Southwest Notes: House, Eubanks, Ball, Doncic

Forward Danuel House, who has not played since January 2, returned to Rockets practice on Monday, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle tweets. House missed four games with back spasms, then was placed on the league’s health and safety protocols list. While Feigen adds that Houston will work House back in slowly, the 27-year-old said he expects to be ready to play on Tuesday, Kelly Iko of The Athletic tweets.

We have more from the Southwest Division:

  • Prior to the postponement of the Pelicans-Spurs game on Monday, San Antonio’s Drew Eubanks was ironically removed from the league’s COVID-19 protocols list, Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express News tweets. The third-year big man has been out since January 7 due to those restrictions. He has appeared in three games this season.
  • Lonzo Ball may no longer be in the Pelicans’ long-term plans and there’s a real possibility they’ll decline their $14.36MM qualifying offer after this season, which would make him a restricted free agent, Seth Partnow of The Athletic opines. If New Orleans’ season continues to go sour, the franchise would likely prefer to trade him rather than allow the point guard to walk in free agency, Partnow adds.
  • Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will go to great lengths to keep his superstar Luka Doncic happy, as Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News details. Cuban has expressed interest in playing exhibition games in Slovenia, where Doncic grew up, and Spain, where he played for Real Madrid. The Mavs are confident that Doncic’s youth and talent will help them secure a top-level free agent during the offseason, Sherrington adds.
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37 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: House, Eubanks, Ball, Doncic

  1. Walladipo and Wood

    Danuel House will be re-entering a very crowded rotation. Once Christian Wood recovers from his ankle sprain, House will be competing with 10 other teammates for playing time: Wood, Wall, Oladipo, PJ Tucker, Gordon, Cousins, Jae’Sean Tate, McLemore, Nwaba, and Sterling Brown. That’s not even including the rookie with the 12th highest scoring average in the NBA this season, Mason Jones.

    • Steven St Croix

      He will get his minutes when VO and Tucker are traded. They are definitely gonna be fun to watch. Wood was a steal and they have trade ammo if Tillman will loosen the purse strings.

      • SRT392

        Rather they keep Oladipo and get rid of House and Tucker but that will have to play out. Rockets have a lot of intriguing young players. KMart Jr is another.

  2. Sillivan

    Pelicans have to trade Ball, can’t lose him for nothing
    Ball and Jaxson Hayes for Lauri Markanen and White

    Make sense?

    Add a Bucks unprotected First if needed

    • Dr. Phil

      I doubt that the Bulls see Ball or Hayes as better than either White or Lauri. Not sure why they would do that one.

    • Cap & Crunch

      Im surprised No Knick talk on Lonzo

      Perhaps in a 3 way trade that sends out Randle

    • Simmons>Russ

      Lonzo for Markeneen straight swap would be close.

      Bulls need the defence, their back up guard is Thomas Satoransky so Lonzo is a huge upgrade, plus Lonzo is a playmaker, likes a face tempo offence and can probably play SG with White at PG cause his defence

  3. Stilt Armstrong

    Or the Pelicans have every intention on keeping Ball, are showcasing Bledsoe for value, and are doing whatever is equal to tanking without being called tanking.

    New Orleans style… The Big Process

  4. hiflew

    It’s honestly tough to find a team where Lonzo would be a real upgrade on their PG spot.

    The Knicks are an obvious fit, but would a Knox/DSJ package be enough to satisfy NO? Both might upgrade the Pelicans bench, but is that enough?

    Another fit might be with the Clippers. Beverley and a couple of future 2nds might get it done. Lonzo is an upgrade on Beverley, but does New Orleans want to take on the extra year of Beverley for him without getting a first in return?

      • Simmons>Russ

        Nah they already have Fox and Haliburton and Corey Joseph don’t need another PG

        • kingsforever 2

          Why not siggers? CoJo is not the best fit in the second united. Ball is a upgrade. Playmaking and defense. I think that’s Okey. Hield (and 3,4 second round picks) for Ball, Melli and Hayes it’s a fair deal.

          • siggers84

            I would rather have Hield than ball.

            What is the point in getting more guards. We have deficiencies in other areas. Kings need to get defence. That’s the priority. They can score tons of points. But defence is what they need.

            Trade I like is Bjelica for Nlikitina

            • kingsforever 2

              Yes Defense is the most important priority for our team. My problem is the playmaking. We have Fox and Hali. Hield and CoJo’s playmaking skills are a problem. Donte Di Vicenco, Thybull or Nlikitina are good Targets for the Kings. But Ball have playmaking and a (mabye to struggle) 3 point shoot and defense. I think the most problem is our Pf defense, but I don’t know which player can I help this team.

            • kingsforever 2

              And Buddy’s Contract is to high. He is a fast elite 3 point shooting guard, but the rest is a problem.

