Bulls Fielding Calls On Thaddeus Young, Others

The Bulls are receiving plenty of attention from potential trade partners but it’s uncertain whether Arturas Karnisovas, their executive VP of basketball operations, is interested in making any deals, Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The March 25 trade deadline is still in the distance but teams are looking increasingly at the Bulls to fortify their rotations, with power forward Thaddeus Young is drawing the most interest, according to Cowley. That confirms an earlier report that Young is the team’s most viable trade candidate.

Young’s contract could give teams some cap flexibility. He’s making approximately $13.5MM this season with a salary of $14.2MM next season. However, only $6MM of next season’s salary is guaranteed.

Young, 32, has played 982 career games but he’s still got something left in the tank. In 17 games this season off the bench, the veteran is averaging 11.1 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 4.3 APG and 1.1 SPG.

There are some strong reasons for Karnisovas to hold onto Young. He’s highly respected in the locker room and the Bulls can contend for a playoff berth this season. They’re 8-13 but only five Eastern Conference teams currently have winning records.

Quite a few others on the Bulls’ roster could attract interest. Certainly, Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen could give contenders an offensive jolt if the Bulls were willing to part with either one of their top two scorers. They also have several players — Otto Porter Jr., Cristiano Felicio, Garrett Temple and Denzel Valentine — in the final year of their contracts. Additionally, Tomas Satoransky‘s $10MM salary for next season is only partially guaranteed for $5MM.

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84 thoughts on “Bulls Fielding Calls On Thaddeus Young, Others

    • flipskaterboy92@yahoo.com 2

      Wiseman and the Wolves pick for Zach. Warriors probly say no, but that would be the cost. No way the Bulls take Wiggins, and no way they’re throwing in Young for no added value.

  1. Sillivan

    According to ESPN
    The current most valuable trade value is Warriors Pick via Wolves
    15 years value

    Warriors get LaVine and Young
    Bulls get Wiggins and Wolves pick

    • Walladipo and Wood

      Golden State should be doing whatever they can to trade Wiggins for players on expiring contracts to get their gargantuan payroll under control. Otherwise they will have no alternative in 2022 but to blow things up like OKC was forced to last year.

      • JBHoops

        Steph and Klay aren’t going anywhere in 2022 or 2023. Now Draymond could get traded, sure. But they won’t “blow things up” next year. Steph, Klay, Wiseman, and potentially two 1st round picks next year will be on their team next year likely and probably 2023 too.

      • KnickerbockerAl

        You sure are the most concerned with Warriors ownership money. You’re family work for them or sometime. Lol not every owner is cheap like Fertitta. Warriors have big opportunity to win a ring next 2 yrs. Even if they miss out on playoffs this yr. They are looking at Finals next year. Plus they still have a brand new arena to Christening. Warriors are not over, not yet.

        • seamaholic

          Being way over the apron carries significant penalties that extend beyond the owners’ money. For instance, they cannot get players via sign and trade, and their exceptions are severely limited too. They have almost zero capacity to add guys this coming off-season.

          • KnickerbockerAl

            Really I can think of 4 th pick in draft that’s probably in running for ROY. I can think of three players they can trade. I can think of their ME every team gets every yr. I can think of Wiseman a yr better. I can think of Klay coming back and winning. I’d say they ave many moves they can make for next yr.

      • mattwild1

        why would they blow things up next year…? a starting 5 of steph klay wiggs dray and wiseman is easily one of the best in the league. they will without a doubt be a top 3 team in the east if everything goes according to plan injury wise.

      • Howie415

        They are definitely not trading Wiggins. That would be a huge mistake. Maybe Oubre

    • hiflew

      That trade value is meaningless and not even true. How can a top 3 protected pick have more value than say the Pistons #1 pick which has no protection and is likely to be near the top as well? For that matter, how is an unknown quantity considered more valuable in trade than any player in the league? Do you really think the 4th pick in next year’s draft (the highest that Warriors pick could be) will end up as the most valuable player in the league over the next 15 years?

      Just dumb.

