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James Harden made some late-night headlines on Tuesday, declaring in the wake of a second consecutive blowout loss to the Lakers that he feels the Rockets are “just not good enough” and that he doesn’t believe the situation in Houston can be fixed.

Harden’s comments represent an escalation in his efforts to force his way out of Houston, but the Rockets’ front office has remained determined to have its asking price met, according to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, who reiterates that the team is seeking a young franchise cornerstone, along with a collection of draft picks and/or young talent.

A source close to the situation tells MacMahon that the Rockets have had active trade talks with “more than a half dozen teams” and have kept in touch with Harden about those options. The former MVP has continually received assurances from team owner Tilman Fertitta that he’ll be traded, per ESPN, but it seems those assurances haven’t included a specific timeline — and Harden seems to be losing patience.

Here’s more on the situation:

  • Harden’s desire for a trade was reinforced following Sunday’s blowout loss to the Lakers, per Kelly Iko of The Athletic, who says the 31-year-old is eager to maximize his window to contend for a championship and no longer believes that can happen with the Rockets.
  • While Harden has expanded his list of preferred landing spots, sources tell Iko that the Nets remain atop that list. The general belief has been that Brooklyn would offer a package headed by Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen, but one league executive who spoke to Joe Vardon of The Athletic on Tuesday believes that if a trade between the Nets and Rockets happens, it would have to be centered around Kyrie Irving.
  • Tuesday’s performances from Tyler Herro (34 points), Duncan Robinson (26 points), and Precious Achiuwa (17 points and 13 rebounds) helped reaffirm why the Heat are unwilling to send all their talented young players to Houston in a package for Harden, tweets Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Jackson recently reported that Miami is open to offering “a couple” of their young players and a future first-round pick for Harden, but the Rockets want significantly more than that.
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67 thoughts on “Latest On James Harden

  1. 13Morgs13

    NBA reporting is AWFUL. 2 days ago they were reporting Harden relationship with rockets could make it pass the season. Later that night Harden said relationship isn’t “fixable”. Harden wants out and everyone knows

    • DeathbyDeathwest

      NBA reporting is basically fine.

      Tillman Fertitta is lying. Would be nice to see the NBA media call him on it.

      • Marty McRae

        “NBA reporting is fine…also the NBA media is not doing their job.”

        In 2 lines you contradicted yourself – are you an NBA reporter???

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          lol nah – maybe “overall” or “generally” would have been better than “basically” – but I used another word for a reason.

          Sports reporting would do themselves a tremendous favor to invest more time to out dishonesty and self-dealing throughout all sports, and the games would all be better for it.

    • Sillivan

      According to reporters
      Warriors have the best offer but they are not able to meet firmed asking price

  2. acarneglia

    5 teams, in my mind, can make this work.

    And a real wild card Charlotte

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      As a Hornets fan, I don’t want that crybaby on my favorite team. No.

      • Sillivan

        Rockets owner wants to win championship this season
        Rockets fans don’t want something like 25th picks
        Where are the proven young stars?
        Tough, very tough

    • Sillivan

      Warriors have better offer than any of your list
      Wiggins, Wiseman and Wolves pick
      Wiggins is now as good as Simmons
      Wiggins average 17.9 points
      Simmons average 12.6 points
      Wiggins is 3 point shooter

      • lebuck

        Wiggins is as good as Simmons? Come on now. It ain’t all about points. Defense? Playmaking? Efficiency? Track record?

        • Sillivan

          ESPN per
          Tatum 23.1
          Jaylen Brown 24.4
          Simmons 15.2

          Simmons efficiency is a question mark

          Like Nuggets, 76ers don’t have enough valuable assets that Rockets want

      • washington_bonercats

        I hope you know you’ve eliminated all your credibility by saying Wiggins is better than Simmons. Simmons is a front runner for DPOY. If you’re problem is that he can’t shoot, Im with you. He’ll never be the guy who carries a team to a chip if he is unable to shoot the ball. Fortunately, 6ers built a team of marksmen around him so that’s not his job. If you want to talk about players not doing their job Wiggins would be a front runner in that race. Looked better as of late but with the lack of consistency I’m not sure how you can possibly justify Wiggins being better than Simmons. A very disappointing take.

