Pacific Notes: Green, Lue, Clippers, Warriors

Warriors star Draymond Green believes the game is more enjoyable to play since the NBA changed its foul rules, Nick Friedell of writes. The league has made it harder for offensive players to get to the foul line by going out of their way to initiate contact.

“You can 100 percent feel it,” Green said. “Because you don’t have guys doing the garbage to try and draw fouls anymore. I think this game was turning into who can draw the most fouls? Nobody wants to watch that and you definitely don’t want to play in a game like that. So you can feel the difference out there for sure. It’s just more pure basketball and that’s great for our game.”

Players such as Brooklyn’s James Harden are impacted by this sudden change. Throughout his career, Harden has been successful at driving and manipulating his defender for a foul, hooking his arms in a clever way or getting tangled up to earn free throws. Green also mentioned how much more enjoyable the game is to watch.

“Can I also say how satisfying it’s been to watch the game of basketball without all those bulls–t calls,” Green said. “I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to curse in interviews, right? Can I say how satisfying it is to watch the game without all those terrible calls. Guys cheating the game and grabbing guys and getting the foul. I’ve been really enjoying watching basketball this year.

“I kind of had stopped watching the NBA a bit because it was just too flailing and flopping and guys cheating the game and getting free throws. So I think that’s been great. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that because I think that’s been fantastic.”

Here are some other notes from the Pacific:

  • Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue is considering making lineup changes to boost his team’s offense, Mirjam Swanson of the Orange County Register writes. Los Angeles has opened the season with just a 1-4 record. “If you’re playing well and you’re getting the shots you want to get and you’re not making them, does that call for change?” Lue asked. “That’s the biggest thing you go back and forth with. Just continuing to mess with the rotations and try to take away those stints where we go four, five, six minutes without scoring when PG is off the floor. We have to do something about that. So we’ve got something we’ll try tomorrow.”
  • Jonathan Amey Jr., a security guard with the Warriors, recently got the chance to try out for the team’s G League affiliate, as relayed by NBC Sports. Although Amey didn’t make the team, his effort was applauded by multiple Warriors players. “I know he didn’t make the team,” Kevon Looney said, “but he went out there and tried, that’s all you could ask for.”
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