Wizards Aggressively Shopping Blatche

February 27 2012 at 1:27pm CDT By Luke Adams

The Wizards have "aggressively" attempted to move Andray Blatche in advance of the trade deadline, multiple sources tell Michael Lee of the Washington Post. For his part, Blatche wouldn't mind a change of scenery, Lee hears from a person close to the 25-year-old.

Blatche averaged 15.3 PPG and 7.1 RPG over his previous two seasons with the Wizards, but has struggled this year, with his PER slipping from 17.2 in the last two seasons to 11.4 in 2011/12. While Blatche has shown some promise, the remaining money on his deal is an obstacle — after this season, he's still owed over $23MM for an additional three years. Besides his contract, Blatche's condition and character concerns rival teams, says Lee.

According to Lee, the Wizards discussed a deal that would have sent Blatche to Charlotte for Tyrus Thomas, but were turned down by the Bobcats. We heard a similar rumor from ESPN.com's Marc Stein in the first week of February. Stein noted that the Wizards were hoping to acquire Boris Diaw's expiring contract in a deal with Charlotte.

If the Wizards can't find a deal they like before March 15th or this summer, they could consider using their amnesty clause on the 6'11" forward.

6 thoughts on “Wizards Aggressively Shopping Blatche

  1. 7.6M a season AVG for the next 3 seasons isn’t that bad. When hes on the court he can AVG 18pts 8RBS and a block per game. He’s a good defender and one of the best big men in the league in steal.
    If people want to knock him for injuries i guess thats their choice. Character can be changed. Put him in a system with veterans and leaders and then judge him. The best leader hes ever had was gilbert arenas. i’m not saying go get him. But put him on the clippers or celts and he would be very valuable.

  2. Send him to OKC. He can start at the center and use Perkins as the backup in the playoffs. How about Blatche and Mack to OKC for a 2 round pick Nazr Mohammed and Hayward and cash.

  3. Seems like, depending how desperate, this would be a good spot for the Warriors. They miss out on every center they target, it seems like, and if Mark Jackson could get Blatche under control, the nucleus of Curry, Ellis, Thompson, Wright, Rush, Lee, Udoh, Blatche, Biedrins would be deep and super talented. Would the Wiz just give him away? Like Kwame’s expiring and spare parts/picks?

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