      • mcmillankmm

        In terms of picks that would be on the table available for trade I think is the reference

        • buttholesurfer69

          Yes that’s true and also – altho I dont want to go too far into defending Silli’s point here – it should be noted that value isnt always rational

          Chris Pauls “value” when he was traded to OKC was considerably lower than a year later yet as a player he wasnt individually all that much different year over year

    • bdpecore

      Any trade involving Wiggins and the TWolves 1st only devalues the pick. Wiggins needs a 1st Rd pick just to get back to neutral value.

      • Howie415

        @bdpecore What? When is the last time you saw Wiggins play? How does he have negative value?

        • buttholesurfer69

          Wiggins is a tough player to value historically

          But if he continues to shoot high 30s from 3 he’s a dam good player. He can a 3&D guy and then some, with an ability to carry second unit scoring loads

  2. Sensitive Fanboy

    I don’t have the Bulls making the playoffs this season. Young doesn’t effect the cap in any way next season, or this offseason because his deal is friendly & a trade chip, not a hindrance.

    Not seeing a reason the Bulls would be in a hurry to move him, unless he was asking for it. I don’t think he is because his stock is rising.

    • JBHoops

      The Bulls are not going anywhere this season, which is why they should absolutely trade Young. He’s 32 and not a player you build your future around. The Bulls are still rebuilding. They need to tank, get a top 5 pick, dump Markkanen (since he’ll get overpaid), and go into the offseason with LaVine, White, PWill, and WCJ on the books generally. Then they’ll have major cap space to work with and a top 5 pick. That’s a better plan than chasing a 9 or 10 seed, missing the playoffs, have a mid 1st rounder and keeping a 33 year old $14 million player on the books.

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Every yr every lottery team you can say tanked, or they should. Especially this yr when the draft is deep in talent. At some point in season you know you are a lottery or bottom 20. Then if you are a real player in this business. You are looking at next yr. Best way to do that is thru the draft. You don’t lose on purpose. You play young guys or guys you want to trade. You try new things for next yr. You even trade trade vets for young talent or picks. That’s what Trade Deadline is for. Contenders want to go for it. So non contenders cash in on their need. Like Knicks getting Quickly for Morris in draft. Like Bulls getting value for Young. Every yr there are 14 lottery teams. Some yrs you want to be bottom three. Zion, Ja, RJ if you got a chance for that. You thing it’s better to be bottom 5. Real tanking days are over. Like when they did for guaranteed #1. Spurs tanked for Duncan and Robinson. Now the odds are stacked against tanking. So they say (top 3)

          • hiflew

            The Spurs didn’t tank for Duncan. Robinson was hurt and out for the year and they just ended up bad without him. Golden State did not tank last year, they were just injured.

            Tanking is when a team actively goes out and makes their team worse in present value in order to obtain future value to a ridiculous degree. And I emphasize ridiculous degree. Trading away a single player or two that is expiring for a draft pick in the future is not tanking. Trading away every legitimate player from a pretty good, but not great, team on your roster for picks and replacing them with fringe guys is tanking. Philly for the middle of last decade is really the only example I can think of as just out-and-out tanking. Even OKC has real NBA talent on the team even if some are overpaid. They are rebuilding, not tanking.

            • KnickerbockerAl

              What were you a todler for that. Robinson was healthy to come back. Those were real tanks. Just ask Celtics. Dude you want debates do the research. Cause I don’t spout words and I’m no fanboy. I guess the reading comprehension you talk about is all talk. Tanking is when you consciously alter your team from its best chance to win. Yes what you explained is blatant. The Spurs was blatant, yet you defend that. Selective phrasing doesn’t make it more right. Teams for whatever reason don’t put out best chance to win is tanking. Unless they are really injured. Not like Robinson was, wasn’t. Players have minor surgery to be out for season. That’s pushed by teams. Do you understand that. That’s a form of tanking. Get a grip. This ain’t a real fight.

              • buttholesurfer69

                Im with Al here – Spurs definitely tanked

                Defining tanking as trading every player for junk is a bit extreme, there are more mild forms I would definitely throw in the category of tanking

      • If you trade away 14 million dollars don’t you have to take back 14 million dollars?

        • KnickerbockerAl

          Depends on your team salary. If you are capped out yes. I believe you have to come within .5 mill.

        • hiflew

          Not always. I think you have to take back a minimum of 90% of the value you send out. Or you can get a maximum of like 110% of the value you send away. Don’t quote me because I don’t know the actual figures, but I do know there is a gray area involved. Plus trade exceptions can always come into play as well which negates the need for the other team to match.

