Mike Conley Replaces Devin Booker In All-Star Game

Jazz guard Mike Conley has been named by Commissioner Adam Silver to replace injured Suns guard Devin Booker on Team Durant in Sunday’s All-Star Game, according to a league press release.

It’s the first All-Star appearance for Conley, who is in his 14th NBA season. He’ll also sub for Booker in the 3-Point Contest, which will be held prior to the game.

Conley is averaging 16.1 PPG and 5.7 APG in 29 games this season for Utah, which has the league’s best record at 27-9. He joins Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell on Team Durant. Another Jazz starter, Rudy Gobert, is on Team LeBron.

Booker will miss the All-Star extravaganza due to a left knee sprain.  He had been named as an injury replacement for Lakers forward Anthony Davis.

According to NBA rules, when a player selected to the All-Star Game is unable to participate, the Commissioner shall choose a replacement from the same conference.

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30 thoughts on “Mike Conley Replaces Devin Booker In All-Star Game

    • mikey 3

      Probably tried to pick another guard and technically derozan is a forward at the moment. That’s just a guess tho

      • Booker was there replacing AD though. Still glad to see Conley finally make an all star game even though Derozan was probably more deserving

  1. jpritch002

    Thank God Conley will not go down in history as the best player to never make the all star game!!! He deserved it years ago! Good for him!

    • hiflew

      He still has a little way to go to be better than Jason Terry, who never made an All Star team either.

      • x%sure

        Terry had the finals moment where he picked up his stumbling team to a title-winning level. Conley may get his chance this year.

    • Phillies012TG

      Did you even read the article or are you just commenting to comment ?

      • Stan 2

        Read it. My comment was more about LeBron mouthing off than it was about Booker who I feel is a damned fine player in his own right but disrespected because he hasn’t made an all star team

        • Phillies012TG

          Booker didn’t flake out lol hence my reply above, reading comprehension is hard.

          • Stan 2

            Nah it’s cool. I should have clarified what I meant instead of saying it like that. Thank you for pointing it out to me

  2. formerlyz

    More than well deserved for Mike Conley. He has been amazing this year, and besides his issues last year, has been a high level player

    • El Don

      It was, it is & it will always be Derek Harper… Conley wasn’t even in the convo dude!

  3. El Don

    Ahead of him in the West I would have put…
    KAT, SGA, DeRozen, Ingram, Ayton, KP6, Jamal Murray, Fox or even Dejounte Murray ahead of Conley.
    Even C-Wood & CJ deserve it more, even injured as they are.

    • Let’s be honest. He doesn’t deserve it. It’s a career achievement award so it’s whatever. Love mike Conley so I’m just happy for him

      • hiflew

        I don’t really mind that it is a career achievement thing. Baseball does it. Football might do it, but who knows because I don’t know anyone that watches the Pro Bowl. NASCAR even used to do it by making the final starting spot open only to former series champions.

        There are 12 spots on the All Star team, the final spot on both sides should be a career achievement thing. It should be a spot reserved for one time only and should be only used for guys with 12+ years in the league. For example, if Conley got it this year he could never get the 12th spot again, but he could get one of the top 11 spots in the future. I just think it would be great for the fans to get a chance to see someone like Carmelo Anthony or Andre Iguodala or Dwight Howard get a proper All Star sendoff.

        Wouldn’t that be better than just having the 23rd and 24th best players in the league get some garbage time in a meaningless game?

  4. Conley had a great case to be on the team before the injury. Nothing to do with career achievement, in fact I think him having the career he’s had without being named to an AS team is why he was an easy player to leave off. Utah has the best record in the league, and by metrics he’s been their best player, and, by any measure, he’s their most complete. If that’s not what being an AS is about, then just let the fans select all the players.

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    There were a few deserving players. Conley being the third player from a team IMO should not have gone. This was his last shot at it. So he got some respect.

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