League May Boost Active Player Tally To 15

Due to the compressed 2020/21 season schedule and fears over the impact of COVID-19 on NBA roster availability, the league may boost its active player list for games this year from 13 players to 15, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN tweets.

The league’s Competition Committee today supported the concept, according to Woj, but the league’s Board of Governors (all 30 team owners, their representatives, and commissioner Adam Silver) need to green-light such a decision before it becomes official policy.

Including two-way contracts, teams can carry 17 total players during an NBA season, so the tweak would allow all but two of them to be active.

The shortened 72-game 2020/21 season is currently scheduled to kick off on December 22.

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4 thoughts on “League May Boost Active Player Tally To 15

  1. 22Leo

    The goal should be to limit the spread of the virus, and allowing teams access to more players would help in that they could isolate potential threats while allowing the season to progress. It’s about having options. Ideally, teams would not have to expand their rosters, but having the option to do so would be a good move, and it probably wouldn’t hurt to give more players the option to potentially join a professional team.

  2. hiflew

    If they are intent on building a minor league system in the G League, they need to get rid of the silly 17 player maximum rule. Doing it like baseball where you have 15 on the main roster and then 10-12 on your G league team. The 10-12 could account for not only G League players, but also injured players. It would also allow for more flexibility when it comes to trades. The cap adjustments would have to be made to account for the increase, but that thing is so convoluted right now that one more won’t hurt.

    • mgomrjsurf

      Be like MLB other Leagues affiliated with NBA for Teams send players to and then can add more rounds to Draft.

  3. x%sure

    Is the NBA now going to inrease the room that team members have to sit down without having to smush up against each other with their suit jackets and sweat and exhaust gasses?

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