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Celtics Interested In Pau Gasol

The Celtics have interest in Lakers big man Pau Gasol in a deal involving Rajon Rondo, sources tell Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld.  There's no indication that the two sides have discussed such a deal, however.

In an interview with Mike Trudell of, General Manager Mitch Kupchak indicated that he would like make a move to rejuvenate the team's aging backcourt.  "Well, if there were a way for us to get a 25-year-old, All-Star, ball-handling guard we'd love to do it … but that's not likely in February. So you look at other alternatives, and see if it's better than what you have. That's all," the GM explained. 

Rondo would fit the profile of a "25-year-old, All-Star, ball-handling guard" and Pincus writes that those comments could be a tell.  Then again, one would be hard pressed to find a GM who wouldn't have some interest in the Kentucky product.

Gasol, would give the C's another option on the inside along Kevin Garnett, who is in the final year of his deal.  Boston could have considerable cap room this summer but there hasn't been any buzz about the club luring stars such as Dwight Howard or Deron Williams.

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43 thoughts on “Celtics Interested In Pau Gasol

  1. Peter Rogers

    we can do better for rondo

    • dasshit

      yes u can get Luke walton and a 2015 draft pick ..if ur lucky:))

  2. xfipMachine

    Beyond ridiculous for the Celtics.

  3. Harrison

    I want bynum, not gasol.

    • Popa Hilbert

      Centers :
      1 . D12
      2. Bynum…

      PG .
      2. Rose
      12. Rondo

      dream on :))

  4. Jasko

    celtics aren’t giving rondo for him…

  5. Newman

    I can’t see the Celtics trading Rondo to the Lakers unless it’s for Bynum.

  6. Ikedawg32

    For some reason the Celtics want to get rid of Rondo. Trade him, 2 draft picks, and Brandon Bass for Gasol and Bynum

    • Ikedawg32

      And ask the Lakers for a 2nd round draft pick

    • Hellraeza

      Just curious when the lakers have wanted draft picks…….last time I che led the lakers trade draft picks away to win it all not build for the future

      • Thesam1983

        well they did trade odom for a pick not to long ago

        • Hellraeza

          They traded him for nothing actually. But yes they got a pick. R u saying that was a good trade….

          • Hellraeza

            And yes they will trade that pick before the trade deadline

    • ur a nub

      :)) what a f’ing joke. Bynum the 2 best center in the NBA , where centers are so hard to find .. and gasol one of the top 5 PF in the NBA… for a top 10 PG and a 7 ppg 8rpg guy plus 34+45 draft picks ? :))))) only a celtic fan can be this idiotic :))) jezzz

  7. ChrisCa$h

    Yeah pau for rondo makes little sense for the celtics. Just commenting to get this site started. Spread the word, tell friends. Would love to see this site be as popular as MLB traderumors

  8. Glen Vehige

    As a Lakers fan, I love this. Being realistic though, I can’t see this ever happening.

  9. Wmotto

    If it would guarantee bringing Williams and Howard all for it!

    D Williams

    Ridiculous lineup!

    • Hellraeza

      Never is that happening. Getting gasoline would add salary to the Celtics……

    • Popa Hilbert

      nice lineup for nba2k12 :))))
      Celtics will be down for the next 4-5 years … they have no young talent, nothing to trade, no cap space … bad years ahead for you guys :)))))

      • Ricky

        Celtics have no cap space?? Tell us more smart things.

  10. Hellraeza

    I love this trade for lakers rondo would be huge for lakeshow

  11. Dr. Gonzo

    It thought it would make sense if Rondo was a free agent, but you all are correct, the Celtics can get much more. I would be fine with a Rondo for Bynum swap as well but the money doesn’t add up. Bynum/Morris for Rondo/Bass does but that still may be too little for the Celtics.

    link to

    • Hellraeza

      That’s crazy. The lakers could get more then that for bynum. Pau is a better overall player then rondo is.

    • Sai Lingamneni

      are you kidding me? thats too little for the LAKERS! Your talking about Andrew Bynum the Western conference all star starter whose capable of 20-20 games, and the 2nd best center behind d howard, if you think rondo for bynum is too little for the celtics you’ve lost your dam mind. Is rondo an all star starter? No I dont think so. I dont even put him in the top 5 point gaurds.

    • Sai Lingamneni

      Bynum has double maybe triple the trade value of Rondo that is quite a joke, it would be the worst trade in Nba history rondo for Bynum for the Lakers. Bynums marketvalue is nearly as high as howards. If people are saying that Bynum for howard swap is possible and likely than what makes you think he’s not even worth rondo

    • river_me_timbers

      Put the pipe down Dr. It is killing your brain cells, or maybe you were just born dumb.

    • George C Roundtree

      Bynum for Rondo? Bynum/Morris for Rondo/Bass? In the words of my Dearly, Departed, Loving Grandmother: “YOU DONE BUMPED YOUR HEAD.”

  12. Robert

    Not interested if I’m the Celtics.

  13. Apjohn316

    Gotta love Celtic fans saying that this is a bad trade. In what way shape or form is this a bad trade other than Rondo being a prima dona that cant shoot and is having a down year on top of that. If the lakers do this the celtics better throw in Bass. Lets get this straight, there is nobody on the Celtics roster worth trading straight up for any of the Lakers top 3 players. Period!!!

    • Touching_myself

      You made the most sense since this trade rumor was put out yesterday. Pau and Lamar for Chris Paul… yes. Pau for Rondo straight up… no! A Brandon Bass along with Rondo would work.

    • Mega2ser

      That is 200% true. We don’t need any player from our biggest rival.

  14. river_me_timbers

    I know Celtics fans are delusional, but this bad? Anyone who thinks a trade of Rondo for Bynum is not enough for the hated one’s, need their head examined.

  15. No way!! This is the same Rondo that can’t hit a shot from beyond 15 feet. NO WAY.

  16. Partner777

    LA needs a good point guard, rondo would fit in it but again it doesn’t solve all of LA’s problems. they still need a good forward. metta & barnes sucks…

    • Joseph

      Don’t include Barnes in that comment as to me he was providing the Lakers with sparks with his hustle and rebounding unlike that useless World Peace who for some reason shoots threes when he can’t even throw a pea in the ocean if he were at the beach.

      • Mega2ser


        Matt Barns is the same garbage as M.W.P and just a little better then the biggest – L.Walton. Everyone knows that,so don’t make this kind of comments.

  17. Joseph

    With Chauncey now injured, there is no way the Clips will trade Moe Williams. How about going for Randy Foye. He can play the point and can hit from the outside. However, I don’t think other than the Lakers big three the Clips want. Come to think of it Foye is now the third pg so he’s not going anywhere.

  18. Ricky

    Deal makes no sense for the Celtics.

  19. Skromfols

    Why trade Gasol, why not just give him away like they did Odem?

  20. Mark Sanchez

    “those comments could be a tell”…or just a hypothetical comment. Me thinks its the latter.

  21. Lak8rs4Life

    Anyone who calls themselves a Lakers “Fan” and likes this trade. You need to pick another team because REAL LAKER FANS would never accept this deal no matter how good or bad it was for us!
    I don’t even wear the color green just because of the Celtics! 😡

  22. Pio2u2

    Rondo “couldn’t sniff Gasol or Bynum’s jock!” bad move for LA.

  23. Dnhagen39

    Is this the Pau trade rumor de jour? As a life long Laker fan, Kupchak better trade Pau soon or Pau may “slow down” mentally and physically. How long can he take this asinine dialogue?

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