Southwest Notes: Lonzo, Valanciunas, Eubanks, Terry

The offensive output of Pelicans point guard Lonzo Ball on a given night this season often dictates the team’s overall performance, according to Scott Kushner of the Times-Picayune. The Pelicans are 5-1 when Ball scores at least 16 points in a game. When he scores fewer than 16 points, New Orleans sports a 2-9 record.

“It’s absolutely huge,” Pelicans head coach Stan Van Gundy said of Ball’s contribution to the club. “I mean he’s got the ball in his hands, controlling the action. When he’s taking care of the ball, making good decisions, and, obviously, knocking down shots, our offense is going to be a lot better.”

There’s more out of the NBA’s Southwest Division:

  • The NBA’s coronavirus health and safety protocols continue to keep Grizzlies starting center Jonas Valanciunas unavailable to play with the team, though he has traveled with the club and appeared on the team bench during recent contests, according to Evan Barnes of The Memphis Commercial Appeal. Valanciunas has been unavailable since January 17.
  • Spurs reserve forward Drew Eubanks recently went through an intense experience with COVID-19, and now seeks to caution others about the risks of the highly variable disease, writes Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News. “It can really affect people, and you don’t know how it can affect you,” Eubanks said. The virus has limited the 24-year-old third-year big man to just six games this season.
  • The Mavericks have sent rookie point guard Tyrell Terry to join the Memphis Hustle of the NBA G League ahead of the NBAGL’s Orlando “bubble” season, according to a team tweet. The Mavs’ G League affiliate, the Texas Longhorns, will not be participating in the 18-team 2021 NBAGL season.  Dallas drafted Terry with the No. 31 pick in the 2020 NBA draft out of Stanford.
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24 thoughts on “Southwest Notes: Lonzo, Valanciunas, Eubanks, Terry

    • Sensitive Fanboy

      I’m not so sure it wasn’t an indictment of Ball for the Pelicans lack of success?

      It could be perceived both ways, more trade-fog surrounding Ball. Which does ultimately shop his name, and not necessarily his value.

      Give us anything…

      • Chief Two Hands

        Regardless, if a team’s success is dependent on Ball’s production, they are kind of screwed.

        • Sensitive Fanboy

          Which they clearly have known before the season that Ball is not sticking around. Then SVG saying Ball is their focus on offense & why they win when he plays well.

          Stop starting Bledsoe with him & I might actually start buying the poor fitting, Pelicans story about Ball.

  1. KnickerbockerAl

    SVG has been starting Bledsoe and Ball. No scoring guard or SG here. Ball is not having a good yr. 4 yrs in I thought he’d be around 10 ast a gm now. Bledsoe should be backing up Lonzo. Seems this contract thing has affected Lonzo. Not a good sign.

    • Sensitive Fanboy

      Seems like the Pelicans could have been open to all options & offers on Ball without it becoming a media game with Ball’s camp & the Pels.

      The Ball’s, yes the Ball family, has been surprisingly quiet

    • Lakers1

      Everything seems to bother lonzo.. he needs to grow a pair.. trade rumors in La bothered him.. being in bubble bothered him.. no extension bothers him.. here’s an idea.. work on your game.. get better.. he’s still the same player he was when he was drafted.. except now everything bothers him and affects his play.. needs a mental coach

      • Sensitive Fanboy

        Your team has Anthony Davis in spite of Lonzo Ball & your still bitter about it? Remind me to never ask to borrow a rake…

        • Lakers1

          Who says I’m bitter.. fact is ball always has excuses why he’s not playing well.. doesn’t work on his game.. seems more interested in rapping then being an elite player.. I’m sure he wants the contract but doesn’t want to work for it

          • KnickerbockerAl

            There’s truth to that. He could be becoming his dad lol. By now I thought he’d be much better. He should be a top 2way player. And 8-10 ast, 14-18 pts easy

  2. Lionel Muggeridge

    They’ve got to make Bledsoe the 6th man which would free up Lonzo to have total control of the starters. Bring in Redick to replace Bled. It might just get JJ going

  3. Walladipo and Wood

    Dallas was supposed to win their division this year, so far they’re the worst in Texas.

