About Hoops Rumors

Meet The Hoops Rumors Writing Team

Hoops Rumors currently features a team of six writers to bring you the latest NBA news, rumors, and analysis. Here are those writers:

Luke Adams is the lead writer, manager, and editor for Hoops Rumors. Luke began writing for MLB Trade Rumors in September 2009, contributing hundreds of posts to MLBTR over the next two-plus years before becoming the full-time editor, manager, and lead writer for Hoops Rumors in January 2012. He helped launch Pro Football Rumors in January 2014 before returning to Hoops Rumors in May 2016. Luke’s NBA fandom began in earnest in 1995, around the time Damon Stoudamire became the first draft pick to wear the expansion Toronto Raptors’ truly awful jersey.

Arthur Hill joined Hoops Rumors in 2014 as a staff writer. He is a newspaper editor with Trib Total Media in southwestern Pennsylvania and has been following basketball long enough to be a fan of both the NBA and ABA. He is a graduate of West Virginia University and covered Mountaineer basketball during the glory days of the Eastern Eight and Atlantic 10. His fondest memories as a player were scoring six points against a Harlem Globetrotters knock-off team and being dunked on by former NFL All-Pro linebacker Renaldo Turnbull.

Dana Gauruder joined Hoops Rumors in February 2015 as a staff writer. He also writes for The Sports Xchange as its primary correspondent in Michigan, covering the Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers and Michigan State University football and basketball. He was also a Pistons correspondent for NBA.com for five seasons, covering all of their home games. From 1996-2009, Dana was a staff writer for the Oakland (Mich.) Press and was the paper’s Pistons and NBA beat reporter from the 1999-2000 season until he left the newspaper. He also covered Michigan State in 2011-12 for CBSSports.com Rapid Reports. Dana has covered a number of major sporting events, including the NBA Finals, the Eastern Conference Finals, the World Series, the Rose Bowl, the NCAA Tournament, the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Breeders Cup.

JD Shaw joined Hoops Rumors as a staff writer in August 2018. He grew up as a Hoops Rumors reader and began covering the NBA for Def Pen, a Brooklyn-based online lifestyle magazine, in 2016. He has interviewed several NBA players, coaches, and agents for the company, written hundreds of news stories, and helped manage a basketball branch that includes nearly 30 staff members. JD lives in Branford, Connecticut and works at the Soundview Family YMCA in town, where he teaches sports and works with kids of all ages.

Alex Kirschenbaum joined Hoops Rumors in November 2019 as a staff writer. A Northwestern University graduate, Alex has written about NBA basketball for sites including Grizzly Bear Blues (via SB Nation), Pippen Ain’t Easy (via FanSided), and Last Word On Sports. He also writes about film for director Joe Dante’s site Trailers From Hell.

Eli Cohen joined Hoops Rumors in 2021 as a staff writer. He graduated from Skidmore College in 2013 with a degree in creative writing and music. Since then he has been writing about the NBA for sites such as The Pick and Roll, Sports Rants, and Howlin’ T-Wolf. He currently writes for The Knicks Wall, where he has been a frequent podcast guest and member of the management team. He is also a fiction writer, published in Defiant Scribe, and was the recipient of a work-study scholarship to the 2017 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference in fiction.

About Hoops Rumors

Hoops Rumors is a clearinghouse for relevant, legitimate NBA rumors. The site focuses on trades and free agent signings. Rumors come from established journalists, and always include a link to the source material. All 30 teams are covered. Luke Adams, the site’s head writer, is supported by a full team of NBA fanatics.

Hoops Rumors has new material 365 days a year, and attempts to post all rumors with analysis as soon as they are available. The site was created by Tim Dierkes in 2012, following the model of his successful MLB Trade Rumors.