    • emarque

      As a Boston fan ,and friends and family members who are, nope. Do not want harden. It would take Jaylen Brown . This kid is good on both sides of the ball .

      • Sillivan

        Just in
        Rockets are trying to trade Harden to 76ers or Nets
        Clearly Rockets are dead organization because both teams have not enough valuable assets

        After the trade
        Nobody is going to trade stars for new Rockets assets

  3. CamFrost

    As a Rockets fan, take Herro, Robinson, salary fillers and 3-4 1st’s and get this situation over with. It isn’t an AD package, but this needs to end. Just watching the team, you can tell that there’s a disconnect on the floor and hearing Harden and Wall postgame just reinforces that.

    • x%sure

      I understand the feeling but I doubt Riley offers that. The article said two good youngsters and one draft pick.
      Thing is, after a trade, Harden would be the biggest deal in Miami, and everyone else would have to step down a notch. Riley, Spoelstra, Butler

    • bowserhound

      He’s not worth more than 2 1st’s with any player package. That’s being a bit over the top too. 3-4 is insane. Especially since he will ruin any locker room he ends up in.

    • seamaholic

      Damn right the Rockets take that. Heat offer no such thing. That’s four rotation players and all their first round draft picks, for a guy who essentially plays the same position as Jimmy Butler.

      Heat max offer is maybe — MAYBE — Herro plus the two fillers (Iggy and Olynyk) and one very late pick.

      • CamFrost

        If Jrue Holiday nets NO a starting PG, 3 1sts and 2 swaps, then Harden should get significantly more than that. I get many people want to act like his attitude will mean Houston should get anything less than the Holiday trade, but Harden is a top 5-7 player in the NBA with 2 years left of his deal. Herro and Robinson aren’t future all-star locks. And 3-4 1sts that’ll be in the bottom 1/3 of the 1st round isn’t a crazy thing to expect.

    • Marty McRae

      Why on earth would you ever comp AD with Harden? Harden has never once sniffed AD’s value. AD is certifiably elite and now a titleist, Harden will never beat the Warriors and is a ball hog who found out a way to bend the rules so he can add to his fraudulent scoring titles.

      • CamFrost

        AD was an injury prone player with 1 year left on his deal and didn’t even sniff the 2nd round of the playoffs prior to playing with Lebron. He got NO Ball, Ingram, Hart and 3 1sts (one being the 4th overall pick). Miss me with all that nonsense you commented.

        • Appalachian_Outlaw

          AD is a quality teammate. Jrue is a quality teammate. They fetch returns like that because they don’t have baggage, aren’t surrounded by drama and don’t come with the added challenge of constantly having to coddle them.

          Harden is a quitter. Talent is meaningless without commitment. That’s why everyone who played with him eventually wants away from him. He’s probably not even worth two 1sts, but I do think they will get that- but no more.

          • CamFrost

            So, AD demanding a trade only to the LAL and being a distraction for months and wearing a “That’s all folks” purposely on the last game of the season for him and his teammates to have to answer to isn’t a “quality teammate?” Then has the asinine excuse saying he doesn’t choose his outfit daily? Give me a break.

            • Cap & Crunch

              Hey now Cam, my Mom still dresses me too, great way to be more efficient with you day!

            • Appalachian_Outlaw

              Davis was drafted in 2012, fulfilled nearly all of his contractual obligations without giving NO grief for most of that time, and requested the trade near his impending FA. He didn’t show up out of shape for the season, constantly arrive late to meetings and pout like a young child who just got his toy taken away. The sign wasn’t ideal, but if Harden only had one stunt on his resume he’d be a different conversation too.

        • slund24

          @CamFrost as a Blazer fan that watched AD destroy the 3rd seed Blazers in a 1st round sweep, I have to disagree that he never sniffed the 2nd round of the playoffs with NO.

    • Toddybaseball

      Harden’s game just isn’t well-rounded enough for that kind of return. Too many holes, and too many question marks about his attitude, especially now.

    • DimitriInLA

      He really is here. As unprofessional as it gets actually. His legacy, or mine.

