Paul George: I Want To Retire A Clipper

Clippers forward Paul George is eligible to reach unrestricted free agency a year from now, but it doesn’t sound like he has any plans to jump ship. George told reporters today that he’s happy being home in Los Angeles and is “committed” to his current team.

“I want to retire a Clipper,” George said, per Ben Golliver of The Washington Post (Twitter link). “I’ll say that every year. This is where my heart is.”

The Clippers are George’s third NBA team, and he eventually asked his first two teams – the Pacers and Thunder – to trade him. So it’s fair to take his comments today with a grain of salt.

Still, George is a Southern California native and had long wanted to play in L.A. Unless the 2020/21 season ends in even worse fashion for the Clippers than ’19/20 did, there’s no reason at this point to expect the six-time All-Star to seek a new home in free agency — few other teams could realistically offer him a better shot at winning a title in the coming years.

George averaged 21.5 PPG and 5.7 RPG in 48 regular season games in his first season as a Clipper in 2019/20. Those numbers were his lowest in five years, but he was also coming off shoulder surgery and was limited to 29.6 minutes per contest, his lowest-full season average since his rookie year. He’s believed to be 100% entering this year’s training camp.

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39 thoughts on “Paul George: I Want To Retire A Clipper

  1. Little_Dunker_45

    This is like that meme where nobody asked a question but Paul George answers a question

    • 22Leo

      Seriously, who cares what Paul George says? I am waiting to see one of his teammates say he is a great guy to have around and actually mean it. I don’t think Leonard has any idea how to be the leader they need him to be.

      • 22Leo

        The Clippers are a mess, and deservedly so. That whole George acquisition was all kinds of fishy to begin with. Fishy, I say!

      • Little_Dunker_45

        I’m not sure who this is even directed at. Clippers fans? You think they want to hear they won’t be getting rid of this stinker? Why is he even talking about retirement he isnt that old. That in itself is a red flag. What a weirdo.

        • andremets

          Retirement? Are you drunk? He means he wants to play for the Clippers for the rest of his career (ie not request a trade and resign when his current contract expires). How did you not get that?

          • Little_Dunker_45

            Lol what is the headline of the article you clicked on? This is a rare case where I don’t even need to say something to make you look like an idiot.

  2. Sillivan

    Top 5 free agents available for Knicks
    Kawhi 10%
    Giannis 1%
    George 1%
    Oladipo 60%
    Jrue Holiday 60%
    Highly likely Knicks won’t be top 4 teams in the East next 6 years

    • andremets

      Oooor, they draft a couple of studs in next two years and become a top 4 team like teams used to do in old days.

  3. LordBanana

    2016: I want to retire a pacer
    2018: I want to retire in OKC
    2020: I want to retire a clipper
    2022: I want to retire a ?????

    • The Human Rain Delay

      You forgot “When he was drying to be a Laker” ….then we pursued him and he backed away

  4. lebuck

    This guy really needs to learn from Dwight and just shut up and let his game do the talking.

    • The Human Rain Delay

      I agree on the learning part but he should probably strive for a better teacher than Dwight Howard

  5. tball

    PG keeps digging himself into a bigger hole… At some point you have to just hold yourself accountable. It’s ok to say, “I didn’t play well” or “that was a great shot” lol. No more excuses

  6. The Human Rain Delay

    Paul George: “I love LA. This is home. I grew up watching Kobe. When I first fell in love with the game, when I’m outside playing, I wasn’t picturing myself in an IND jersey or OKC jersey; I pictured myself in a Lakers jersey. Everyone in the league will say they wanna go home.”

    June 29 Twitter; Paul George

  7. natsfan3437

    And I want you to not hit the side of a backboard and cost your team a series. Looks like we both won’t get what we want.

  8. Jason Lancaster

    I thought PG13 retired last season?? Isn’t that what he was doing in game 7 of the conference finals last year?

  9. Clayfield

    Lol hitting the backboard was embarrassing as hell for him and hilarious for the rest of us but come on the game and series was decided already by that point.

  10. I'm a starboy not a Dr...

    He wanted to stay in OKC too. The words of Choker P holds no merit…

  11. hoosierhysteria

    He stabbed pacers in the back….trying to screw us. Freak him. Good riddance. We got VO and Sabonis. Our team is way better and fun to watch. Now he is getting in arguments with teammates. Trade him for harden!!! He is morally bankrupt too.

  12. andremets

    What’s up with all the pg13 hate? The dude is a stud and an elite 2 way player. Why don’t you just give it a year and see how Leonard and George mess better over time.

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      Because when he talks, it’s either arrogance or excuses.

      I don’t say this often, but PG13 is one of the few guys who needs to stop talking and just play. At least for this season. Give the mic a break, dude.

  13. Deadpan Mockface

    I keep flashing on that dry ice infused signing party he had at Angry Russ’ pad. Lol

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