Not to mention Daryl has been on record saying Ben and Joel will be in Philadelphia for years to come.

              I think the Indiana deal is the best one out there. They are getting legit assets in return that keep them relevant.

              • El Don

                So that is your definition of overrated…
                Steal champion
                All by his 3rd season in the league while averaging 16/8/8…
                Ok! so let’s assume he is by general consensus a top 15-20 player in the league, no one who knows hoops can argue that, regardless if you like him or not.
                Shooting is only a skill, a bonus for a player, hoops is so much more than just shooting, SMH dude!

          • Sports guy 2005

            If you’re Indiana who is consistently stuck in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoffs, I think it’s worth the risk to trade for a top 5-6 MVP player. They’ve got the role players that are amazing to surround Harden with and it definitely helps their offensive approach that they’ve struggled with for many seasons. It takes them from solid to top contender in the East in my book

            • buttholesurfer69 2

              Yeah but we’re not talking from Indy’s perspective.

              From Houston’s perspective Simmons is wayyyy preferable to an Oladipo centered deal. If Oladipo was healthy maybe…but we dont even know if this dude is ever gonna get back to all star form AND hes about 4 yrs older than Ben

      • xxtremecubsguy89

        Wherever Harden goes. His team will be better than Houston. And if he doesn’t go anywhere, everyone will still be better than the Rockets.

  1. Sillivan

    Knicks offer the right price not market price
    Hayward 70 million
    VanVleet 70 million
    Grant 70 million

    Knicks offer a right price trade package for Westbrook too

    • andremets

      The right price for Westbrook is matching contracts and cap space for him. Not a single asset. Bullock, J.Randle, Jacob evans for RW.

  2. WSnotAstros2017

    Harden and Russ will be Rockets to start season. Nice Nets move on for now. Curious what Rockets will look like. Will Rockets bring back that Greene they had before got hurt and dumped when sent Capela out. But Brown, Dwaba, Cousins or others put Gordon, PJ, House, Mclemore out. See what teams around will look like at training camp soon.

  3. formerlyz

    I personally think the Van Vleet deal is an overpay, and they should have tried to bring their bigs back, and grab a shooter at the 2/3 spots, rather than overpay for him. They have Terrance Davis and drafted Malachi Flynn, with Norman Powell still there. They should have let someone else pay him

  4. Dunkinstompin

    They overpaid FVF. Bogdanovic would’ve been better and cheaper for my Raptors!

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