NBA May Be Next Stop For Sean Miller

Sean Miller will likely seek a job as an NBA assistant coach after being fired today as head coach at Arizona, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Miller received interest from at least one NBA team during the past offseason, sources tell Wojnarowski.

The Pelicans could be worth watching, according to freelance journalist Adam Zagoria, who points out that Miller and New Orleans head coach Stan Van Gundy have a long friendship (Twitter link).

Miller was dismissed after 12 years at Arizona, which included seven NCAA tournament bids and three appearances in the Elite Eight. His coaching tenure was muddied by scandal as the NCAA accused the school of five Level I violations, according to Jeff Borzello of ESPN. They include two allegations of academic misconduct as well as a charge that Miller failed to demonstrate “that he promoted an atmosphere for compliance and monitored his staff.” The school gave itself a one-year postseason ban in response.

Arizona was considering a contract extension for Miller, sources tell Borzello, but didn’t believe it would receive approval from the board of regents because of the troubles with the NCAA.

Miller, 52, has been a head coach in the college ranks since 2004, but has no NBA experience.

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13 thoughts on “NBA May Be Next Stop For Sean Miller

  1. Marty McRae

    AZU? Steve Kerr is about to wet his pants. Expect him on GSW by the end of the week. Nico Mannion will play 40 minutes a game.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    Congratulations to Hubert Davis new UNC coach. Ex Knick and solid all around guy in NY. Smart player and team player. Following some big names over there. So I’m wishing him the best of luck. Come to NY to find your PGs Hubert, you know it………

    link to

  3. fredziffel78

    I can’t believe that Arizona let Miller go before the NCAA gets around to completing its investigation of the program by the year, of, 2100. Beyond a joke…

  4. OCTraveler

    Here’s an idea … Miller goes to Sacramento, Walton goes to Arizona … both fan bases and both owner/administration are satisfied … two do-overs

  5. Nobody connected to CBB (or the NBA) will have any issue with Miller over what was exposed. The compensation system isn’t new, and its components are well known to anyone connected with CBB. Anything he did, Calipari, Coach K and Self also did. But he didn’t win enough.

    I would consider him for a FO hire, more than for the bench. With HS players becoming eligible soon, wouldn’t be a bad thing to have someone on board who knows the prior landscape.

    • x%sure

      I do not see how legally compensating student-athletes would make much difference… It is still a competitive business… players would still be given as much as needed to keep them from going to another program.

      How is this $10k/month figure arrived at?— Why not 20k or 5k? It can’t be economically derived, since the claim is BB players are worth millions. (Not that I agree; people tuned into Baylor & Gonzaga, not Suggs & Mitchell; the NCAA finals, even more so.)

      • It does for the schools, since they would presumably have to pay it across the board to 1000’s of student athletes. Right now, the payments in question are only for elite BB players (maybe a few dozen a year, if that, nationwide) and it doesn’t come from the schools and rarely goes directly to the players. The money (or in kind payments) comes from agents and/or sports apparel companies, who consider it a business expense, which will yield benefits down the road. It’s debatable, in most cases, whether it’s even an NCAA violation. Why these coaches that are caught aren’t immediately fired, and sanctions are negotiated.

  6. stevep-4

    Just pay them salaries already, stop pretending they are ‘student-athletes’

    • Lil D MVC aka Uno

      Lol they get to go to a 40k a year college for free. Should they pay tuition with their salary?

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