          • seamaholic

            It’s 80% and 125%, but yeah, every team except the Knicks has to approach trades in this way at the moment. The two exceptions are Traded Player and Disabled Player, which have severe restrictions on them (for example, to use a TPE you cannot send out anything but draft picks … I believe the same is true of Disabled Player exceptions, and the latter has more restrictions too).

        • Teams never need to “take back” salary in a trade; to use the trade exception rules (vs cap space or another exception), they need to “send out” salary (at a certain percentage of the incoming salaries) in order to take the incoming salary.

      • After this season the Bulls will have major cap space with or without Markkanen. So no need to rush to dump Markkanen. If the Bulls can resign Markkanen for a reasonable contract, it would not be a bad thing.

      • x%sure

        JBHoops the Bulls should NOT “absolutrly” trade Young and will not. If any teams need vets, it’s teams with teenagers in their plans. Young may be overpaid but he won’t be next year. Someone has to be the adult in the group and it’s not anyone who says to blow it up because it’s all too much to understand.

        The contract was made, now there is money to pay. Salary comes back in trading if it goes out, a similar amount (unless a team could not get anyone to play for them and are under the cap). You cannot generally trade salary for draft picks and most picks fail anyway.

        Your concern for the owner’s money would be touching, except you & K.Al are really just simpleminded and lazy.

        K.Al is arguing semantics and even says “real tanking days are over”. No, a lottery finish is NOT tanking… those teams ARE that bad… mathematically, the league W-L is 50-50, about half the teams are losers. That doesn’t mean theyre tanking, grammar-challenged.

        • JBHoops

          Young makes $14 mil next year. You can take salary back in expirings in any trade so your books are clean next year. You understand that, right?

          I’m not advocating for them to save money. Quite the opposite. I want them to have big cap space so they can be big players in the free agent and trade market. That’s what I said in my first post.

          Thad is a good presence but this team isn’t contending this year and keeping him around when he may have value on the trade market is not how you maximize your future. Get an asset for him, combine that asset with other assets, and get a player that has value that will be on the team with PWill for a few years. THAT is how you build. Not with 33 year old players next year who make $14 mil. That’s too much money for a bench player on a non-contending team.

          Plenty of vets out there in the market you can get for cheaper to have veteran presence next year. You also need to lock that money in this offseason into someone better because if you resign LaVine in the 2022 offseason, you need to spend in the 2021 offseason on long term contracts so you can operate as an over the cap team. If Thad is here next year, that $14 mil will get absorbed by LaVine’s bigger 2022 salary.

          And teams do tank. Coaches experiment with lineups they otherwise wouldn’t do if the team had more talent. Front offices don’t spend more or trade assets for help. That’s tanking. It is not “this team is telling players not to play to win.” But not looking to make a team better through the free agent or trade market is tanking.

          • x%sure

            Ages of the top seven Bulls in minutes: 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 32, 34. Then 27, 27, 22. They are already following your formula. They could force more teens in the lineup and fans could watch them go through the motions, waiting waiting for quality in five years…nobody does that. Atlanta was planning to do that, then bailed and bought vets desperately and without fit this season.

            Year after year of losing is not from the coach making tweaks or the FO not trying to get the best given the constaints. Tanking ‘small’ makes minor difference in drafting slot at the risk of creating an atmosphere of indifference.

            Everyone should do better, but dressing up that understanding with a philosophy primarily designed to get buzzword-user hired is not really about a team. That’s what fielding kids sounds like. Just because other teams want Young doesn’t mean he should be moved.

          • buttholesurfer69

            The flaw in x% sure’s “argument” is that the Bulls really don’t have any truly worthwhile prospects for these “vets” to “groom”

            Other than MAYBE Pat Williams, but how many years away is he? Markannen and Wendell are middle of the road prospects.

            This team is NOT Atlanta or Phoenix, with budding young superstars that need to be groomed for future playoff excellence. They’re a lottery team with ho-hum young players.

            AKA they need draft picks in abundance a la OKC.

            So yes you test the market for Thad. If you can get a 1st or a few 2nds for him you pull the trigger. End of story.

