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Lamar Odom Desires Return To L.A.

Lamar Odom helped propel the Mavericks to a win on Saturday, after asking his teammates for their support, but according to Ric Bucher of (video link), Odom is still "desperate" to return to Los Angeles.

Having dealt Odom to the Mavs in December, the Lakers are ineligible to reacquire the forward at any point this season. Bucher says the Clippers would love to acquire the 32-year-old, but they don't have the expiring contracts Dallas would want to make a trade work. If Odom does indeed want to return to Los Angeles, a more likely scenario has him being traded or bought out next season by the Mavs.

Odom returned to the Mavericks on Saturday night after an absence that lasted a week and a half. In 33 games this season, he has posted career-lows in points (7.7), rebounds (4.5), and minutes (21.3) per contest.

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68 thoughts on “Lamar Odom Desires Return To L.A.

  1. Johnmagno

    certainly jim buss would welcome this and would offer a salary no more than $4M…

    • Hanielpeniche

      just bring odom be men about this let managment say sorry both sides it was a wrong move welcome him back ….cuz we need him we should have never let him go how do you send a 6th man of the year away and to top it off to our enemy …dallas thats like sending mvp kobe away who does that buss needs to wake up and see both sides of the story odom was hurt and I understand him 100% he felt betrade …but im still a lakers fan for life …just bring back the man ….

      • dc21892

        It’s not at all like sending Kobe away.

      • Surfsupkim

        It wasn’t wrong – sure, we miss him, but he behaved like a spoiled brat – must be the family he married into – he demanded a trade and got it. Done. Be careful what you wish for LO. Maybe you shoulda stayed out of the circus family?

        • Uzdin1

          Professional athletes, like spoiled children who have too much given to them, need good agents/managers who can guide them in avoiding impulsive career-damaging decisions. Where was LO’s agent when he asked to be traded? ILIA

      • Julian Nairn

        Hanielpeniche Odom is a grown ass man

      • Justinlewis33

        how about adding some periods in your damn paragraph…..stopped reading after the first sentence.

  2. Andre

    Lakers never would have traded him without thinking they would end up with Chris Paul and possibly D. Howard.

    • Just a Thinker

      Yes, Stern really stepped in it this time. Just think, we have 2 more seasons to put up with that fool and then the next fool takes over !

      • Pltn249

        Hey, Stern knew what he was doing – New Orleans has been kicking butt and … uh… well… wait, actually, the Hornets suck, don’t they? Uhhhhh, nice going David. New Orleans looks like it has a great future, doesn’t it? Uhhh, not so much.

        • Julian Nairn

          Is that the great deal Stern was talking about the old Clippers players Houston is looking good Mr.Stern I think they will make the playoffs what about the Hornets.

      • Daryl Peek

        Stern did what Phil Jackson and Mark Cuban warned EVERYBODY he would in 2010 when the league took over the Hornets. Stern is not to blame! Buss and Kupchak are! In their haste to get out of Daddy’s shadow, they did not LISTEN. Now we are stuck in a higher state of self inflicted dysfunction.

        • Julian Nairn

          Lets see how the season ends before we start blaming people HOMIE

        • Julian Nairn

          Cuban got what was coming to him he help stop the Chris Paul deal and tried to play head games with the Lakers by getting Odom but now his CHICKENS HAS COME HOME TO ROAST!!!!!!

      • Pottery

        I think Stern thought he would take money out of the Buss’ pocket, and, at the same time make the Hornets an attractive team ready to be completely rebuilt. Yes, the Hornets need rebuilding.

    • JustTheFacts

      I agree with you completely. Kupchak pulled the trigger because he was in the process to cook up a deal that would bring those two stars. Pao stayed put but LO was too “offended” at that point. People hate to admit it but, this is a job were ANYONE can be expendable if the GM believes that it’s in the best interest of the team. With all that said, I DO miss Lamar’s contributions to the Lakers. Time to look ahead for the fans…

  3. Thewesselskids

    just have to remember that Odom went to Buss office and asked for them to trade him, he got his panties in a bunch and that is what happens….I am sure his wife got in the mix too and didn’t help matters

    • Pottery

      I’m sure his sensible wife wanted him to calm the hell down and do his job – so that he stayed in L.A. I seriously doubt she added to the furor.

  4. alssweets

    Suck it up Odom. There’s a Bank in Every

  5. Art Baumanns

    Wow, no one got this posted correct. First, Jim B. is a big time jerk. You don’t even want to be around him because it is all about him, and his brother is even worst. Second, Odom got his feelings hurt and went to the GM-K. office and demanded to be trade, like right now. The Lakers oblige him and got rid of a large contract. Third, do not believe everything you read, especially on this site. This site is all about rumors and hear say. If you haven’t got it by now, then you still have a lot of growing up to do. Have a nice day.

