Eastern Notes: Fournier, Heat, Raptors, Celtics

Trading Evan Fournier would likely cause a ripple effect the Magic wouldn’t be able to ignore, according to Josh Robbins of The Athletic, who suggests a Fournier deal could ultimately lead to the team trading Aaron Gordon for a starter-caliber shooting guard.

Fournier is averaging a career-high 18.5 points and 3.8 assists per game this season, shooting 45% from the floor and 37% from three-point range. The Magic could explore moving the 28-year-old ahead of the March 25 trade deadline this season.

Should the Magic choose to keep Fournier, he would become an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. Hampered by injuries and inconsistency, the club currently owns the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference at 13-23, losing five straight games.

Here are some other notes from the Eastern Conference tonight:

  • Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald examines where the Heat‘s young players stand entering the All-Star break. Jackson explores the production of Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson this season, all three of whom have shown serious potential during their time with Miami.
  • The Raptors‘ next-man-up mentality has remained strong in the G League bubble, Blake Murphy writes for The Athletic. The Raptors 905 – Toronto’s affiliate – went 12-3 in the regular season despite dealing with various injuries and setbacks. “That’s absolutely our mantra,” head coach Patrick Mutombo said. “That’s what it boils down to as we do everything, the way we approach everything, there’s just no excuses, no explanations. Just win.”
  • Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston lists six takeaways from the Celtics‘ underwhelming first half of the season. Boston holds a 19-17 record at the All-Star break, though the team still has a young nucleus featuring two All-Stars (Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown) and has fought through multiple injuries and COVID-19. The club won its final four games entering the break.
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11 thoughts on “Eastern Notes: Fournier, Heat, Raptors, Celtics

  1. Cap & Crunch

    Keepers- Vecevic +Isaac

    I wish they didn’t sign that Fultz deal …coin flip he will even be better than Cole but there’s your tandem at point

    Id trade Gordon & Fournier this year

    New Needs – SF/SG

    Draft 1 pay 1 …If Gordons gone they will {finally } have cap

  2. Simmons>Russ

    Suggested it before and I’ll suggest again. Cause I’ve spoken stuff into existence before.

    CJ McCollum, Derrick Jones Jr and Zach Collins for Aaron Gordon, Al Aminu, Cole Anthony and a lottery protected first round pick.

    Blazers are playing pretty good without McCollum and in all fairness to McCollum he’s a great player and they just haven’t missed him as much as you’d think. He’s a near all star most years and imagine any other team without its second best player. Warriors aren’t the same without Klay, Mavs struggled early without KP, we know what the Suns without CP3 looks like. But Blazers have been alright. This deal would mean giving up a quality player but you’d be getting back a nice return for a playoff push.

    Gordon comes in a gives you decent production at PF. Aminu returns back to Portland for salary matching purposes but he’s an alright back up PF and Cole would be great under Dame (similar mindset and play style). Real spark off the bench but also the possible future of the team.

    Orlando get a major upgrade at SG in CJ who with Vuce would make the Magic a lot more exciting. He’s also a great playmaker and shooter and that could help in Fultz development. Jones Jr hasn’t worked out in Portland so far but he’s still young and got potential, he fills a hole at SF for the Magic and could be a really nice fit next to Issac. Collins doesn’t exactly do much but if he returns to fit and they like what they see maybe they keep him. For Orlando you may not think of it as much but your basically getting an all star and a 3nD wing (your two biggest needs) for a PF that is forced into SF who is about to have an expiring deal, a near 10mil salary dump, a young point guard who when Fultz is fit is probably your back up and a mid/late first. Plus it opens up moving Fouriner which could result in getting back a first or filling another area.

    I think the deal means that Portland becomes stronger and can compete better in the playoffs. Plus they also get Cole and a first for the future. Orlando they also get stronger and although they lose Cole they should have a really competitive team that moves them from struggling to make the playoffs/8th seed to hopefully progressing further. Then with some luck could possibly reach the same level as Indy and Toronto.

    • Simmons>Russ

      Just on paper you’d have Vuce giving you roughly 25-11-4, CJ in a bigger role would give you about 28-4-5, and Ross still gives you 15-4-2. Isaacs and Jones do a decent job on both ends of the floor. Fultz can do his thing with less pressure to score and play-make with CJ helping him. Having two all star type guys with experience would go along way to helping the other younger guys. Especially CJ who was once the most improved player he could teach the guys a few things or two

      • x%sure

        Blazers say no; Lilliard if not Olshey. Not enough for CJ. They’ve already had Aminu, they have an Anthony in Simons, and Gordon is a mystery. Olshey would like to be redeemed with Collins. They would have to change their look and probably won’t.

        What have you spoken into existence? Barnes has not moved, though he’s having a good year kind of by being a constant in an odd year.

        • Simmons>Russ

          Simons aint on the same level as Anthony. Cole I’m not sure if you’ve seen much of him but His mindset and game style is so similar to dame. Both scoring/shooting point guards, both love the pressure and step up in the clutch. Dame could teach Cole so much and I think Cole would respect Dame enough to happily be on the bench.

          Gordon isn’t a mystery either he’s been in the league for like 6 seasons. He’s a athletic PF that gives you 16-7-2 most nights, can shoot it a little, passes alright and yeah.

          And yes you may think Blazers can get more for CJ or whatever but they don’t need heaps more. They are playing pretty darn good without him. This deal makes them get a little more well rounded, a little deeper and provides for the future. Keeping CJ, means what with Trent Jr, do you pay heaps to keep him as a back up? Your already deep into the tax bill. If you keep CJ and he returns does he make this team any better than they are currently? I mean him and Dame have never exactly gone that far in the playoffs what makes you think now is different?

          I’d say now a great time to flip CJ. Get stronger and get a better future.

          As I’ve spoken a few things into existence, it is pretty rare but I have. Pretty sure I said the bucks would go after a two way SG like Holiday, Oladipo type. Can’t really list everything off the top but I know I’ve been right before even if it is rare.

    • Otogar

      I cannot recall any trade in which teams have swapped three players. Not saying it cannot happen, but the odds seem against it.

    • Tonyb45

      I love the idea except for adding Cole Anthony. Magic would be wise to keep him on top of that Blazers have Anfernee Simons

  3. Oneyedsockmonkey

    Portland Trail Blazers got: Damon Stoudamire, Walt Williams and Carlos Rogers

    Toronto Raptors got: Kenny Anderson, Alvin Williams and Gary Trent

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