            • x%sure

              I am aware the Bulls are lacking quality youth, as I said in a later post that spells out how their young core are their worst performers. And I never said “groom” which is not primarily why you want veterans anyway; the point is winning. Also the point of the thread is not whether a first is offered for Young because that won’t happen and is not anything I said. The choice that is more realistic is, Would you trade Young for a second?— people that believe in losing will say yes, “End of story”, being sophmoric.

              Your “End of story” comes after a post with nothing left standing after taking away all I did NOT say.

              The first paragraph was how the Bulls were already following JBHoops’ plan, not mine! Probably why they’re heading for the lottery. They’re mostly young, and high pick Williams will take a while to pay off.

              • buttholesurfer69

                First off, if you’re going to call my phrasing “sophomoric” at least spell the word correctly, especially if you’re going to grammar check others.

                Secondly, this is your direct quote: “If any team needs vets it’s a team with teenagers in its plans”

                Yet just now you’re saying you’re well aware they don’t have quality youth? So your argument would be keeping Thaddeus Young and the vets around will turn Lauri and Wendell into marginally better talents?

                But Lauri is already halfway out the door (they didn’t extend him a QO), Wendell is injury prone, and Pat W is 19. What talent are they grooming in the next 18 months? As you just admitted, their youth is THE problem. Sure a vet like Thaddeus can help to an extent, but he’s not a player development coach!

                Which brings me back to my original argument: if you’re ALREADY a lottery team with ho-hum young players, then why not extract every draft asset possible in the event:

                A) One of those picks ends up being a franchise youth or at least a rotation guy on the cheap

                B) You have a bevy of picks like OKC and NO so you’re in the conversation every time a franchise player wants to be traded (which happens 3 times a year it seems).

                And yes second round picks are absolutely valuable.

                Take the Knicks – they whiffed on multiple LOTTERY picks yet got Mitchell Robinson, one of their top 3 young guys, in the 2nd round. He’s one of the few bright spots they have.

                And that’s not even to mention guys like Draymond, the list goes.

                • x%sure

                  You misread my intent… my quote “Teenagers in its plans” meant draftees they do not have yet, the fruit of plans for the future as described by the trade-the-vets crowd such as JBHoops and yourself. My example described these youth movement approaches, not mine.

                  Veterans win; that’s mainly why a GM would want them. I’m not sold on the mentoring trend popular now. Winning creates a proper foundation for more winning.
                  Playing teens as they have done and are doing, leads to the problem they have now — losing, and creating an atmosphere that prize youth want to leave, as is actually the case. It’s odd to argue doing more of the same is best.

                  Of course they have done nothing very well, so all types of plans may be moot.

                  Extracting every pick possible from existing veterans is generally a pipe dream because other teams don’t care for losers, so little is available; meanwhile you cause midseason panic in the team you’re fielding.

                  • buttholesurfer69

                    Fair enough, so then I suppose the main disagreement in this case is something that, to be fair, neither one of us know for sure – which is how much the Bulls will/would get offered for Young.

                    Given the fact he’s shooting 25% from 3PT and 48% from FT you may be right that his value is nothing in the current market (or at least teams would prefer to wait for a buyout and sign him to a minimum).

                    Having said that, I would still test the market for him if I was the Bulls FO, in the event some team wants to cough up a high second rounder for him. Stranger things have happened.

        • Agree. Only$6 million of Young’s salary for next season is guaranteed. No need to rush into a trade for Young. The Bulls should just be patient and wait for the right opportunities.

  3. phenomenalajs

    He’s a former Net, but the only way I could see this working for a return would be if the Bulls accepted DeAndre Jordan and a second round pick. I can’t see Dinwiddie going in that trade and that’s the only way the Nets could cover the difference with an exception. It’s possible the Nets could offer a couple seconds with Jordan and use both exceptions on Young and Temple respectively. However, upon further review, I don’t think it would work with Young because he has a partially guaranteed second year. It’s possible Jordan’s contact could match with the guarantee over the two year period, but I don’t think an exception can be applied to the difference for this year since I believe both the MLE and the DPE require contracts ending in the current year.

  4. anthonyd4412

    They need a natural PG and a defensive Center. Coby White and Wendell Carter should be trade chips.