      • jjd002

        Exactly. Does he honestly think playing like crap/not caring will get him out quicker? The guy has zero leverage and just a terrible look. Guy has been one of my favorite players for a long time and one of the all time greats, but he’s quickly making people forget all about the greatness he has done over the years.

  4. goastros123

    Harden needs to go. He had chances to make it work in Houston but he wasn’t willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to cash in on those chances. Also, El Don, before you say “#FreeTheBeard”, Harden won’t be freed until Houston gets a good offer. After all, if Harden is such a hot commodity as you think he is, there is gonna be competition between those who can afford him so give Houston a young possible future star like Tyler and a couple of draft picks as the main part of a deal andy your wish of Harden being free will come a reality.

  5. mcmillankmm

    Come on, we don’t want to see a Harden for Kyrie trade….we want to see those two on the same team….could you imagine the drama!?!?

  6. bigeasye

    I think he should retire. If he’s not going to try and win and he’s not happy, he has no business taking their money.

    • Chief Two Hands

      He had a chance to win but when Paul got injured Harden choked and blew a significant lead. Dude could not hit a shot. The Rockets aren’t the problem…that squarely on Harden’s shoulders. He has had plenty of talent around him throughout his career.

      • CamFrost

        That isn’t all on Harden. You’re saying “when Paul got injured…” that isn’t just some random player. And double digit leads in the NBA aren’t significant anymore. Especially when you’re playing the Durant, Curry, Thompson, Green GSW.

        • Steven St Croix

          Harden wanted Dwight and couldn’t make it work. Next he wanted CP3 and couldn’t make it work. Lastly, he wanted his BFF Russ, and couldn’t make that work! Harden is the common denominator. I have been a big supporter of his but I am no longer a fan. I would tell him to stay home for a week while trying to salvage the season and work on a trade.

          • CamFrost

            I’m with you. I’ve been a Harden supporter as a Rockets fan. But I’m on your side. However, the Rockets need to maximize their return. A lot of people think Stone should just accept cents on the dollar and that Harden is just a cancer.

  7. I give no fox

    If he keeps putting up lackluster performances while being obviously out of shape I doubt the offers improve

  8. I Beg To Differ

    In the wake of Bogdan injury I can see the hawks being a suitor for Harden, depending on how badly he hurt the knee.

    Hawks get Harden
    Rockets get Snell, Fernando, Huerter, and Reddish

    Rockets get their 2 young assets in Reddish and Fernando.

    Hawks get a more proven scorer along side Trae Young. but still have Rondo, Hunter, Dunn.

    I just don’t see the Rockets getting young players and a bevy of 1st round picks for a guy who’s handling his trade request so poorly.

    It’ll be either young players or picks.

    Rockets won’t be getting a young cheap star in return. Best they can hope for is Kawhi type return. Proven player for salary and a young prospect with upside.

    In that case Pistons make some sense.

    Rockets get Blake Griffin and Doumbouya and Myhailiuk, possibly a top 10 protected 1st
    Pistons get Harden

    Pistons open up playing time for Bey, Grant, Stewart.

    • seamaholic

      Hawks cannot make a deal. They don’t have the salary match. Their two top salary guys are not tradeable, and their third is Clint Capela, whom presumably the Rockets don’t want back.

      • I Beg To Differ

        Tradenba dot com said
        Huerter Snell Reddish and Fernando work financially for the Hawks.

        Snell 12.1 mill
        Reddish 4.4 mill
        Huerter 2.7 mill
        Cam Reddish 4.4 mill

        Says rockets can take on Fernandos salary using TE from Gerald Green and Huerter from TE created from Capella.

        So unless they’re missing something, which they’ve got a pretty advanced database and options to create any trade scenario possible

        They say it works.

      • I Beg To Differ

        Try it yourselves

        tradenba dot com

        fire up the trade machine

        Rockets hawks

        Hawks get Harden

        Rockets get Snell, Fernando, Huerter, and Reddish

        it’ll say Snell has a player option that is automatically being accepted as default

        it’ll say huerter had a team option that is automatically accepted as default.

