No Rookie Scale Extension For Lonzo Ball, Pelicans

The Pelicans and guard Lonzo Ball won’t reach an agreement on a rookie scale extension before today’s deadline, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports tells Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (Twitter link).

Ball will play out the final year of his rookie contract in 2020/21 and then will become eligible for restricted free agency during the ’21 offseason. Paul tells Wojnarowski that the two sides remain positive about their ability to move forward together despite not reaching a new contract agreement at this time.

Ball, 23, was one of several players sent from the Lakers to the Pelicans in last year’s Anthony Davis blockbuster. He enjoyed his best season as a pro in New Orleans, averaging 11.8 PPG, 7.0 APG, and 6.1 RPG on .403/.375/.566 shooting in 63 games (32.1 MPG).

The former No. 2 overall pick will share point guard duties in New Orleans this season with Eric Bledsoe, who was acquired in an offseason deal involving Jrue Holiday.

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17 thoughts on “No Rookie Scale Extension For Lonzo Ball, Pelicans

  1. Juicey24

    Can somebody explain me what is difference between restricted free agency and extension? In which case player can get more ect… Tnx

    • Luke Adams

      The terms (years and dollars) are the same in either case.

      A player negotiating a rookie scale extension is doing it a year before his current contract and can only negotiate with his current team.

      A restricted free agent is a player whose contract has expired. He can negotiate with any team and sign an offer sheet with a new team, but his current club could choose to match that offer sheet and bring him back.

      • Cap & Crunch

        Luke is it safe to assume the lack of appeal in unrestricted free agents next year is leading to some of these overpays in RFA’s ? Seems some pretty hefty pays by both LA teams the last 2 days

        Or do you just think these teams are just going all Lacob and going deep into the lux tax via birds moving forward in an arms race for LA? Ballmer and Pelinka seem to have really began a heated rivalry out here but my fear is getting in a gunfight could get both parties shot in the end

        • Simmons>Russ

          It’s all off opinion. Lots of people says Kuzma getting overpaid but really the team just won a championship, he did his part and obviously the team was happy with him so they paid him. A big part of it is the future, obviously now the Lakers when he becomes eligible can trade him and it’s easier for them to match salaries. Or they could just slightly overpay him now knowing that in a year or two he will develop and that contract will look very cheap. Marcus Smart when he signed his rookie extension lots of people said it’s an overpay and now seeing that he cost the Celtics 11mil a season or whatever for the past few years it’s really cheap.
          Plus obviously a risk is that if you don’t agree to pay a good amount like what Kuzma got then he will hit FA and let’s say the Hornets will offer him 20mil and the Lakers say no way and end up losing him for free. There’s lots that goes into these decisions but I think everyone’s getting close to fair value

          • Simmons>Russ

            Sorry not all of these deal I think are fair value but they aren’t far off. I’d say Kennard got overpaid, White overpaid and Fultz slightly overpaid but again they are banking on the players improving and deciding to pay them now and settle it rather than wait a year and potentially get out bidded. Kuzmas deal looks a steal in comparison to some of these now

            • Cap & Crunch

              All true Russ but I was more coming at it from a cap angle for 22′ from other clubs relative to the bleak unrestricted class now set up for next year

              I agree tho, relative to the news today Kuzma looks like a slight bargain compared to yesterday – There has to more underlings here tho and Im thinking its that weak azzz class of FA;s next year

              • x%sure

                The surprisingly weak class in ’21 compared to the way teams set money aside will cause overpays then. Teams looking ahead realized they could offer more this year and not look so reckless in comparison. So if needs aligned with talent they went for it, knowing these players could get more expensive.

                Alternatively, some teams are using up the capspace they were planning to save (Atlanta).

      • Tatsumaki

        Hey man just wanted to say, wood loos like a hell of player abit it’s just preseason but Houston’s future look bright with or without harden

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Lonzo will hit FA.
    Hornets will trade Rozier for Randle (20mim expiring deal)
    Hornets then sign Lonzo Ball to pair with LaMelo Ball.
    They then sign LiAngelo Ball the third and final brother.

    Lots of views and media following creates more money, LaVar gets all the hype going with his sons all together, they feed off the energy and are all really confident and the Hor ets become the next dynasty winning 3 rings in a row

  3. buttholesurfer69

    Interesting that Lonzo didnt get extended but Fultz did. I would have thought the opposite

  4. Jason Lancaster

    Lonzo had to be holding out for a max 0r near-max contract. Between his name recognition and his ability to make highlight plays, his agent had to think he’d get a big offer this summer.

    The Knicks are going to be in the market for a PG in July, and you know Thibs will love Lonzo’s D and playmaking. Considering Leon Rose (Knicks Pres) mentored Rich Paul (Ball’s agent), and considering how much Dolan likes splashy moves, the deal could have already been discussed…

    If New Orleans isn’t careful, they’re going to lose one of the pieces in the AD trade for nothing.

    • stlcards0911

      They really don’t even have to be careful… as far as losing the player is concerned… he’s a RFA meaning they can match whatever contract he gets offered meaning ultimately they have the final say… where they are playing a dangerous game though is if he has a great season and the knicks offer him a max deal they may regret not giving him the 85-90 million now…. I mean 4 years 90 million would probably get it done right?

      • Jason Lancaster

        Agree NOH could keep Ball if push comes to shove, but I think they’d rather trade him than match a toxic offer. I mean, they must know this math as well as anyone.

        Unless Ball is a key piece for NOH, I assume NY will be able to trade for him.

        • x%sure

          Eric Bledsoe is probably NOP’s best PG, now that the pressure is off him a bit. If Ball gets demoted, that would help NYK acquire him AND get him to sign for well less than the max.

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