Mavericks, Nuggets Eyeing J.J. Redick?

A pair of Western Conference playoff contenders are potential suitors for J.J. Redick, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, who said in an episode of The Mismatch podcast that the Mavericks and Nuggets have “some level of interest” in the Pelicans‘ sharpshooter (hat tip to Sportando).

When Redick’s name first surfaced in trade rumors in January, a handful of Atlantic teams were identified as his most likely landing spots, with the Nets, Knicks, Celtics, and Sixers all named as possibilities. The thinking was that the 36-year-old would prefer to be closer to his family in Brooklyn.

While the Pelicans would like to do right by Redick, they presumably won’t just send him to an Atlantic team for nothing if a Western club like the Mavs or Nuggets makes a stronger offer. Redick and Eric Bledsoe were said earlier this week to still be very much available.

Redick, who has a $13MM expiring contract, got off to a very slow start this season, but has shot the ball well since falling out of the rotation for three games at the end of January. In his last 14 games, Redick has averaged 8.7 points in 16.3 MPG and has knocked down 49.0% of his 3-point attempts.

Dallas and Denver each have a handful of salaries in the range of Redick’s on their books, though some of those players wouldn’t be expendable. James Johnson‘s $16MM expiring contract would be the Mavs’ most logical outgoing piece, while the Nuggets may prefer to move Gary Harris, who is still owed a $20.9MM guaranteed salary in 2021/22.

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18 thoughts on “Mavericks, Nuggets Eyeing J.J. Redick?

    • Curtisrowe

      I mean, considering Fournier is about 10 times better at this point I would think anyone would want Fournier. Reddick, they can get for a bag of chips. Fournier is going to cost something.

      • x%sure

        I like the retort logically, but Redick is not just a spot-up shooter. He can work around to get a good shot off under pressure, on or off the ball. He can be assigned to get it done, not just wait to be open.

        I like when he seems to get frantic. He brings spirit like from amateur levels.

        Also, he took a hit off-court in NYC in a literary piece, I forget which periodical, but, it was a nice change of pace among NBA bad-news stories!

  1. justinkm19

    I’ve wanted Redick on the Mavs for years. He didn’t forget how to shoot. A change of scenery will do him good. Especially with the Mavs floor spacing.

    • Sillivan

      Make sense
      39.2 FG
      37.0 3FG

      He is not a good 3 point shooter this year

      • Gary G.

        Sillivan, he started slow, but has been better lately. I think a playoff team could use him off the bench.

        • buttholesurfer69

          Yeah and also he’s playing on a team with maybe the LEAST spacing in the league

          Put him in Dallas and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him shooting well over 40 from 3

    • Gary G.

      He doesn’t forget how the shoot of course, but he gets slower and it’s more difficult to get open and get the shot off and elude Defenders.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Redick can definitely help Mavs or Nuggets. Bucks should be looking at him also. But don’t know if salary wise they can pull it off.

  3. hiflew

    If I am the Pelicans, I am not trading Redick for anything except a “Godfather” deal that you can’t refuse. Everyone is just assuming that New Orleans is a seller and Dallas is a buyer, but they are right next to each other in the standings. Dallas is in 10th barely hanging onto a play in spot and New Orleans is only a 1.5 games behind them.

    I understand that NO would probably lose him for nothing, but they are in a playoff race right now. How is it any different than Dallas trading something for him and then losing him for nothing? It was unexpected, but the Mavs are basically in the same place as the Pelicans now.

    • jacobsigel1025

      Imagine asking for a “godfather” offer for JJ Redick at this point of his career lol. Good luck getting anything more than a pair of seconds

      • hiflew

        I mean a relative Godfather offer for someone of Redick’s ability. I thought that would be obvious, but I guess I overestimated the ability of some to get that.

        I meant a young prospect and/or a 1st instead of something like salary filler James Johnson and a couple of seconds.

    • Gary G.

      hiflew you are exactly right. The Pelicans are definitely not sellers, they’re in the playoff hunt to stay. If New Orleans can get a first round pick they’ll jump on it. Other than that might as well keep him.

      The only reason he’s available is because they watch him everyday and can see his game slowing down. That and the expiring deal of course.

    • buttholesurfer69

      Are they really trying to make a push for the playoffs though? Maybe. Or they may want to stack assets, move JJ, Bledsoe, and Lonzo for what they can get, and make a better push next year.

      IMO this NO roster needs some major tweaking, and I’m not convinced SVG is going to be the guy to coach it. Zion looks like the real deal so far, especially when they have him initiating the offense. But they have some serious spacing issues (not that moving Reddick solves that in any way, to be fair)

  4. Jcool90

    Remember watching him at Duke playing the Terps…the good ole days. Always good games, mad respect too JJ

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