Obi Toppin Out 7-10 Days With Strained Calf

Knicks rookie forward Obi Toppin has a strained right calf and will be re-evaluated in seven to 10 days, tweets Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Toppin suffered the injury in the team’s first game Wednesday at Indiana, according to Steve Popper of Newsday. Toppin was held out of practice Thursday and didn’t play in tonight’s home opener.

The Knicks were thrilled that Toppin, the reigning Naismith Award winner, was still available with the eighth pick. However, he wasn’t effective in his first regular season game, shooting just 3-of-12 before the injury.

“Yeah, he’s a work in progress,” coach Tom Thibodeau said afterward. “There’s some things he’s doing really well. I think each game he’ll get better and better, each day he’ll get better and better. He’s nicked up a little bit right now, so missing practice. You can’t really do anything in practice, but study and learn and that’s what he’s doing.”

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16 thoughts on “Obi Toppin Out 7-10 Days With Strained Calf

  1. Sillivan

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  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Toppin has to get consistent. This is all part of the PG problem in NY. Today they shot terrible and couldn’t make up for it. Not saying they should beat Sixers. But Toppin and Quickly would’ve helped. Bad nights your depth has to come thru. Randle had a good gm. Knicks aren’t going to change much this yr. Unless they get a traditional PG. Dinwiddie or Rozier would go a long ways for us.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        The PG is the direction of the offense the team. Yes Toppin is new but PG issues aren’t. Still looks the same, like a problem. Toppin is kind of player who needs a PG to set him up, run plays for him. That’s what I mean, what I’m seeing. Team needs to run offense more efficiently. I know it’s still early. But Thibs has to find consistent PG play. I’ve seen this long, trust me.

    • He’s played one game, Al. There’s not even enough to judge him on to even say that he needs to ‘get consistent’.

      He did jack up way too many 3s and seemed too hesitant to go inside against the Pacers, but he’s literally only played one game.

      Quickley did look good in his brief action. Looking forward to seeing him more.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    I know Knicks are rebuilding, it’s early. And if you know me. I wanted Halliburton big time cause of our PG issues. But I was super glad to get Toppin. Cause he’s a top 5 talent in draft. And yes Quickly can develop to play PG. With his shot definitely can work. But we got three lottery picks for position. Payton, Nttilikina, Smith and none has asserted themselves. They are still young but it’s not working. Payton I like as backup. Nttilikina and Smith both can do better away from bright lights. I just don’t want to give them away. As a fan I want to grow and do better as a team this yr. I just don’t see significant change until we get consistent PG play. I think Thibs sees it too. It’s why he’s played Quickly so soon. Eventually it has to be addressed.

  4. x%sure

    I guess Thibs did warn. One would think he could adjust back to NYC, but he thrived in Dayton.
    Still, this is just a bad start, many eventual stars have had them.

  5. Toppin will be a good player, but he’s already shown (in 5 games) why I didn’t want the Knicks to take him at #8. One position, one dimensional players don’t make the best building blocks, particularly, in today’s game, when the position is PF.

    Yes, he’ll get better at defense, and maybe even rebound better. But he’ll never be more than baseline in those areas. He’ll need to score on the level of a 1st or 2nd option to be a plus player. He’s a good shooter for a big (though not a great one), and I think his shot will stabilize (no confidence right now). It will come down to his ability to create his own shot. I’m hopeful (why not be). But he’ll soon be 23, so it has to happen this year or next, if it’s ever going to. On the positive side, he has shown better than expected floor vision and passing ability.

    • x%sure

      Yes you said that about young Bagley, still prospect-y.

      (Haven’t seen NY Toppin yet, now won’t for a while.)

      • Yes, during the lead up to 2018 draft, in making the case for drafting classmate J. Jackson ahead of Bagley. Both big talented PFs. Bagley was the more skilled player and the better one to that point (college POY, like Toppin). But JJ could profile at 5 (as well as 4), because of his wingspan and athletic makeup. Bagley wouldn’t (unless it’s a 5 that doesn’t protect the rim or the paint). Bagley was a very worthy top 5 pick in any draft, but with teams playing more and more minutes with one big, I preferred the other guy, as a prospect anyway. Who knows how it will work out. Both need health.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    I’m not worried about Toppin. In time he will be solid. He’s capable of a 20 n 10 PF who shares the ball. And plays within offense. He just needs a solid floor general to help him get there. As a team Knicks can be better if they had consistent PG play. RJ who had a terrible gm. Will also force the issue like Randle. And just go off the team offense.

    “In term of the point guards, the main responsibility is to keep us organized, run the team, play great defense, share the ball,’’ Thibodeau said. “As a team, we struggled. We got to do better.’’

    In Thibs own words. First yr as coach. But this has been an issue now for yrs. And like I said we got 3 lottery picks. Who none of them have stoop up to challenge or consistent play. In the three yrs they been here. Can’t expect Quickly to do it this yr. Eventually there will be trades. I don’t see him putting up with this like past coaches have. Remember Thibs is the FOURTH coach in 4 yrs. Dinwiddie or Rozier can make it happen to me.

  7. 5-8center

    I bet toppin could be a better 3 pointer version of Siakam, but only with the right crew around him

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