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Rockets Still Interested In Acquiring Pau Gasol

The Rockets still "have a longing" for the Lakers' Pau Gasol, according to Adrian Wojnarowksi of Yahoo Sports. However, Wojnarowski says the Lakers would ask for Kyle Lowry in any discussions for Gasol, and the Rockets have no desire to deal their starting point guard.

Houston thought it had landed the Lakers' big man prior to the season in the three-team deal that sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, but the trade was nixed by the league. While they don't want to move Lowry in a Gasol trade, the Rockets would probably part with Kevin Martin and Luis Scola, sources tell Wojnarowski. Considering Houston was prepared to give up Martin, Scola, and more in the December deal, that's hardly a surprise.

The Lakers are unlikely to consider moving Gasol unless they're able to upgrade significantly at point guard. So far, the team's search for help at the point has them looking into Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions, while keeping an eye on Gilbert Arenas.

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36 thoughts on “Rockets Still Interested In Acquiring Pau Gasol

  1. BrickTops

    Not sure the Rockets need to make this deal. Subtract Martin and Scola and Add Gasol. Not sure that makes this team significantly better.

    • Trade

      contract dumps. Kmartin makes alot of money think its 18 mil for the next 2 years and scola makes 10 million

      • Shockjay

        The Lakers are not about to take on Kevin Martin’s salary. PG is the primary concern and an All-Star caliber player must be obtained in exchange for Pau Gasol, otherwise it’s going to take some crativity to get a few pieces here (Trade Exception + 1st round pick(s) + players not pulling their weight).

  2. Mr.GM

    At this point the lakers would be foolish,to give away gasol like they gave away odom.If they cant ge a allstar in return they should just keep him.I think they should trade him for paul pierce,and give up thier 1st and 2nd round draft for roundo allso.

    • Better Than Mr. GM

      then maybe you can get Nash for Walton. Howard for Derek Fisher. Oh I thought we were throwing out trades that only work for the Lakers? The lakers 1st round pick is valueless. It will be high and there is very rarely any talent that high in the first round. Nobody wants Pau, not even the lakers.

      • baseball52

        Pau’s a top 12 NBA player, who happens to be averaging 17 and 10 this season. To say no one wants him is asinine.

        • Lanneytld

          I enjoyed the HUMOR when you placed Pau Gasol in the TOP 12 in the NBA > WOW what a Leap from where he really ranks. You are correct about one thing and most teams would welcome a 7 Foot Player regardless of how talented he is, SIZE means a lot under the Basket & Gasol can deliver an occasional outside shot as well.

          • baseball52

            Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Rose, Westbrook, Paul, Howard, Durant, Love, Williams, and Westbrook

            Then you have maybes like Blake Griffin, who can’t play defense, and Rajon Rondo, who can’t shoot jumpers. At the very least he’s a top 15 player.

      • cr_chris

        Oh come on… nobody wants Pau? The Lakers would like to keep him but he’s the odd man out. They’re not getting rid of Kobe or Drew. But they need to improve their team, and that makes Gasol tradable. I hate to see him go because he’s a very valuable asset and the Lakers don’t win their last 2 titles without him, but with the holes they have to fill now and in the future, he will be the one that gets traded if they’re able to land a high quality PG. He’s a great big man that would fit in well on another team that has a quality PG.

        • Lanneytld

          Very TRUE > Gasol is the ODD man out… Your comments are correct although I wouldn’t credit the Lakers without any Championship had they NOT had Gasol > I think that’s a bit over rated for the 7 footer.

  3. Mr.GM

    Rondo at the point kobe at the 2 guard pierce at small forward bynum in the middle.That would work,think you are not going to draft a better player than rondo,and also celtics dont want paul to break any more records.That team could win it all this year.

    • BrickTops

      You really think Gasol will net Pierce and Rondo? That is pretty wishfull thinking

      • Curtis Paggett

        Gasol mwp and a draft pick for Rondo and Pierce a win win for lakers think about it Mitch

    • Curtis Paggett

      love what RONDO wuld bring to the mix he along would up our points per game by 15 with his playmaking. Drews points would go up at least 10 or 12 per game. He would also get the rest of the team involved. Friday Gasol had a turn over when he held on to the ballwith fish wide open for a three.

      • Lanneytld

        Three point shots are like a “Hail Mary” pass in Football, they’re nice when they connect, but MOST of the TIME they Miss > less then a 50% shot. As for RONDO, if he can’t work with KOBE the greatest player currently in the NBA, he would simply be a FLOP added to the mix.

  4. Angry_beava420

    The best option is to make a 3 team deal with Houston and New Jersey, with Houston sending the players they were going to send to New Orleans to New jersey, the Lakers receiving Deron Williams, and the Rockets getting Gasol.

    • Kyle Gautieri

      hahahahahahahahahahahaha you make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!! Deron’s staying with the Nets. You know why? DWIGHT WANTS TO PLAY FOR THE NETS (because of Deron)!!!! The reason the trade hasn’t been done yet is because the Nets’ main trade chip has a broken foot right now, but it sounds like he will back in the next 2 weeks. The Lakers need to blow up everything they have for DRAFT PICKS. I dont know if they realize that trading for grade b players isn’t really working that well for them. Or trade for the Raptors point guard Jerryd Bayless.