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Dallas hasn’t handled KP well imo. The guy first of all needs to be around 300 LBs. He also needs a physical big next to him. To limit the the pounding on him. Even in todays gm they all know they can get physical with KP. And he will back down. I’m sure if Drummond gets bought out. Dallas will be first on line. They’re are putting too much on Luka.

  5. Simmons>Russ

    Fans on here saying they should bench Bledsloe for Lonzo.. Why?

    Lonzo isn’t signed for after the year and its looking very likely he’s a goner. Whereas Eric has a decent contract for a couple years. Plus just look at their numbers:

    Lonzo: 13-4-4.5 in 30 mins shooting 41/34/64
    Bledsloe: 14-3.5-4 in 30 mins shooting 44/40/64

    Think it’s worth nothing this is actually a decent-average season for Ball, he’s having career highs in points, FT %, and FG %. Whereas this is a down year for Bledsloe career lows in points, steals, blocks and FT%.

    So with that in mind, it’s fair to say even Eric at his worst is just as good if not slightly better then Lonzo when he’s having a alright year. Bledsoe playing average is Lonzo at his best.

    Hence why I would trade Lonzo. He’s still got value and he’s going to leave end of the season anyways.

    • Thuggababyy

      Bledsoe is overrated. He’s been a malcontent wannabe starter his entire career and doesn’t have the numbers to back it up. He is trash. Lonzo’s shine has worn off. He does still have potential I think (hope) tho… he seems pretty entitled and douchy though so idk if it will work out for him til he gets a bit older

    • KnickerbockerAl

      Lonzo’s rookie yr 34.2 mins, FG% .360,
      3PT FG% .305, FT% .451, reb 7, ast 7.2
      Stl 1.7, tov 2.6, pts 10.2 ……

      If you check out his stats now. You will see he’s the same or worse. Except now he’s also complaining and bothered by something. He should be much better. I would have bet he’d be much better. Not a hater it’s facts. During draft I said I’d rather have Lonzo than LaMelo. Not so sure anymore.
      link to

  6. phillyballers

    Here’s what we know: New Orleans is not going to bring back JJ Redick or Lonzo Ball.

    Jaxson Hayes, Kira Lewis, Josh Hart, and NAW are all expendable.

    Knicks/Nets probably have an interest in Lonzo, and the Nets probably have an interest in JJ.

    Pelicans need a game-changer and could take back some worthless parts (injured player/bad contact) t0 do so.

    Pelicans get Bradley Beal, Dinwiddie, DSJ
    Knicks get Lonzo Ball
    Nets get JJ Redick
    Wizards get Jaxon Hayes, Kevin Knox, Kira Lewis, Josh Hart, NAW, NYK or DAL 2021 1st whichever is worse, NO 2021 and NO 2023 1st both Top-3 protected, 2021 2nd back to Wash, Cavs 2021 2nd.

    (3) 1sts and (2) 2nds + several young pieces that could or already have developed into solid role players.

  7. OCTraveler

    Lonzo is proving he is an average at best NBA guard – he is under-performing on a contract year which is not good for his future – strongly believe his NBA legacy will be that he is LaMelo’s older brother and that he was part of the deal that sent Anthony Davis to the Lakers.

  8. Jason Lancaster

    NOH plays at a very slow pace. It’s not a great fit for Ball. It also doesn’t help that Van Gundy is starting four guys who aren’t reliable shooters.

    Hard to rack up the stats when you’re walking the ball up and tossing it to guys who can’t shoot.

    • Lakers1

      Ingram shoots at high pct..46% and 38% from 3.. zion has high pct.. he drives and dunks.. he’s at 59%.. Steven adams is under the basket as well shooting 57%. Ball has lowest shooting stats of all starters. try another excuse

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