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Poll: Who Benefits From Lopez For Ellis Swap?

It’s a popular rumor floating around right now, and one that makes sense for each side; we covered it a little earlier. Golden State and New Jersey are two teams who would like to make something happen before the trade deadline passes, and making a deal involving such big names could get the attention of some attractive free agents this offseason.

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8 thoughts on “Poll: Who Benefits From Lopez For Ellis Swap?

  1. jwsox

    I think they make out the same. Not great but not bad. Lopez is clearly not in the nets long term plans and golden state has been trying to move Ellis for 2 years now. My guess is the move, if it happens, is a precursor to a darron Williams trade.

    • Guest

      Why would the Nets acquire Ellis just to move D.Williams? No point in doing so. In fact I think it will be a ploy by the Nets to try and get Howard. Ellis plus a package consisting of something like Morrow/Humphries(spelling?) + picks for Howard?

      • Lesty

        i think the nets are coming to terms that Howard is becoming a pipe dream.. i honestly believe the nets lose the most in this trade why add to an overcrowded backcourt…

        they could possibly trade DWill for Gasol (or Bynum) plus picks.. it would make sense for both teams.. and fill the void on both teams..

        this of course assuming the Lopez/Ellis swap happens

  2. this would be bad for new jersey, they do not really have a need for a guard like Ellis because they are deep at guard and this would make them extremely thin up front. and they could pretty much kiss dwight howard goodbye when it comes to trading for him.

  3. sportsfan07

    The Warriors would make it out better. They’ve always had a hard time finding a legit center and this one will fall right into their laps. Lopez has been very strong every year since he came into the league and Ellis is easily replaceable and will not be missed.

  4. A. R.

    I’m not a fan of high volume shooters like Ellis. Lopez at 7ft isnt a one trick pony in that he can go inside but has a very good mid range shot. Maybe its something for NJ to consider if plan A goes out the window and they cant get Dwight and keep Deron but with Deron in tow, Lopez is more valuable to the Nets right now.

  5. JoeyO

    Ellis and Williams back court will really work well. And we all know that Howard wants to play with both Ellis and Williams.

  6. Scott Jeglum

    Good thing this “swap” is impossible without the Nets giving up about $6 million more in salary and be it the Nets have a terrible roster it’ll be tough for the Warriors to add 6 million in useless players to get an over rated center who is a terrible rebounder.

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