  6. Stevecstewart

    is missing part to lakers offense.
    jim buss would be a retard or not give a sh%$ about laker fans if he did not call odom now and figure this out.
    lakers fan since early 70s and i hate to see the bs passed down to the fans by either side. there was no need to trade odom, it was front office showing disloyalty FIRST.
    dumb a$$es cant even get it right with their dleague players that could assist n team defeciencies

  7. thomas wesphaguson

    Every since I first learned of Mitch Kupchak’s trading of Laker PF Lamar Odom, I knew that the decision would be a disaster. If Odom did not have at least 11 points, 7 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game the trade, and Odom’s state of being would be one of controversy, conflict, and discomfort. In addition, the star setting and spotlight which Hollywood and LA provides its players is most distinguished. In addition, Odom-LA is like McNabb-Philly, not easily recreated.

  8. CATHYT909

    The NBA can do anything that they want to do The Buss family made a huge mistake and that’s okay. Come down off your throne and admit to it. It takes a bigger man to admit to and acknowledge his mistakes rather than just ignoring them!. Bring Lamar Odom back home, to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he belongs!!!

    • Just a Thinker

      I agree Jimmie Buss is not his father. However, Lamar had a brat attack. He wasn’t playing that well or consistently when he was here, 6th man or not. No way Lamar coming back is a plus for Lakers.

    • Jazzbassist82

      You can have him. His shooting is down 10.6% from career numbers. He’s been worthless for the Mavs. 25% from 3…pitiful.

    • lakersnation86

      Are you serious that dude is soft and I actually like the dude but he demanded a trade cuz his feelings were hurt and of course Khloe wasn’t gonna take that. Now that things are different in Texas he wants the palm trees and sunshine back. He had a good thing going here in LA and he blew it because of his wife blowing all those feminine emotions his way.

  9. Ragsdra Ed

    Time for the Mavericks to TRADE Odom (straight up) to Orlando for Dwight Howard. Just think! The Mavericks will have REALLY made out as bandits by then! The first get Odom (from the Lakers) for nothing,, then they get the superstar Dwight Howard (from the Magic) for just Odom (hee hee)! That should be a shoe-in for the Mavericks to REPEAT as NBA Champions, while both the Lakers AND the Magic become total LOSERS in the overall deal! LMAO!

    • Just a Thinker

      Ain’t gonna happen. Odom should find a job tending bar somewhere in Queens.

      • Justinlewis33

        ……can’t tell if you’re being serious or not. If you are serious, you’re an idiot. If you aren’t, you’re still an idiot…..i’d take Odom over our superstar benchwarmer Luke Walton or Murphy and Mcroberts combined..

    • DbarRay

      wow, Odom straight up for Howard, what a great idea. And while we’re at it, you should trade in your wife for Brooklyn Decker LMAO

    • Surfsupkim

      the only way the Mavs repeat as champions is is the rest of the league falls off the earth! they were just barely good enough to win it last year – seriously!

  10. Frank

    Odom belongs in L.A. Like Kobe, Magic, worthy, Fisher etc….he should, in our opinion retire a Leker. Come home Odom, we need ur presence in the paint!!!

    • Just a Thinker

      Leker? Come on man !

  11. Jazzbassist81

    As a Mavs fan, I gotta say, just move him whatever it takes!

  12. Just a Thinker

    No way I’d take Odom back to the Lakers. He’s a head case. He put himself into this position by asking to be traded, and then there is the Kardashian circus that follows him. Sorry Odom, no sale.

    • M_blan

      Kadashian roles his life.I feel so sorry for him..He’s really confused and takes a toll on his performance.Only him can solve the situation,a pussy or his career..

      • desertdweller

        As a Laker fan, I miss Lamar Odom & would welcome him back. He was the most consistent player last year. Hope he doesn’t get traded to New Jersey Nets for Deron Williams going to Dallas. What a fiasco for him then to be on the same team as his ex brother-in-law Humphries. Is Kris Jenner, his mother-in-law his manager advising him? Maybe this contributed to the fiasco of him wanting to be traded over hurt feelings. Don’t miss the Kardashian entourage.


    When I had the displeasure of living in the hellhole known as Dallas, I desperately wanted to return to Los Angeles, too. So I get it! I’m so glad to be back home…hope Lamar’s return is imminent.

  14. CaliCal2012

    Definitely would luv to see Odom back in the limelight. That guy was a =n extension of Kobe Bryant and the two bigs. Lakers would have a chance to go all the way for the title with Lamar Odom’s performance.

  15. AntiGMArroyo

    he asked to be traded now he wants to come back to LA? what a joke !

  16. Guess everyone remembers Odom ASKED to be traded????

  17. lastros

    What a pussy

  18. Mannywrd

    Lamar should not been dealth to anywhere. Big mistake by Lakers org. Lamar should come back to Lakers and retire from Lakers.

  19. Sewerfly

    pathetic and childish

  20. Christian

    As a Mavericks fan, I’ve put up with Odom for a while now. But I’ve finally had it with him. If he doesn’t even want to be in Dallas, we should just get rid of him. I don’t care how–just get him out of here. I’d rather have Brandan Wright in the game instead of this bum.

    • Julian Nairn

      Cuban was trying to get in the lakers head by picking up Odom but it back fired

  21. Pattipoo

    Wish Odon could come back!!! He was one of our top Lakers and for soooo long.
    Love you Odom! I agree with Cathy.

