NBA Announces 11 New Cases In Latest Round Of COVID-19 Testing

Eleven of 502 NBA players have recorded positive test results for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 during the last week since the league’s last announcement on January 13, the NBPA tweeted today in a new statement.

Per the NBA and NBPA, players who test positive or have been discovered to have been in close contact with someone who later tested positive are quarantining per the league’s guidelines.

Last week, the league found positive results for 16 of 497 players tested. The NBA has now announced 90 confirmed positive tests since players reported for training camp in early December, though some who tested positive during the preseason may have been camp invitees who have since been cut.

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3 thoughts on “NBA Announces 11 New Cases In Latest Round Of COVID-19 Testing

  1. The Howler

    For perspective, that rate is 18x higher than LA County which is the worst county in the USA. So the NBA and its players are screwing the pooch on this one.

    • The Howler

      My mistake… The NBA rate of infection would make it the 3rd worst county in the USA. LA County is not the worst it is a county in PA. The NBA policy is still FUBAR and not working, though.

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