Heat Notes: Harden, Butler, Haslem, Nunn, Attendance

The Heat reportedly removed themselves from the James Harden sweepstakes before the regular season began and weren’t believed to be a finalist when the Rockets ultimately moved the former MVP last week. However, a few Heat players were still willing to offer their thoughts on what it might have looked like if Harden had ended up in Miami, as Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel relays.

Acknowledging the concerns about Harden’s ball dominance on offense, Jimmy Butler said during an episode of GQ Sports’ Actually Me that really good players “always find out a way to win,” even if the fit doesn’t look perfect on the surface.

“He wants to win a championship,” Butler said of Harden. “And if we were to end up playing together, we’d make it work and we’d find a way to win.”

One of Butler’s teammates, Udonis Haslem, seemed less convinced that Harden would have been a great fit in Miami, joking during an appearance on Complex’s Load Management podcast about how the 31-year-old’s fondness for the nightlife would mesh with playing in South Beach.

“I mean, you can’t bring James Harden to Miami,” Haslem said. “As much as I wanted that to work out, in my mind, I was like, ‘Uh, no way.’ … I would have aged 15 years trying to be his OG down here. He’d have had to move me in the guesthouse, to keep a close eye on him.”

Here’s more on the Heat:

  • After playing well in the regular season as a rookie, Kendrick Nunn saw his role reduced during the postseason and got off to a slow start in 2020/21. However, the Heat’s shortage of players has resulted in increased minutes this week, and Nunn has taken advantage, with two big games in wins over Detroit and Toronto. If he can build off his hot streak, the 25-year-old guard – who is in a contract year – could substantially improve his value as a trade chip and/or as a 2021 free agent, writes Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel.
  • The Heat intend to allow “an extremely limited” number of fans to begin attending their home games as of January 28. Anthony Chiang of The Miami Herald has the details on the plan, which will fill AmericanAirlines Arena to less than 10% of its capacity and will apply to six games through February 9. Presumably, the team will see how things go before committing to anything beyond that date.
  • Be sure to follow our Miami Heat team page for all the latest news and notes on the club.
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17 thoughts on “Heat Notes: Harden, Butler, Haslem, Nunn, Attendance

  1. formerlyz

    Ya, as a season ticket holder, I’m gonna have to pass on going to the arena lol, but they did credit me for like 22 games worth, so that’s something I guess…

    Nunn lost his rotation spot b/c of his slow recovery from covid and sudden lack of aggression, which he seems to be finally coming out of…the defense isnt as strong around him, which is an issue, but if they can add 1 more defender, everything should be fine…

    Honestly not a fan of Herro as a starter. Hes putting up some numbers, which makes it harder to justify putting him back on the bench, even though he is generally taking a similar rate of shots as last year. Hopefully hom missing these couple of games will allow for them to reset his role.

    UD already dealt with Whiteside…he’s good lol

  2. Sillivan

    Dragic is clearly better than Herro

    I’d trade Herro and Kelly O for Oladipo and Rickets 2 seconds

    • stretch123

      Dragic is better than Herro? Maybe right now, but 2 years from now, Dragic may be retired. Herro will be a top 20 scorer in the NBA.

  3. Lil_D_Top_3

    What a revealing quote from Butler lol. Hard hitting sports journalism from GQ

    • x%sure

      You think Butler’s fibbing? Actually it was/is widely assumed that Butler would be opposed to Miami acquiring Harden. Which, could still be so, and Butler is just trying to strike the right notes now. But what a clash of styles!
      I’m not assuming you did not read the link, or else you’d be joking about Butler the yacht-dwelling gentleman grammarian. It was a chat video, not much attempt at journalism.

      • Lil_D_Top_3

        I don’t think he’s fibbing I just don’t find “we’d make it work” to be especially enlightening. Doesn’t really tell me anything. That is what I meant.

        It was sarcasm. Joke. Ha ha. People around here don’t seem very in tune with that. Makes me worry…

  4. Tatsumaki

    Doubt heat make it back to finals this year. They should have traded for harden because last year jimmy needed help in finals….

    • stretch123

      Legler is a joke of an “analyst.” The top four teams in the NBA, and serious contenders, are Miami, Phili, Brooklyn and Milwaukee. Boston has literally no talent in the front court and would get destroyed by LAL or LAC in the Finals. Miami and a legit two star pairing in Jimmy and Bam. Brooklyn trio of Harden, Irving and Durant is absolutely deadly in terms of scoring. Milwaukee has Giannis and Phili looks like they’ve finally put it together.

      • formerlyz

        As a Heat fan, I actually think Boston is better than you think, but we wont see it completely until they get healthy, and until Brad Stevens stops stupidly using multibig lineups. Spo has also done some frustrating things so far, but he has been hurt by the whole roster being out for a few games as well. That being said, the Heat do need to add a defender on the wing/at the 4, and/or a big that defend in the post and rebound for 8-14 minutes a game

        I dont think Milwaukee is as good as they were. Their bench depth took a hit, and they could use 1-2 pieces…As for the Nets, it still remains to be seen how they’re going to play, and if they fill those roster spots with guys we’ve talked about, like RHJ, Noah Vonleh, etc. I still would have them in that 5-6 range.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    Heat are .500 (6-7). They will be there in the end. Heat had their success by everyone contributing. They have new players, new chemistry. Still think they could use a rim protector. It’s going to be interesting around TD. Someone is going to make a significant move. But I see all East contenders except maybe Bucks making a move by TD. The nightlife in NYC is bigger than Miami.

  6. phillyballers

    “I’m too lit to play in Miami,” – James Harden doing his best Joakim Noah.

  7. phillyballers

    There will be other players available at the deadline that will cost less in assets but provide added push for the playoffs:

    DeRozan, LaVine, Drummond, DRose, Oladipo, etc.

  8. implant

    So the Grizzlies have to push back games but we are talking about attendance. Sheesh

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