Michael Jordan Praises LaMelo Ball’s Development

In his first NBA season, Hornets‘ point guard LaMelo Ball has put on a clinic of dazzling passes and moves, putting himself at the forefront of 2020/21 NBA Rookie of the Year talks.

Ball’s performance and early development has not gone unnoticed by Hornets chairman and NBA legend Michael Jordan. The former six-time NBA champion told Steve Reed of The Associated Press that the young point guard has surpassed the team’s expectations through the first half of his inaugural season.

“I think ‘Melo has adjusted to the NBA game better than any of us ever thought this early in his career,” Jordan said. “He has exceeded our expectations so far this season.”

In 35 games (15 starts), Ball is averaging 15.8 PPG, 6.3 APG and 6.0 RPG while shooting nearly 45% from the field. The 20-year-old began the year on the bench but a mixture of injuries and his own performance has catapulted him into the starting lineup, where he figures to remain for the foreseeable future.

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21 thoughts on “Michael Jordan Praises LaMelo Ball’s Development

  1. “he is set to perform in the U.S. team as part of the Rising Stars Game”

    I thought they weren’t going to play the Rising Stars game, just name the players.

  2. Cantbebeat2020

    I have always thought lamelo was the most talent of his brothers. Happy to see it translate to the nba, hope to see it continue. Finally mj gets it right

    • Gary G.

      Excuse me if I’m incorrect here but hasn’t all this happened since Jordan has stepped aside?

      Sure he’s the chairman but didn’t he mention he was not going to be part of the day to day activities anymore? So really isn’t this Mitch kupchak’s roster?

      • DeathbyDeathwest

        … he had the awareness to step aside and pick Mitch to put the roster together?

        If it wasn’t MJ, I wouldn’t have even tried. MJ will never win executive of the year based on him building a roster from scratch.

  3. El Don

    LaMelo is just beasting it!
    Dude will be an AS next season, he is just that good!
    Been sayin’ for over a year he was the best rookie this year, sadly I seem to have gotten it wrong with Wiseman, which I thought would be just about as good, so far he has been very disappointing, maybe he will improve in the coming years… just no way he can catch with LaMelo!
    Soon enough will be saying how bad MIN & GSW did by passing on him, like PHO & SAC with Luka, right?

    • washington_bonercats

      Wouldn’t bet on him being an allstar. A lot of competition at guard

    • Cap & Crunch

      Just sit back and enjoy the show, worst thing the kid can do is start thinking about having to become an All Star by year 2 in a super crowded field –

      How bout a real question like ‘who do you want to pair him up with at C moving forward, college/or pro?

  4. KnickerbockerAl

    Wiseman is the best player in this draft. Halliburton is the best PG. Ball winning ROY won’t change that. I thought Ball would take longer to develop. He’s passed my expectations, I’ll give him credit. I thought physically he wasn’t ready. Even though he might not be 100% ready. He doesn’t back down and has desire. Still not a true PG to me. His handle is much better than I thought it would be. I see him more as a wing, with vision. He’d make a good mix with a scoring PG. But I was wrong about him before. This is half way thru season only. He’s not way ahead of all rookies. But he is leader now. I agree MJ finally got it right, Hayward n Ball.

    • Cap & Crunch

      Agh cmon, that’s 10 tablespoons of salt with a dash of sugar in the middle to try and confuse the audience

      If I was betting Id guess you haven’t watched much Charlotte basketball this year at all .

      I didn’t like the idea of drafting LaMelo one bit pre-season either . I was completely wrong ! Who cares!

      The kid looks nothing less than amazing night in night out. Enjoy it, his game is not only team savvy its also fun to watch and he seems like a very modest well energized kid 100% of the time….We should promote this on a whole regardless the team jersey/name on back

      • Appalachian_Outlaw

        I know I was wrong. I was concerned he’d struggle with preparedness for the NBA based off the level of competition he had faced prior to turning pro. I spent weeks before the draft wanting Charlotte to do practically anything aside from draft Ball, but he’s done nothing but excel so far. He’s fun to watch play. And this is why I’m not an NBA GM. Lol

        • Cap & Crunch

          Ha App, I was same way…basically anybody but Melo draft day….not a Cha fan as well

          Ida prolly taken Deni Avdija if I couldn’t trade back ! Yikes

          Wanted Wiseman on Cha for the obv huge hole in the middle 22 and beyond

  5. KnickerbockerAl

    First off I don’t care who Charlotte or any team drafts. I only care who Knicks draft. But I do have an opinion on who any team drafts. I actually picked Char to take him. Physically playing men, I thought he would take longer. I thought he would be this maybe 2 yrs from now. Wiseman is playing 20 mins. No one in this draft will be better than Wiseman. That’s just fact. So you must not watch any ball. Halliburton is a true PG in my eyes. Ball isn’t to me. I think I already wrote all this. I’m sorry you don’t read. But I mean what I say. I don’t fan post or troll. Ball is having a nice half yr. You think this is over. Toppin n Okongwu two of the more ready players from draft. Don’t even play. So that helps everyone else. Here’s a stat for you about Halliburton

    For the season, his 3.38 assist-to-turnover ratio is better than star ball handlers such as Chris Paul (3.3), Luka Doncic (2.40) and Stephen Curry (1.79).
    That’s a Halliburton stat.
    I’m no fan boy. Not even for my Knicks. I respect and love this game. So once again. Wiseman is best talent in this draft. I said it day one. Halliburton is best PG in this draft said it day one. Ball is looking good , even if he wins ROY. I still stand by what I said about those players. You must think a career is made in 31 gms.
    You see me screaming here about Knicks. Even though 90% of posters here killed them and their players. Even picked them to win less than 22 gms. I’m big picture knowledge fan. I don’t jump on band wagons. I see them being built and coming.

    • x%sure

      I have heard your opinion many times but why you think he Ball is a wing, IDK. He likes running right down the middle with the ball… he may not even be good at cornering, but he’s hard to stop as is as he just jumps up while running and passes almost down.
      All these coaches instructing not to leave the ground when passing… it took Euro ball to show otherwise! The PG doesn’t have to be the short guy.

      Nobody insulted Haliburton, you go on & on. Smart guy, not short

      • Cap & Crunch

        I have no clue where the wing comment came from as well, super odd

        One of his best strengths would be his height at PG which enables him to shoot and pass over smaller players as well as see the floor easier

        Al- It really just comes off your bitter that the kids gettin hype and you were (wrong ) about it in the beginning

        Wiseman best player= Fact? That just seems odd to say at this point …….. You say your not salty but you came to a LaMelo thread to post about Haliburton and Wiseman …..maybe readings not my thing, like writing para tu, pero again, I just dont think you have watched much Cha this year, thats cool, life is busy, nobody should expect you too watch a non home team, but it kinda shows in these responses and I think quite a few people have noticed

    • El Don

      You want a good stat…
      LaMelo is the first player in 60 YEARS to lead all the rookies in points, rebounds, assists & steals by the All-Star brake!!!
      Now you can take that or not, but facts don’t lie!

    • “No one in this draft will be better than Wiseman. That’s just opinion*.”

      fixed it for you

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