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Pacific Notes: Fredette, Curry

With Golden State currently battling Indiana, and Sacramento doing battle with Utah later tonight, here are a couple quick notes from the Pacific Division:

  • While he's struggled mightily in the first half of his rookie year, Kings head coach Keith Smart believes Jimmer Fredette just needs to make a few adjustments in order to find actual success in the league. In a lengthy interview with the Salt Lake Tribune's Brian T. Smith, Smart goes on to compare Fredette with J.J. Redick and says he can someday contribute in a positive way like the former Duke product is doing in Orlando. 
  •'s Monte Poole gives what will surely be received as an unpopular opinion regarding what Golden State should do with its most valuable asset, Stephen Curry, who missed tonight's game against the Pacers with a strained tendon in his right foot. With half a season left to play, Poole thinks the Warriors should sit Curry from here on out in order to increase draft position and get a look at rookies such as Charles Jenkins and Klay Thompson. In essence, he wants the team to tank the season. 


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5 thoughts on “Pacific Notes: Fredette, Curry

  1. Wilsonl

    The thing is.. the Warriors don’t have a 1st round pick this year.

    • kirklandj

      Not if they finish in the bottom 7. Then they keep the pick.

      • Wilsonl

        Oh right, forgot about that. They should just stick to losing then.

      • Guest

        So GS pick is top 7 protected? Then of course they should trade Ellis for Lopez and sit Curry so they can just tank. This class is going to be loaded. A bunch of talent. Say they get a top 7 pick what about next year does it become an unprotected pick?

  2. kirklandj

    This is actually a pretty popular idea in Warrior’s land. Outside of the delusional fans that think they can make the playoffs the only one’s that really wanting him playing like crazy are the W’s front office. I think most fans want to see him sit until 100% and either regain value on the trade market or be a reliable player for years to come.

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