Atlantic Notes: Pritchard, Brown, Toppin, Rose

Payton Pritchard has emerged as the top reserve on an otherwise thin Celtics bench, ESPN’s Tim Bontemps writes. Pritchard, who made six 3-pointers against Toronto on Thursday, has thrived as an off-the-ball guard whose shot opposing defenses have to respect. That provides Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown with space to operate and the 26th pick in last year’s draft has also held his own defensively.

We have more from the Atlantic Division:

  • Brown is dealing with tendonitis in his left knee, radio show Toucher and Rich tweets. GM Danny Ainge said the team will keep close tabs on Brown’s knee issue. Brown has appeared in 22 of Boston’s 24 games entering Friday’s action, averaging 26 PPG in 33.2 MPG.
  • Knicks rookie forward Obi Toppin could reap benefits from playing with recently-acquired Derrick Rose, Steve Popper of Newsday notes. Toppin was fouled while dunking off a pass from Rose against Miami on Tuesday. Toppin could return to his rim-running ways in college, rather than be used a spot-up shooter. “Playing with him, he plays with speed. He looks to find guys,” Toppin said of Rose. “So playing with this team, period, is amazing, but Derrick, having him here now is amazing.”
  • The Knicks will start allowing a limited number of fans at Madison Square Garden on February 23 and Toppin is excited to finally play in front of a home crowd, he told Marc Berman of the New York Post. “We have the best fan base in the NBA,” he said. “It will be amazing to have fans. But safety is first. When that time comes for fans to be there we’ll love it.’
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13 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Pritchard, Brown, Toppin, Rose

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    Toppin as spot up shooter. I don’t even want say the 100 ways that’s so idiotic. The next Amare a spot up shooter. This is what happens now in the (new)????
    NBA. They write stories instead of about the talent. Its why Knicks need a traditional PG. I’ve only been saying it for 3 yrs.

  2. Jeff Zanghi

    Pritchard has really surprised me… I wasn’t expecting much if anything from him at all in his first season and what he’s actually provided has been exceptional. He’s been tremendous shooting the ball and has generally made good decisions all around. He’s still a little bit inconsistent but that’s to be expected with any rookie let alone one taken 26th overall. I would like to see them give Nesmith a bit more of a chance though… even if not in important ganes/parts of games thus far Brad hasn’t even really allowed him to go out there and shoot even idlb blowouts. And based on how he shot the 3 in college… You’d expect that if nothing else he could at least be a spot up shooter off the bench when needed. Which brings me to the bench in general… as good as Pritchard has been… if the C’s want to have a legitimate shot at a postseason run… they need to make a deal (or 2) for some more bench depth. So far Teague has more or less been a bust and Thompson has been hit or miss. So they could really use some veteran help on the second unit. Luckily they have 3 TPEs they can use (Including the one big one) so hopefully they can acquire some solid bench depth before the trade deadline.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Pritchard is what the benefit of coming in as 4 yr college player. You are more ready to contribute. He was a closer on his school team. He’s looking gd. Solid pick .

      • jump shot

        Pritchard doesn’t have a thousand skills that he’s trying to showcase every time he touches the floor. Sometimes less is more. He’s got a nice game and plays the game the way HE should. It’s not rocket science.
        Long career and a lotta money to be made doing that.

  3. Simmons>Russ

    With Pritchard playing well, Teague also there as good depth and Kemba Walker being abit disappointing make for a possible trade?

    I seen someone suggest on line saying Kemba Walker, Rob Williams and a second round pick for Steven Adams and Lonzo Ball. I thought about it and it’s actually not to bad. Adams just signed an extension to take less than he’s on currently. But he’s a solid defender, good locker room player and great screener. The Celtics lack a big like him, Tristan Thompson is trying to be that guy but he isn’t.
    The main part of the deal was Lonzo Ball. He’s interesting cause firstly he’s got great size and is a good defender which would go well with Smart and Brown. Secondly he’s a really good passer and is quietly efficient at shooting.
    He’s averaging 14-5-5 to Kemba 15.5-4-4, however he’s shooting at 42-37-74 to Kembas 35-34-91 (on 3 FT’s).
    Lonzo is 6 inches taller, a better defender, arguably a better passer and 7 years younger.

    Kemba made sense for the Celtics after Irving cause he was a leader and clutch finisher. He provided the extra spark on offence and how that Brown and Tatum have really stepped up they don’t need Kemba that much. Lonzo would fill that role well, could grow and develop alongside Brown and Tatum as the third piece. Plus I really rate Brad Stevens as a coach and I think he could get the best of him

    • buttholesurfer69

      That’s definitely real solid for Boston but I think it’s kind of meh for NO. They already have defensive issue with Ingram and Zion.

      Locking into Kemba long terms? I’d be surprised to see them make that move

      • Simmons>Russ

        Yeah it doesn’t exactly stand out but Lonzo is off contract end of the season, and Adams for not even 10-10 and 20mil is expensive for him. They would be banking on Kemba being a good leader for Ingram and Zion which I think he would be. Kemba is only 30 and they would hope he can turn it around and go back to his form last year 20-4-5. I’d like to see Walker with Hart/NAW in the backcourt and Hayes at centre think it would be really interesting.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Plus Walker would serve as a solid vet for Kira Lewis. He could really mentor him and help him develop too

  4. Sensitive Fanboy

    The Knicks come alive with Rose on the court. Huge difference between Payton & he. Both are good for mixing it up this season, but Rose really has an impact when he plays.

  5. I don’t see anyone taking on Kemba’s Contract at the moment. With so many teams and these stupid play in games it leaves less teams to trade or to do buyouts which hurts the Celtics or any other contender from making moves. I would love to see Adam’s on the Celtics.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    I think Kemba came banged up. He’s been in and out too much. It’s too bad cause I really thought he was missing piece for Celtics. He’s a better fit than Kyrie when healthy. Unfortunately it seems he’s not a lot. Celtics healthy are good enough to contend. They add a rim protector then they can win it.

  7. ratedrdude

    The C’s need to sign a real impact player like they did when they sign KG.. That’s the only way the C’s are going to make back to the Finals this year…

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