NBA’s Playoff Bonus Money Up 25% For 2023/24

The pool of bonus money for NBA playoff teams this season will be worth approximately $33.7MM, according to Kurt Badenhausen and Lev Akabas of Sportico, who say the figure represents a 25% increase over last year’s total playoff bonuses.

The top six teams in each conference earn bonuses based on their regular season records, while the 16 playoff teams will also receive a chunk of money from the playoff pool, increasing the value of their payout with each series win. That bonus money will be divvied up among the players on each club’s roster.

Teams eliminated in the play-in tournament won’t be able to claim any of the playoff bonus money.

The breakdown for 2024’s playoff pool money is as follows:

Regular season achievements:

  • Best record in NBA (Celtics): $844K
  • No. 1 seeds in each conference (Celtics, Thunder): $739K each
  • No. 2 seeds (Knicks, Nuggets): $591K each
  • No. 3 seeds (Bucks, Timberwolves): $443K each
  • No. 4 seeds (Cavaliers, Clippers): $361K each
  • No. 5 seeds (Magic, Mavericks): $280K each
  • No. 6 seeds (Pacers, Suns): $198K each

Postseason achievements:

  • Teams participating in first round (all 16 playoff teams): $453K each
  • Teams participating in conference semifinals (eight teams): $552K each
  • Teams participating in conference finals (four teams): $923K each
  • Losing team in NBA Finals: $3,692,000
  • Winning team in NBA Finals: $8,549,000

A team that makes a deep playoff run would be entitled to more than one of the bonuses listed above.

For example, if the Celtics were to win the championship, their payout from the playoff pool would be worth a total of nearly $12.1MM — that amount would include their bonuses for posting the NBA’s best record, claiming the East’s No. 1 seed, making the first round, making the conference semifinals, making the conference finals, and winning the NBA Finals.

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