Los Angeles Notes: George, Scrubb, James

Paul George is playing with a chip on his shoulder after his subpar performances during last season’s playoffs, Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN writes. George’s shooting percentages are a career best while averaging 25.3 PPG, 6.1 RPG, 5.2 APG and 1.3 SPG. “I’m coming back with vengeance,” the Clippers forward said. “I didn’t like, not so much of the noise and everything around [the way last season ended], but just the fact that people saw weakness. And I had to address that. I had to answer that. That fueled me.” George signed a four-year, max extension last month.

We have more on the two Los Angeles teams:

  • Clippers rookie guard Jay Scrubb got his cast removed last week after he fractured a bone in his foot, Adam Zagoria of the New York Times tweets. He may play during the G League’s “bubble” season in Orlando, which begins next month, Zagoria adds. A second-round pick and last season’s JUCO Player of the Year, Scrubb signed a two-way contract with the Clippers in November.
  • Lakers star LeBron James said that playing fewer minutes during lopsided games has very little impact on him, he noted during a press conference this week. “I’m 36 years old, 18 years in this league. Ain’t no saving something for later on in the season,” he said. “My body is ready to play whenever I need to play throughout the course of the game. … I wish I could ‘bank’ time.” James has appeared in all 14 Lakers games this season, averaging 31.8 MPG.
  • James is making a major swap in the cola wars. He’s signing with Pepsi to promote the Mountain Dew brand, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. James has been endorsing Coca-Cola products since his rookie season in 2003.
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11 thoughts on “Los Angeles Notes: George, Scrubb, James

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Obviously the Clippers have a good team but with the Lakers getting stronger last offseason. The Nets making the big trade and a couple other teams looking good.
    Do you think the clippers have it in them to make a big trade?
    PG and Kawhi would be off the table and probably Ibaka. But you still could trade Marcus Morris, Lou Williams, Pat Beverly, Ivan Zubac or whatever.

    • x%sure

      Not to worry. LJ has been given athletic superlatives for a reason from the time he was 14. ‘Freak’ was an insult then, but modern usage applies in his case.
      I have said for years that his healing powers are amazing and puts to shame all his critics who say “they can tell” he was winding down even in Miami.
      Secret to longetivity: Most of the time he doesn’t try very hard, which confuses TV announcers.

  2. VanLingleMungo89

    LeBron has the same loyalty to cola that he has for teams he plays for. What does he say now? “I never really liked Coke. I’m taking my talents to Pepsi”?

    • GoLandCrabs

      When has LeBron ever said he “never really liked” his former teams.

  3. KnickerbockerAl

    Bron has been on enhancing additives since HS. Never been proven to be illegal. For a guy his age in his shape. You definitely have to ask how he does it. He does take care of his body and what he consumes. Bron has taken making money and branding to another level. Your only on top for so long. Bank all you can, why not.
    Bradshaw today of Fox NFL said after talking about 42, 41 yr old QBs. “I retired at 33, and if I would of stayed til 40. I would of made an extra 1.5 mill”

  4. Kowalski

    Yup its amazing how at aged 35,lebron’s still at the highest level of competing. That million dollar he pays for his body conditioning is really worth it, i guess!

  5. davethemailman

    I’d better not say anything too much about the Clippers and last year’s playoffs. Obviously the Clippers have a wonderful amount of talent and Paul George is a great athlete and basketball player. And stuff does happen, that’s why we love to watch. But it sure was enough to tickle your funnybone if you’re not a Clippers fan how things went down last year. Even their fans couldn’t believe it.

    So I respect them and admire their talent even if I don’t like them. They are good enough to beat anybody and good enough to win the title. Mostly it was cool when they had Ralph Lawler and Bill Walton announcing their games. One time I was listening to their TV broadcast right after Benoit Benjamin left. Ralph was being gracious and politically correct saying nice things and then Walton pipes up “Are you kidding? When I heard the news I popped open a cold one!” For me they were more entertaining and likable when they weren’t very good. These days do I care if Paul George has a so-called chip on his shoulder? No. I assume he tries his hardest every year. Good luck to all Clipper fans on the other side of the aisle. Maybe this year we will get the Western Conference finals that we expected to see last year. Go Lakers!

  6. x%sure

    Bet Mountain Dew wants to get some of its imaginatively flavored product out there even in convenience stores… There’s quite a few in theory… Even though the world needs more sodapop with neither sugar nor aspertame. MDew is quite sugary.

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