              • siggers84

                Buddy’s a sixth man. Haliburton should start now and I think that would solve a lot of problems. Fox, Barnes, Haliburton can do a lot. Holmes needs resigning a great player for us. We just need Bagley to either improve or pack his bags.

                • kingsforever 2

                  My problem is I think 24 Mio is very much for a sixth man. And with hield in the second united (with Whiteside or Metu than Center player) is our defense worser than with Holmes

                  • siggers84

                    Yeah I think 24 million way too much hopefully Buddy can increase his trade value. I don’t suppose it matters actually if he starts, its just Haliburton needs the share of his minutes alongside Fox.

                    Holmes is not the best rim protector but his PER is highest in Kings. He’s got way more facets to his game and Kings need to resign as he’s a solid centre and someone else will if we don’t.

                    I think the weakest defenders are Buddy and Bagley. But I think Bagley needs more time. I think we need to be looking to trade Buddy and possibly Barnes.

                    I feel need to see more of Whiteside this season to make decision. But in the past he was a stat sheet stuffer and a bad locker room presence. Metu has more long term potential. Kings also need guys who can run with our offence.

    • Cap & Crunch

      No on Clips imo-

      NY could possibly get him in a 3 team deal with the Randle capital

    • Simmons>Russ

      I’d suggest the Bulls, Milwauke and Suns.

      Bulls could do with Lonzo firstly for depth. Secondly he would be the teams best perimeter defender and playmaker. Plus he could be an excellent fit with LaVine in that up tempo offence and Lonzo defence covering LaVine.

      Milwauke it obviously depends on the cost. But Jrue and Lonzo worked in New Orleans. That teams defence would be really good with Middelton Giannis and Lopez too.

      Lastly the Suns, they are probably more of a chance for FA but cause they are playing well I listed them. Lonzo would serve as a back up to CP3, he’s a good defender and playmaker and could be a long term piece next to Devin Booker. Just depends on his price but Lonzo would be a solid addition for a playoff run

      • hiflew

        He could fit as a backup on most, if not all, teams. I was referring only to being a starter. With his upcoming RFA status, I’d wonder whether a team like the Suns would want to commit the amount of money due him for just a back up PG, albeit a high quality one.

  5. lovesexland

    I haven’t watched the Pelicans, but question for someone who has. Why is Kira Lewis Jr. not getting much playing time?

  6. near anonymity

    i like the idea of the mavs considering games in slovenia and spain ! sure it will just be an exhibition. but this seems so cool and the exposure factor will be off the chart. i hope they do it ! :)

  7. Ball has no real trade value at this point. Pels need a PG, as much as any team (including the Knicks). If there were still a real possibility that he could get there, the Pels wouldn’t be trading him. They’d be the team giving him the rest of the season to right his ship. It’s not like they’re in the running for the championship.

  8. KnickerbockerAl

    Always liked Lonzo and thought he’d be a very good 2way PG. I gotta say he’s not worth 15 mill. Frankly he’s regressing, it’s too bad. There’s no mamba mentality here lol. Seems he satisfied where he is. Too bad

    • kingsforever 2

      Ball is a good fit for the Knicks. Playmaking skills, defense and a good fit with Barett. Thats a young Season and Balls struggles are don’t a problem

  9. Stilt Armstrong

    Ball looked better last season.

    Why is his form back to the old style when he started the season in the preseason with his new form, and looked, shot, & played well?

    Also, before the season started there was one small media interaction where Ball’s response was less than enthusiasic about playing in New Orleans. Didn’t seem to have legs, but Lavar is no fan of SVG, and that isn’t a secret.

    Its not common for lower wage players, but is Ball trying to be traded? Pulling a much quieter James Harden, and the team just won’t make a move?

    New York would be a good place for him. If he’s Elfrid Payton who better to learn from?

    Also, his dad wouldn’t publicly criticise his coach for making mistakes. Thibs is a legitimate coach, and Lavar would probably cozy up to him. Walton & Stan Van Gundy were, and are awful Head coaches so far in their careers.

    All was quiet with Gentry, but Lonzo wasn’t due a $15 million payday either…

    • SheaGoodbye

      I know folks are down on Ball right now, but the Pelicans have put together a really poor fitting roster with a poor fitting head coach, so it’s no surprise Ball has been struggling. He’s the type of guy who needs to be put in a good situation to be effective.

      I think once he gets out of town, if he ends up in the right situation he can be effective. Bulls or Knicks would be good options.

  10. SheaGoodbye

    I know folks are down on Ball right now, but the Pelicans have put together a really poor fitting roster with a poor fitting head coach, so it’s no surprise Ball has been struggling. He’s the type of guy who needs to be put in a good situation to be effective.

    I think once he gets out of town, if he ends up in the right situation he can be effective. Bulls or Knicks would be good options.

  11. kingsforever 2

    I agree with you on the points. Monte now realizes that it is not easy to trade Buddy and Harrison. Ring protection and coaching are the most important decisions. I trust him

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