  9. dtrainriotmaker

    He wasn’t to unhappy when he resigned for the super max was he ? And now he is pouting like a baby . But the rockets time to compete for a championship is over it is time to trade him but his value is dropping. Your not gonna get top value for him , so take the best offer for him and run. Let him be someone else’s problem

  10. brinxsoxcelts

    The Rockets have a right to hold out for a good deal and if Harden is that mad he can sit out and not get paid

    • dtrainriotmaker

      So true but at the same time it he is lazy and doesn’t care and puts up crappy numbers his stock will drop . So it’s damned if you do damned if you don’t kind of thing . Sooner or later they are gonna end up trading him . I wish I could go to work and not want to be there and slack off tell everyone they such basically and keep my job and get paid

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      They should call his bluff, tell him he’s not being traded. He can play his game or he can sit the bench if he won’t get in shape. If he becomes a bigger problem, you send him home. He only has leverage because they’re letting him have leverage here. If he wants out, force him to take a buyout for as little as you can offer. Play hard ball with him, and be aggressive.

    • Marty McRae

      How’s Harden going to crush all you can eat buffets if he isn’t out there shuffling around bombing 3s all day? Can’t have food without money.

  11. Northern Expansion 416

    Kyrie is an even bigger diva,the fact that he can take the week off and not touch bases with his own coach! Harden to Denver would make sense or to the ATL…

    • Cap & Crunch

      Just dont think Harden and Trae work together

      I do wonder how Collins Wood Wall would fit (tm pending*) along with some of the younger ATL players-

      Harden Tucker for Collins Danillo Nunn one of Cam or Hunter and 2 1sts …… ofc talks with a Collins extension probably need to be had beforehand

      Hou could get super young and more exciting tho if they could exit from Harden Westbrook to that so quickly while replenishing the draft capital as well

  12. Jdog70

    I wouldn’t want Harden or Kyrie on my team. If I’m the Rockets, I ask for LeVert, Allen, Shamet and Dinwiddie and move on.

    • Appalachian_Outlaw

      Kyrie and Harden should be forced to play an entire year together so they can experience how miserable it is to have a teammate like themselves.

  13. washington_bonercats

    How unaware do you have to be to think Brooklyn gives Kyrie for Harden. Why would the be inclined to do that? They would go after Harden to create a big 3 not to get a worse superstar tandem

  14. washington_bonercats

    Not sure why so many people assume Houston has any leverage here. Because he’s signed through multiple years? Its very obvious he’ll create enough drama to get moved regardless if Houston really wants to move him. On top of that he’s currently going through his worst stretch of games in his CAREER. Rockets aren’t getting a star back. Any team willing to pull the trigger on Harden will to it to be a front runner not a question mark.

  15. Northern Expansion 416

    Nuggets pieces would work too (Porter Jr, Harris,Barton and picks…

  16. formerlyz

    I’ve pretty much said it a bunch of times, but if they do a deal, it would probably have to include like 6 guys from the Heat, and they would have to get back at least PJ Tucker+ in the salary matching situation…I think teams like the Knicks, and maybe the Nets, and even OKC would arguably be able to offer them more. The idea of Duncan Robinson in the deal is laughable

    Iguodala, Leonard, Bradley, Olynyk, Herro/Nunn, maybe Okpala if necessary, the 2nd round pick in 2022, and the 2025 1st, and worst case, another pick in 2027, although they’re giving up significant pieces, and taking on all of Harden’s salary, so not sure thats necessary

    for Harden, PJ Tucker, DeMarcus Cousins, and potentially Sterling Brown (if Okpala were included)

    But even then I’d personally be salty, and I doubt it would go down like that. I just dont see any other way for it to work out…This would obviously have to also be after February 6, and at that point in the season, would the Heat really turn over their team, and would Houston do that during a playoff race?

    Could see Levert, Dinwiddie, Kurucs, DeAndre Jordan, and another minimum salary for matching, maybe Jeff Green , likely not Bruce Brown, and a pick or 2 for Harden from the Nets….Wonder what random team that could come in, but whoever gets him is likely massively overpaying, and I doubt that would be the Heat

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