  5. raz427

    Enough of the Wiggins for LaVine scenario’s. Lavine is twice the player Wiggins is offensively and Wiggins has the slight advantage in defense, due to his size. We don’t need ANOTHER bad contract on a team that’s historically have had bad contracts the last few seasons. Trade Thad Young for two second round picks, or else keep him. He’s playing great and been a real mentor to Patrick Williams. Lavine isn’t a superstar and Max deal but he’s certainly not just going to be dealt for trash like Wiggins and other below average players. This front office will EVALUATE every single player from Lavine to Felicio. Need to trade Markkanen, I’m not sure what NBA fans on here look at on when they evaluate his game. For the last 3 seasons, he still hasn’t gotten better on defense or rebounding, he is a below average long range shooter. His size is attractive but he can occasionally put the ball on the deck but lacks strength to finish at times. This team needs more athleticism at the front court, also need a real NBA PG and not a transitional PG in Coby White. I had this team win around 29-33 games before the year. Defensively they are not good enough, offensively they cannot shoot well enough still. They are 1-2 years from being an actual contender in the East. There is no quick fixes for a team that couldn’t attract FAs or draft well within the last five years. This isn’t the Wizards or the Wolves. This is the Chicago Bulls whose name is synonymous in the annals of the NBA. Front office better start taking advantage of this opportunity that they have been given.

    • Good post. At least the Bulls shored up their Sidelines and front office positions with two winners. I think the GM or whatever is title is and Donovan are good basketball men. Everything goes up from there. They’re on the right track.

      • raz427

        Thanks Gary! I’ve been reading a lot of your comments since 2019, and you’re one of the best guys on here. I appreciate your input and knowledge for the game. One of my favorite posters on here.

        We have a new President/GM/Coach. I’m excited because they actually will evaluate players and not have emotional attachments to them like Paxson did. I’m not looking for a title team until 2024-25. I’m a realistic fan. This team isn’t good, donovan has done wonders with a flawed team. Two games they lost on last second shot, GSW and Portland. That’s more of the inability to have the right personnel on the floor, then it was on Donovan. We need a top 5 pick and address either a playmaking PG or get ourselves an athletic big who can protect the paint, WHILE maintaining the cap flexibility we will possess after this season. It’s a long way to go but I trust AK and the rest of the crew.

        • raz427 those are some of the nicest things anyone has ever written about me. Thank you very much you made my whole week. I don’t think you’re right but I’ll go ahead and take the compliment. Very nice of you to write what you did.

          Go Bulls, good luck in the building of a Championship contender.

          • raz427

            We just need a new owner! It will change the trajectory of this team. I blame him for everything that has happened since 1998.

            No problem, I call it like I see it.

        • osaegthong

          2019?? lmao only posters ive seen him put was about the warriors and ofc him denying that covid is contagious and thinking that masks r useless

          • Yes the flu is contagious no matter what strain you have.

            Wearing a mask doesn’t really help much.., so if you’re sick just stay home. Thank you.

    • Agree with you. What the Bulls need the most is an athletic talented interior player (which is hard to find). Last night Vucevic destroyed all of the Bull’s interior players. A player such as Christian Wood and his contract would be perfect. The Rockets stole Christian Wood $41 million for three seasons. Wood is only twenty five years old. Trading LaVine for Wiggins is absurd. Think the Bulls should be patient and wait for the right opportunities not just the first opportunities.

      • Even if Wendell Carter wasn’t hurt and had played against the Magic last night, it would not have mattered. Vucevic would have destroyed WCJ also.

        • raz427

          WCJ is a horrible matchup against Vucevic. He lacks the foot speed to keep up with such skilled big men. Always out of position on defense. It’s maddening to say the least.

      • raz427

        Christian Wood has been AMAZING this year. That would be a contract I wouldn’t mind with a growing team. Markkanen is due for a 4/80M deal which he isn’t worth it. I hope they trade him and get a pick for him in 2022. He is a taller Detlef Schrempf to me quite honestly.

  6. KnickerbockerAl

    Young should be moved they can get value for him. Nothing against Williams he is a nice talent. But if Bulls thought they were a playoff team. They should of drafted best PG in draft Halliburton. They would be
    11-10 now a gm behind Celts for 4th seed. Never been a Donovan guy. He should of stayed in college. He had all the talent in OKC and was overwhelmed IMO.
    Don’t get why all rumors about Bulls players. LaVine and Markkanen are nice talents. How long you going to wait to get them a Real PG. They will have no problem moving them that’s for sure.

