New York Notes: McGee, Noel, Toppin, G League, Nets’ D

The Nets were granted on Friday a disabled player exception worth approximately $5.727MM due to Spencer Dinwiddie‘s season-ending injury. With that in mind, HoopsHype’s Yossi Gozlan takes a look at some of the frontcourt players Brooklyn could pursue in a trade that would fit the salary slot. JaVale McGee, Nerlens Noel, Ed Davis and Bismack Biyombo are among those options for the Nets, who could use another veteran in the middle.

We have more on the teams in New York City:

  • The Knicks had concerns about Tyrese Haliburton‘s slender build when they passed on the point guard in favor of Obi Toppin during the draft lottery, Marc Berman of the New York Post writes. Haliburton has made an immediate impact with the Kings, who selected him with the No. 12 pick. Toppin, the eighth overall selection, has played an average of 12 MPG the last four games after recovering from a calf injury.
  • The Knicks unveiled their G League roster for the Orlando “bubble” season, which is slated to begin next month. According to a team press release, forwards Louis King and Skal Labissiere and guards Myles Powell and James Young have been named affiliate players. Affiliate players remain free agents available for any of the 30 NBA teams to sign.
  • The Nets know they can’t rely on the offensive prowess of their Big Three to make the Finals, Brian Lewis of the New York Post notes. After giving up 147 points to the Cavaliers in a double-overtime loss, they must focus on defensive improvement. “We feel positive in that we can improve defensively; but it’s definitely got to be a priority,” coach Steve Nash said.
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25 thoughts on “New York Notes: McGee, Noel, Toppin, G League, Nets’ D

  1. Simmons>Russ

    Knicks aren’t exactly the smartest organisation but it could’ve been smart to take Toppin over Haliburton if you look long term.

    Going into the draft the Knicks had 2 places sorts locked in for their roster. Barrett at SG, Robinson at C. So they were going to either take a PG or a forward. Now, Not that Toppin will be better but in this upcoming draft in the top 5 you’ve got two elite point guards in Cade Cunningham and Jalen Suggs. If the Knicks had taken Haliburton then these two guys could’ve been passed over for a Jonathan Kuminga who isn’t on the same level.

    I’d rather Cunningham/Suggs plus Toppin over Haliburton and Kuminga/Johnson or whatever other forward.

    Hopefully the Knicks have the same line of thinking and are looking at Suggs/Cunningham to go with Barrett, Toppin and Robinson and then they try make moves in FA and whatever and be a force. That’s the only worry right now, Thibs has them playing to good and it’s going to leave them with the 7th pick in the draft again and picking a DSJ, Knox, Ntilikina instead of picking from the top of the draft.

    I’d trade Julius Randle just to make them worse and try get back a pick and an expiring deal or young player.

    • Lil_D_Top_3

      It’s also such an unfair comparison. Halliburton been great but obviously he is going to get more minutes than someone who was out with an injury!

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah I know he’s got a lot more minutes. I really really like Toppin. I’m just saying everyone wanted Halliburton the point guard and now everyone has seen more of him they like him more.

        I’m just saying hopefully the Knicks were thinking long term and like Cunningham and Suggs more and that’s why the decided Toppin was their man. Either way tho I like Toppin and think he was a good pick he’s definitely of that Knox, DSJ, Ntilikina level dude he’s going to be good

    • Black Ace57

      Teams that become contenders don’t worry about position fit when drafting. Until the Knicks have a star level player they should be willing to draft almost any position.

      • In what league is this? In the NBA, teams draft on talent and fit about equally. Particularly true of contenders built through picks at top of the draft (they only draft talent over fit if the talent level is categorical and there isn’t a trade down opportunity they like). You don’t draft so you have 2 young players that you can’t develop together.

        The only championship team built through the draft over the past 10 years drafted on fit, but position. GS, 2009 – 2012. I can only think of one team that’s good that built through high picks and “drafted over” prior high draft picks. Philly, at the C spot. Lots of unique circumstances, including injuries and wasted picks; it’s hardly a template.

      • Simmons>Russ

        It’s has to be 50:50 you don’t take Bagley over Doncic because of fit like the kings did. That was a huge mistake. But you should draft back – to back- to back players in the same position because they are the best available player either.

        Knicks for their position have a good/decent coach and are slowly starting to get better. With the core they have, they should be looking at drafting a point guard Cade Cunningham/Jalen Suggs at the end of the season or take the best wing Jalen Green or Zaire Williams. They shouldn’t take a raw defensive big like Kuminga cause they have Toppin and Robinson already, however if the 4 mentioned above were taken I could understand them taking a Evan Mobley who is a centre because he’s the best available and he’s got huge potential even tho you have Robinson. You have to weigh up lots of things

        • formerlyz

          I’ve been talking about fit on this site for multiple years. I’m not sure you can really plan ahead towards future drafts, b/c there is a lot of volatility with that, but you can have a decent idea of team building, and if you think players are close, you go for fit, as you said, and if there isnt a fit there, you consider trading back, if there isnt a player you just have to have in your draft range. A lot of whether or not rookies succeed, is where they’re drafted, and who is around them

      • bowserhound

        Fit is irrelevant for teams that have a top-10 player. You can always build around your star and a great young asset.

    • MZ311

      Except the Knicks are playing well and at this moment are not looking like they will have a top 5 pick. Also, Quickley is really good.

      • Lil_D_Top_3

        Both of their PGs are good but they need someone who can shoot reliably imo

  2. Walladipo and Wood

    If JaVale McGee is so good then why did the Lakers trade him to Cleveland?