  22. The Commish

    Mitch Kupchak tries to improve the Lakers with the deal for Chris Paul which, thanks to Stearns, fell through. Lamar pouts about it and asked to be traded, and with Jim Buss in charge now, tells Kupchak to get rid of Odom.

    If Jerry Buss was still in charge, Kupchak would not have to look over his shoulder with Jim Buss and told Odom to go home over the weekend (remember, the first day of camp was on Friday) and return back to practice on Monday with a clear head. Odom would have cooled down by then and stayed with the Lakers.

    Jim Buss is going to bring the Lakers down under his watch, which will be too late for daddy to fix.

    • Julian Nairn

      No The Commish this is on Odom he is not a child he is a grown ass Man

      • The Commish

        Julian, you’re correct that Odom was responsible for what he asked for. What I’m alluding to is that Kupchak had his hands tied in terms of what he could have done to not let it get that far. Jerry Buss would have allowed Kupchak to do what he needed to do to soothe Odom’s ego. With Jim Buss, he’s making the calls and telling Kupchak what to do.

        The success of the Lakers in the past was when Jerry Buss allowed the people he hired to do their jobs and not interfere (e.g., Jerry West, Kupchak). Jim Buss wants to show his daddy that he can make smart decisions. I have a bad feeling about this.

  23. Julian Nairn

    For all the People blaming Jim Buss Odom is a man the blame is on him.hopefully we could get him back next season

  24. Jefuman

    get him back home if you wanna win the trophy again!

  25. jennifer harrt

    I agree, they made a terrible mistake by trading him to of all places, Dallas. You should let the player play where they are most happiest, that way you will get more out of the…If you like your job, your production is always better. Send him back, we miss him like crazy. you broke up the Dream team, that’s why the Lakes hasn’t played up to their full potential. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If he plays better with the Lakers then send him back, I’am sure Kobe and the others would be very happy to have him back. Don’t mess up a good thing, again. as long they are winning, then what’s the problem. That is what counts, isn’t it? You broke the rhythm of the Pack. They were winning, and now they are hitting and missing to many games.

    Think About It….

  26. chris

    Bring Lamar back to the lakers. NOW !!!!!!

  27. Charlavan

    By all means, bring him back to the Lakers. It will make Jim Buss look like he has a brain after all. Everyone wins.

  28. Ronnie908

    There is plenty of blame to go around, in this unfortunate situation, Everyone could have been a little more mature. That being said, Lamar Odom is a better player than what he has shown this year. I would say that He deserves another chance, I hope that the Lakers would try to work it out at the end of the season, to get him back. I also hope that he would accept less money, with some performance clauses in his contract if that if possible.

  29. Jose Veras

    BRING BACK L.O It would help the locker room and i know kobe will love that move.

  30. Edward H. Pollard III

    He’s the link to the Lakers over all success, he can guard Durant,Dirk, and James. And he can score. What a great addition he would have been to our bench.

  31. Fianba3

    yes its true lakers made a mistake and they should realize that by now and i think taking lamar back would not hurt the lakers at all but actually would help he won back to back titles in LA and sixth man of the year so damn right he should comeback!!!!!!!

  32. ecwillis2

    ODOM needs to come back to LAKERS big three like before we can be the WINNERS

    • Justinlewis33

      big three? ……….you mean big FIVE (Kobe, Pau, Bynum, Odom and LUKE FRIGGIN WALTON)

      • im2ez4u2cme

        Luke Walton hasn’t played much at all in the last 3 or 4 seasons and his skill set is unknown, plus he was no big part of either of the last 2 championships. He is either as washout or has some serious chronic health problems. Lakers managment traded the wrong player!!! Get rid of Walton and get something for him. Odom can’t come back to Lakers until next season anyway so his coming back is a mute point for this season’s trade deadline.

  33. Bhsimmons03

    i think the lakes should bring LAMAR BACK TO MAKE A RUN AT ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP

  34. Justcarla69

    You are so right Lamar need to be back home in LA where we love him. So to the Buss family who ever let him go wrong move but go get him back NOW we need him. Love ya Lamar

  35. lakerfan1978

    To be honest Mitch is know Jerry West , he has repeatly made trades that are questionable. He let Shaq go for some basement players and received nothing in return for Odom. Luke Waltonis getting 9 million for sitting on the bench Fisher should have been gone last year. Metta World Peace ,Matt Barness and new additions to the Lakers are worthless , We had a good run but it is time to rebuild this franshice before Kobe is to old too conrtribute. Replace the GM then then the players.

  36. it does not matter what the people say lamar needs tp be back with the lakers i rather for them to get rid of gasol he is the soft 1 they had plenty of other people to get rid of besides lamar i can name a few but the lakers is my time 4 life and have always been since i was 2r3 and i am in my 40 so i am a ride r die fan 4 life but come some right changes needed to be made but lamar was not 1

  37. Drjaymo

    Way too may egos involved and far too little professionalism

  38. bee1503

    LAKERS Never traded him, he wanted out and pack his bags over a Rumor!!!

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