  7. DeathbyDeathwest

    Nobody on the Bulls is untouchable. This roster has proven year after year they don’t quite fit together.

    Bulls need to go full Presti-mode, patiently sell everyone starting with Young and Porter, and start developing high potential guys.

    … or they can delude themselves into thinking they’re just a few players away, stay mediocre, and repeat what they’ve been doing since Jordan.

    Bulls gonna Bull, I guess.

    • KnickerbockerAl

      That’s why they need a PG. One who runs offense and team. Makes it easier for talents like LaVine Markkanen Carter, Coby . A real PG is the surest and quickest way to fix a team. The general on the floor. An extreme case is CP3 in LA. Look at that roster, players now without a PointGod. It’s old school but it still works. PG and C are easiest way to build a team. Most important positions.

    • x%sure

      Too easy to say, Death.
      They’re one of the teams that missed Haliburton, so maybe drafting is not the answer.
      The Bulls have a mixture of vets with high on/offs and a “young core” with terrible on/offs.
      link to basketball-reference.com (Tap on the “play by play” chart.)
      The young core players have way more minutes in total.

      Plus on/offs:
      Temple +18, Young +17, Valentine +17, Sator +11, Arci +35.
      Minus on/offs:
      Lavine -16, White -16, Williams -12, Markkanon -11, Carter -14.
      (Porter & Gaffney are about break-even.)

    • buttholesurfer69

      This is it.

      The thing with picks that some people seem to overlook is you don’t need to use them.

      You accumulate them. Then you package them for disgruntled superstars (of which there are what 2.5 a year now?)

      That’s the path. And Chicago – like NYC – is no backwater Memphis. It’s a legit city that could be attractive to elite talent if the conditions are right.

  8. waldfee

    Lauri Markkanen has to get out of Chicago, away from the two chucking SGs LaVine and White, and play with a real PG, willing to PNR and assist during his cuts to the basket.

    Especially LaVine is an egoistic stat padder who has made all teammates around him worse when in charge of the game, from his college days at UCLA over Minnesota to now Chicago. As a matter of fact, he got demoted to UCLA’s bench in his lone season there after his selfishness cost his team multiple games.

    Besides a lack of talent, the Bulls have a poorly constructed roster. Some of their players might be capable of succeeding in more suitable roles on different teams.

  9. Luckylefty2

    I have watched a few bulls games this year and Thad is a small ball 5 not a PF.

  10. osaegthong

    young for bojan bogdanovic? if yes, then u can have a lauri-williams frontcourt.

  11. Simmons>Russ

    Bulls should first trade Otto Porter for Andre Drummond

    Get a board man in Drummond who the bulls might have an interest in resigning. He is a 15-15 machine and he’s a similar age to LaVine so hopefully he can see that the front office is trying to build around him

    I’d trade Thad Young to the Celtics for their TPE and a pick, but aside from that you should only have two targets with trading him. 1, an expiring deal or 2 a young player that you can build with.
    Names that come to mind would be

    Lonzo Ball, TJ Warren, Derrick Jones Jr, Terry Rozier, etc

    I’m not saying trade Young for one of these guys, you’d obviously have to attach something to make it worth it for the other team but atleast see what teams are asking for. That would be another move in making the Bulls better and making LaVine feel like he’s being build around

    • osaegthong

      well in order to do that u gotta trade carter too. carter/porter for drummond and osman.
      osman isnt injury prone like porter and ofc like wut u said drummond’s a beast on the boards and better floor runner.

      • Simmons>Russ

        Nah keep Carter. Porter for Drummond straight swap.
        Cavs have told everyone that they want to trade Drummond to open up minutes for Jarrett Allen to start and McGee can stay as a back up. The problem is teams can’t afford Drummonds huge deal and they want the Cavs to buy him out which isn’t happening.

        Bulls can give up Porter who the Cavs should be more interest in. It allows Allen to start and McGee to back up but provides another wing/forward that can space the floor and be good on defence. You’d have Okoro, Porter, Osman, Prince and Nance for the 3/4 positions and that allows you to trade Kevin Love and have his position covered.