    • mcmillankmm

      I think they also viewed Marc Gasol as an upgrade as well…don’t think they wanted McGee to opt back in

  3. I didn’t want the Knicks to take either Toppin or Haliburton, for different reasons, although I’d have preferred Haliburton if it was a choice. I saw him play more than a dozen games in college. He’s a terrific player. Diverse skill set, high IQ, great work ethic. Everything I would generally want the Knicks to draft. Problem is the PG obsession that seems to pervade the Knick fanbase and even FO. If the Knicks drafted him, I think there would be an expectation that he’d be a full time PG. I don’t think that’s an ideal role for him. He’s in the right spot now, and he knows it. Smart player.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Kings lucked out with Halliburton. Berman is a joke. All he ever wrote is Knicks should trade up for Ball. That’s all espn said. And most national media had us needing a PG so bad. That it would be criminal not to trade up. And that we didn’t have enough to trade up. Just like most here who just repeat the national narrative. If you know Thibs, you should know his type of players. Toppin was best player available who fell to us. I’ve been pushing for Halliburton since he broke his hand. He was the best PG in draft. But I wouldn’t pass on Toppin. He’s an Amare, Griffin type talent. He will be an all star. No need to rush him with Randle playing like an all star. You ever wonder why Randle is playing so well. That’s what should happen when the #1 pick is your position. Knicks will get good value for Randle. Berman is a Knick hater and like espn. They know talking about Knicks gets them viewers and readers. Most times they don’t deal in truth. Or don’t tell the whole truth. Even though Knicks do deserve grief. Most times it’s just generated to hype their shows or articles. There is only one constant failure with Knicks. That’s Dolan the owner. He’s a meddler who thinks he can buy his way out of anything. 4 coaches in 4 yrs (all paid off in full). What more proof do you need. Thibs is the main guy who will set this right. New management understands this. And they will just help and support him. Thibs is here to build a young core. Fix the rest of young talent to be moved. And draft well. First draft is a success Toppin, Quickly. Next draft is better than last yrs. David Duke a Providence PG. Should be the one they are eyeing. Big two way scoring PG. Should be there between 6-10 in a deep draft. Knicks have trade options and 4 picks in draft. They also have over 45 mill they can make available for FA next yr. This yr is about building a young core and drafting well. Next yr we can shoot for playoffs. Thibs already has #1 D in game. We were last, last yr. Our offense and shooting still needs help. But a real PG helps there, shooters. Its all about “Trust in Thibs”. He’s only been here for 17 games. Better days are coming. Just stay the course. NYK

    • Simmons>Russ

      Good read that. Usually I some essay like that I scroll past but I like your tales a lot of the time.
      Nothing like reading what a passionate fan thinks about his team. Usually us fans know what’s best for our teams too, even if the management don’t see it.

      I agree I think Toppin has the potential to be an all star level dude and reminds me like you said of Amare/Griffin. And your absolutely 100% correct about Dolan being the problem and the front office and Thibs going a good job so far. I concern is that they are winning to many games and that their pick will fall from being a top 5 pick to top 10, to possibly later. Knicks need a point guard this draft. The best two point guards are Suggs and Cunningham both expected to be top 5. I really hope for Knicks fans sake they get one of these two. Both are going to be future all nba level players.

      Randle and DSJ for Rubio, Okogie and protected first round pick.

      Rubio would serve as a starting point guard that can defend and facilitate for the rest of the season with Quickly as his back up. That takes pressure of Barrett to play make so much and let’s the team asses other young guys like Knox with Rubio getting him better looks. Minny get Randle who they desperately need if they want a chance at the playoffs. Plus get a big 4 of Russell Edwards Randle and KAT.

      Then after the season hopefully the Knicks get a top 5 pick and select Jalen Suggs. I think they should try move up a little with their second first round pick and try target BJ Boston.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        When it comes to Knicks. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Also the haters just shouting smack without really knowing team. Or even caring. So they just repeat the narrative. So I feel a need to explain the truth. And a real NBA fan can get more info to better understand. I would think all real fans want outsiders. To get that perspective. I’m sure glad when a real Sixer fan sets me straight.
        We are still early in Thibs tenure, Knicks yr. Most important is to evaluate our talent. Find out who we really want to keep. Couple players are at end of first contract. Randle and Payton, Knox have to be really looked at. RJ, Mitch, Toppin have to be helped to thrive and become a core. Personally I always liked Rubio. He’s a leader pass first type PG we need. They will wait till TD and see who’s available. And see who we will move. Even Randle, as well as he’s playing will be moved. So I’m not going to predict our wins. More important is finding our direction under Thibs. He’s fixed the D already, in 15 gms. Our offense still needs a lot of work. Toppin is a better system PF. And a lead PG is still an issue. Also a lead SF. I see them being patient. And just having option to make a major adjustment at TD. Or end of yr, draft. You can’t lose on purpose. But playing different PGs and players. Will get you loses. Even if we are 8th seed. We are 1st rd and out. With multiple picks we can still trade up in draft. Like I said I really like David Duke. But we could also trade for one. Randle will be shopped

    • Simmons>Russ

      Why college basketball is huge. College stars are the future of the league. I’d rather talk about how great these young guys coming through are compared to talking about how bad some players in the NBA are playing or covid talk or sheathed

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Lottery teams should always be aware of college players. It’s our future. Our next yr progress.

  5. stevep-4

    Bulls will trade them Cristiano Felicio, all it would take is a couple of first round picks.

    • stevep-4

      He is great for team morale, because everyone else feels superior to him. He is great for players’ health since he eats more than his share of food and keeps the rest of them on a low-calorie diet.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Bulls have blown more draft picks than Stormy has.
      Like why would they pass on Halliburton

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