      • Vinnie Licciardello

        You realize that if the Lakers really wanted Howard, they by far have the BEST trade chips available. You have no idea how he is going to bounce back from the foot injury, if he shows up slow, do you think the Magic are going to trade for him as the centerpiece? There is no way the Magic take him back unless he comes back from the injury and immediately produces. He will have two weeks to show he is good enough to be the centerpiece of a trade as opposed to Bynum (an all-star)

    • Thomas F Giordano

      but nets would want “lamar odom” if you would, who would that player be?

  5. Joseph_mednick

    The Lakers need not only a “first rate point guard, but also either a small forward or power forward’
    Luis SAcola and Deron Willams woulld be a good fit.

    Gasol goes and so does either draft choices or th young shooting guard Goelick

  6. One4Carlito

    A good trade i’d do between Hou n LA is this one…… not really a “3 team” trade because Lakers would be doing each one separately. Additionally, Lakers would give Hou their 2012 1st rd pick, OR the one they acquired from Dallas. With the Hawks, Lakers could offer the 8.9mil trade exception to sweeten the deal for ATL. Hawks in turn use that to acquire a 9 mil/yr SF…which would complete their team. Lineup for LAL would be as folllows:

    PG: Flynn, Fisher, Morris
    SG: Bryant, G-lock, Kapono
    SF: M. Williams, Metta, Walton
    PF: J. Smith, Patterson, McRoberts
    C: Bynum, Murphy

    *Wildcard….sign Arenas to vets min contract

    • Russell Grant

      But if Houston WANTS Gasol, why would they be happy that he is in a Hawks uniform? Sure the numbers fit but if they don’t acquire their prize isn’t this essentially a bust for them?

    • BrickTops

      I don’t see the benefit nor the sense

    • Thomasgiordano1

      NOOOOOOO, :( pattersons my fav, have luis and j hill!!

      • Thomasgiordano1

        oh god i read it wrong, houston would say no. sorry lol

    • Curtis Paggett

      seems our gm is going in the wrong direction. Murfhy is a waste no D and 4 points in in 5 games time we cut our bench players we are playing every game and Walton is much better on defence than Murphy and the way murphy is shooting the ball I would play Luke before murphy. whats up with morris friday he was in street clothes and Ebanks is seens to be all but forgotten. I thought Mike Brown was a good choice now I am having a hard time figuring what he is trying to do. Friday night Barnes gave us a big lift when he was on the floor yet mwp started the third quarter.

      • Lanneytld

        Spurt Players who can’t deliver 99% of the time they hit the Floor are EXPENDABLE and the Lakers need to simply rebuild like Chicago did around Jordan to make a Winning Team > The Lakers need to build around the Greatest Player currently in the NBA > Kobe Bryant.

    • Tsa80

      Yeah because somebody wants S. Blake and M. Barnes, what a joke. Good work Laker fan.

  7. lakers24

    NO bad idea..paull gason is fine in los angeles we need to trade stupid luke walton, blake, and the rest of the wack bench

    • Bocad

      Ya…seeing as every team is probably dying to trade for our bench players it should be a piece of cake :-)

  8. DarthFubar

    wait to nab Jennings this summer.

  9. DarthFubar

    Hilarious how eager people are to play GM in this thread, yet so less eager to figure out how to spell the names of the players they’re discussing

  10. Afra nariman

    gasol, marques daniels to rockets and ebanks 2nd round pick
    kevin martin, luis scola, dragic and lal trade exception to celtics and 1st round pick
    rondo, brandon bass and budginger to lakers

    • Aacevs


  11. Lanneytld

    Every 5-10 years MOST Teams go through a Major Rebuilding. Kobe is still the Best in the NBA, and like Chicago did years ago, they traded virtually EVERYONE to find the right players to help Michael Jordan shine in the spotlight. Without the proper supporting Cast of Players that can work with such Great Special Talented People like Jordan or Kobe they would just be a bunch of Superstars without Glory ~ Unlike Miami who is overloaded and hence would be an Enormous Stroke of LUCK if they ever win a Championship. This won’t be the Lakers Year, they just need to Scrap most of the Players and BUILD around Kobe.

  12. LakerJ

    Lakers, Suns, Clippers, Mavericks trade scenario (assuming D Will and Howard stay with teams and Mavs make moves to free up money in 2012 but still contend this year)

    Lakers get Mo Williams (keep Gasol, Bynum, Barnes); can dump Walton, Morris, Ebanks to Suns to match salaries and for consideration of giving Suns DPs (will still have a trade exception to maybe get Ray Allen or another decent shooter off bench)

    Clippers get Lamar Odom (Foye can handle extra mins; Odom can play guard role and create a bigger front line to help Deandre Jordan; still own 2 minor trade exceptions to get role players-shooters)

    Mavs get Steve Nash to bolster guard play and perimeter shooting (trade Odom 8.9mil Odom for 11.7m of Nash for extra 2012 salary dump) and in long run can dump almost $37mil with Nash, Kidd, Terry, Bench players plus another $8.3m if they amnesty Haywood to pursue D Will and Howard (you know there will be some colusion between D Will and Howard if they see Mavs have salaries to sign both…)

    Suns get salary and luxury tax savings for 2011-2012, draft picks and can get low cost PG Darius Morris, Rodrigue Beaubois along with Walton’s exp contract for 2012-2013 (Suns can re-trade that exp contract to another team next year for more DPs or young talent)

    Magic just seem to want to suffer a free agent loss rather than to trade and help teams like LAL, DAL, NJN

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