        Plus what interest would the Cavs have in Carter? the reason they are trading Drummond is cause they have to many centres and not enough minutes. If the Cavs wanted a little more out of the deal they could grab a second round pick or someone like Denzel Valentine/Chandler Hutchinson but that’s about it. Otherwise they aren’t really left with any options but to keep Drummond or buy him out

        • DeathbyDeathwest

          Why would the Cavs be interested in Porter? Why would the Cavs trade Drummond for nothing (aka just Porter)?

          Makes no sense. It’s not like Cleveland is desperate to trade Drummond, but everyone seems desperate to add him for nothing.

          • Simmons>Russ

            They are semi desperate cause they want to give Allen the starting spot and let him have as many minutes possible with the other starters and grow chemistry with sexton and Garland.
            But cause they have Drummond they can’t give him all the minutes and they don’t want to cause locker room issues or chemistry issues by benching or not playing Drummond.
            Porter tho would give them like I said another forward that plays good defence and shoots it from deep well.
            He’s a career 40% shooter from deep that really good.
            I think the Cavs want to have a playoff chance and I think Porter and a second makes sense for both teams. He only cost the Cavs a second so makes sense that’s his price.

            Cavs would be solid with Sexton Garland Porter Prince Okoro Osman Nance Allen and McGee.

            • DeathbyDeathwest

              Alright I can see Porter having some value for the Cavs, but I think if the Cavs can wait til the deadline, someone will put together a semi decent package for him – at least a protected 1st, which will be more valuable to Cleveland than Porter on an expiring deal, imo.

              Drummond isn’t a buyout candidate, he still had too much trade value, even with his salary.

            • osaegthong

              ok then if u say so simmons>russ, but it’s gunna be funny to see how porter is gunna get mins in a crowded rotation of okoro, sexton, osman, dotson, and prince

              • Simmons>Russ

                I know it’s a crowded rotation but him and a second make sense considering the Cavs only spent a second to get Drummond.
                Secondly what sort of rotation is that.
                Porter would be sharing a forward spot in a 9 man rotation of
                Sexton Garland Osman Okoro Prince Porter Nance Allen and McGee
                Sexton and Garland are both very ball dominate so surrounding them with shooters makes sense. Osman can handle playmaking duties when these two aren’t in the game

                • osaegthong

                  u forgot windler and wade are also in the rotation and also dotson whos starting to become a consistent shooter and passer.

          • Agree. Why should the Cavs trade Drummond for Porter? At the end of this season, both players are FAs. Drummond is more valuable than Porter. Therefore not a good trade for the Cavs.

        • Why should the Bulls bother with Drummond? Drummond is a FA after this season. The Bulls might as well just give all of their center minutes to WCJ and Gafford and try to deterime if either are legit NBA bigs.

          • Simmons>Russ

            Isn’t that what they’ve done the past two seasons, both look rather average and in their primes won’t be what Drummond is now a 15-15-3 guy.
            Plus Porter and Drummond are both expiring deals so the fact he’s a FA doesn’t mean much. They could resign him if they like him whereas Porter isn’t staying

            • After this season Drummond can go anywhere in the league that he wants. No reason to believe Drummond will be loyal to the Bulls. To sign Drummond, the Bulls will have to out pay all the other twenty nine teams. Carter and Gafford are still very young and have not been in the league for very long. Do agree with you that neither Carter or Gafford look like they will ever be any more than just average centers at best.

  12. osaegthong

    yo @hoop rumors can u please make a post regarding which players r gunna be candidates to be traded at the deadline?????

    • KnickerbockerAl

      I like Carter don’t know they always trading him. Defense and rebounding is very important on a team. And he’s got good size

  13. I hope bulls can sign lonzo ball.move coby to the bench.sign jaret allen too.wcj and markkanen fight for pf spot.re-sign opj in low price or let him go.bulls starter should be lonzo,zach,pat will,wcj,allen. Coby and markkanen run 2nd team offense.bench are arch,coby,opj(re-sign low price) or hutch,markkanen,gafford.

    • osaegthong

      sign jarett allen??? lmao u must be dreaming.
      cavs ain’t gunna give up allen for nothing

      • Jarret allen will be rfa.maybe bulls can offer him high contract and hope cavs dont match it.

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