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Bucks May Shop Ellis, Jennings, Gooden

The Bucks just made a major trade at the deadline to acquire Monta Ellis, and they may not be done dealing, according to a Western Conference executive who talked to Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld.

The unnamed exec characterizes the Bucks as being in a "win now" situation, and if they fall short of expectations (likely by missing the playoffs), GM John Hammond will look to deal Monta Ellis, Brandon Jennings or Drew Gooden this summer.

They're the three players with the highest scoring averages on the team this year, and Raskin identifies all of them as tradeable assets. Only Ellis, who makes $11MM a year through 2013/14, earns more than $10MM annually, and he plays shooting guard, where talent is at a premium right now, Raskin notes. Gooden, 30, is the oldest of the bunch but is putting up a career-high 14.5 PPG.

This could be wishful thinking by a front-office type who'd like to see those guys on the market. I think it would be premature to drastically alter the team when they'd have less than two months to show what they can do together. Milwaukee has never been a destination for top free agents, and with young assets on generally favorable contracts, Hammond might be wise to demonstrate a little patience here. 

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9 thoughts on “Bucks May Shop Ellis, Jennings, Gooden

  1. Onegoodmanishere

    The Bucks have always made stupid decisions with players all the way back to Karrem ,Ray Allen ,Marcus Johnson, Dirk Nowitiski

  2. Whatshop

    Baseless. Anything can happen in the future, but there is nothing here.

  3. Onegoodmanishere

    It wouldn’t surprise that they would even let something like this leak out in the media , That they were considering trading Ellis , Jennings, Gooden. What a great way to motivate them to play for you at this point of the season ,Realizing fact that your trying to make playoffs. It wouldn’t be so nice if those 3 players go out and play every game like the And One throw back all stars or better yet the Milwaukee Punks and miss everything. Lose Lips wrecks ships. Just like you wreck and burn all brides in the past. P.S. Give ownership of the team to Ulice Payne I truly believe is the best hope for success 4 the city of Milwaukee and the stubborn hard headed Bucks that keep f*c*ing Up. GIVE HOPE A CHANCE!! THANK YOU

  4. paledude

    Non-story in my opinion

  5. Nicholas Gallenberg

    With only 45m in salary on the books for next year they could just add to those pieces.

  6. Nicholas Gallenberg

    Heh actually it just occured to me, those are the only 3 bucks who have contracts that are worth anything anymore. Good time to be a Buck.

  7. クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

    Send Ellis to the lakers !

    • Arveladams

      are you mentally retarded?

  8. Jay_olay

    Horrible timing. If they were on a losing streak when this was posted, maybe. But the Bucks are on a 5 game winning streak, if I’m not mistaken.

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