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Heat Inquiring On Reserve Big Men

The Heat's interest in adding a center has been well-documented, and with the trade deadline approaching, the club is calling around to gauge the demand for reserve big men, says Brian Windhorst of

Miami's lack of size has been particularly noticeable with Chris Bosh out of action over the last few games. The team has been playing Joel Anthony at center, but as Windhorst writes, Anthony is "a power forward masquerading as a center." The same goes for Udonis Haslem and Juwan Howard, while the club's true centers, such as Dexter Pittman, Eddy Curry, and Mickell Gladness, haven't been productive in the limited minutes they've received.

If the Heat can't find a trade partner, their options are limited. The team hopes Chris Kaman is bought out after the trade deadline, but the Hornets haven't given any indication that's a real possibility. Francisco Elson and Kyrylo Fesenko headline an uninspiring list of free agent big men, after the Heat missed out on signing Kenyon Martin and Joel Przybilla.

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12 thoughts on “Heat Inquiring On Reserve Big Men

  1. Dicksassets

    The Heat needs to get COUSINS

    • kimmy

      i agree

  2. Demarcus cousins along with Lamar Odin’s are unhappy were they’re at. Pat needs to take advantage and call them. Lamar play power but he has size to play center sometime. We needs to not seetle for any big Guy of course we desperately need one but come on, kyrylo average 0.3 blocks and 2.3 reboounds you sriouse Joel is way better then him and he’s only 6″9. Trust me Lamar would rather play for Miami heats then to play with Dallas negotiate a deal gladness curry and pittman along with a 2nd round pick would be an ok trade. Same with cousins he demand a trade early this season they talked him out of it, but come his team sucks its messing up his stats. That’s came out of his mouth.

  3. Yod_22

    no matter who they get, it cannot be some washed up has-been, nor can it be a 3 for 4th rate player. make some trades and get someone good, someone that will state for awhile and someone that will make an immediate impact on the team. d wayne and lbj are only going to get older- loosing a half step each couple of years. capitalize on their abilities while they are at the top of there games. trade some of your players and make the deal happen for someone of consequence. not kaman!!! that is like putting a band aide on a wound needing 30 stitches…
    if they, the heat, do not go out and get someone they are not serious about the championship and they do not care about the mental or physical well being of their players…

  4. Crslore

    What are the Heat saving Curry for? The big dance? We won’t make it if we don’t get him the minutes he needs now!

  5. Curry is a big body, they should of played him on Sunday and see if bynum would bully the paint like he did with Joel ud and Pittman bit no they put Howard in u f____ing serious I’m a big fan of the Fab five bit come on

  6. lbj fan

    I rather the heats get kyrylo or elson Karman is garbage he’s a slimmer version of curry. He’s very lazy. That’s why hornets said they’ll even settle for a second round for him.

  7. D Druzijanic

    It’s Spolestra’s and Riley’s fault! They can’t make case not playing Curry vs. LAL! Why did they signed him and kept him? For what match-ups if not Bynum, Howard, Gaslol’s…? Crazy!

    • NotAHater_ImmaRealist

      Agreed. At the very least, they could have used him to bang in there with Bynum on Sunday and contribute 10-15 minutes.

  8. NotAHater_ImmaRealist

    Who are they going to get that is not a 3rd or 4th rate player that will fit under the cap? The Heat went after guys like Dalembert, Kenyon Martin and Przyzbilla. These are not top notch players. Getting a Chris Kaman would certainly be an upgrade over anything they have on the roster right now. All the top notch big men that are out there will not be traded to the Heat unless the deal involves LeBron or Wade.

  9. Redmanles

    same thing I was saying, this whole Eddy Curry big picture has to come to an end.Spolestra gotta get dude some minutes thats the only way he gonna know how ready he is not in the freaking practice gym!!!!!

  10. Joseph Diwa

    Obviously, the Heat lacks a big especially when CB is out. Hopefully, they would get a noce one.

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