Rockets, Magic Discussed Russell Westbrook Trade

The Rockets talked to the Magic about a deal involving Russell Westbrook, but the teams weren’t able to make any progress, tweets Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. The trade would have included a package from Orlando with Aaron Gordon as the centerpiece.

Houston has been searching for a taker for Westbrook, who reportedly asked to be dealt after one season with the team. Rumors have focused on the Knicks, Hornets and Wizards, but the Rockets have seen a limited market for the former MVP. His contract, with $132MM remaining over three seasons, has been an impediment, along with his age and history of injuries.

The Magic have been exploring deals involving Gordon, who has two years left on his contract at about $34.5MM. The 25-year-old is an explosive dunker, but hasn’t developed into the player Orlando was expecting when it drafted him fourth overall in 2014. His scoring average dipped for the second straight season in 2019/20, falling to 14.4 PPG, and he shot just 43.7% from the field.

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37 thoughts on “Rockets, Magic Discussed Russell Westbrook Trade

    • Sillivan

      Jrue Holiday was an average starter last season
      Aaron Gordon was a below average starter

  1. david-45

    i think gordon would be a great fit with the mavericks. not a lot of depth at powerforward and KP is often hurt. luka and gordon lobs would be fun!

    orlando can take delon wright and josh green (18th pick in draft) or wright justin jackson and 2015 1st

  2. whiplash

    Gordon would be a nice trade. Maybe include Markelle Fultz and a couple 1st. That’ll be a good start for a rebuild.

    • Magic 24/7

      for Russell Westbrook?! yea that package is never gonna happen

      at best it would be Gordon + Fournier…and even then I wouldn’t do it

      • whiplash

        You’re probably still thinking Fultz the #1 overall pick and not the current, possible bust, Fultz. If they were that great as you think, the Magic wouldn’t be as bad as they were.

  3. Luckylefty2

    You know it has gone bad when the magic aren’t even willing to give up Aaron Gordon for him. That is its always good to be a humble superstar, especially when you’re not winning because you lose all your leverage and eventually teams won’t want to deal with you anymore.

    • Oh they’ll definitely give up Aaron Gordon for him. They’ve been trying to get rid of Gordon forever. He’s been in the hoopsrumors pipeline all year. What’s the issue is Houston’s looking for draft pick compensation as well. Morey screwed up so bad the new guy’s trying to get pics back and with Westbrook’s contract that’s not happening. At least not to the the degree Houston wants.

      • Luckylefty2

        Nagic would never. Theyre extremely high on fultz and they just drafted a PG.

  4. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    Yet Orlando still has a man crush on Gordon, when Isaacs clearly has more upside… Disney city has a clueless management basketball team!

    • Magic 24/7

      Uh…they’ve literally been shopping him since the 18-19 trade deadline?

      only thing that’s clueless is that comment

    • Luckylefty2

      Who cares about upside if a guy can’t play a full season. I doubt Gordon gets dealt.

      • x%sure

        I didn’t think so either, but the rumor said he was getting dealt, and just to move up in the draft, when they were drafting for a position of plenty.

  5. jacobsigel1025

    You’re not even challenging an opinion buddy. You’re just flat out saying no thanks without giving any sort of explanation as to why it’s a bad deal. Relax.

  6. jacobsigel1025

    You’re not even challenging an opinion. You’re just flat out saying no thanks without giving any sort of explanation as to why it’s a bad deal. Relax buddy

    • El Don

      It was awful, no wonder he says flat out no, right?
      Even no ORL fans would say no, dude!

    • x%sure

      JacobS skipped right over putting the buddy after the second sentence lol.

      Including Tucker makes sense but IDK how much he really wants out.

  7. x%sure

    Orlando just drafted Cole Anthony and went to a lot of effort with Markelle Fultz, both baby Westbrook types… so they could well be interested. It’s not like RW’s awful, or that they have a successful system in place that would be disrupted. Probably the Magic makes a jump in contention, becomes a playoff teamwith RW. He was popular in OKC.

    Realistically Orlando should offer more than Gordon. Cole Anthony won’t have a starters job open anymore, and they need to include salary up to $32.8mil. Do draftee salaries equal $zero?

    Gordon + Anthony + Fournier, S&T
    Gordon + Anthony + Ross + Frazier, opt-in
    Gordon + Fultz + Birch + first, keep Anthony

    • x%sure

      Okay Frazier has already been cut. So first or third, buddy. :D

      (3) Fultz could be the new RW for Houston, a guard who is a bigger threat inside, if they want to keep the same offense rolling for less salary.
      (1) Fournier might get desperate if nobody offers what he turned down, and agree to $17.5mil to save face and get out.

  8. Finally, a team for which RW might actually make sense. They’re not a contender, but they are a playoff team two years running, and ascending. They need an upgrade at PG. They can send back players that might help Houston, without hurting them longer term. I’m not a big fan of RW, but I’d consider offering up Gordon, Bamba and Fultz for RW. Still over 60 mm in cap space lost, but Magic might not miss the players.

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