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Poll: Which Team Is A Trade Away From The Elite?

Earlier today, we looked at five Eastern Conference contenders to key an eye on at the trade deadline as teams jockey for playoff positioning.  Most people think that the Heat and Bulls are a step above everyone else in the East, and for good reason.  As we near the trade deadline, let's look at the group below those two elite Eastern Conference teams.  Which of the following likely playoff teams in the East would benefit the most by making a splash at the trade deadline?  Who is a trade away from being able to compete with the class of the East?

For very obvious reasons, I am taking Orlando out of the equation here.  Feel free to offer any trade scenarios this poll evokes in the comments section. 


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3 thoughts on “Poll: Which Team Is A Trade Away From The Elite?

  1. Derek Lee

    If the Hawks got an upgrade at PF/C, they could beast most of the teams in the Eastern Conferences! Maybe someone among the likes of Kaman…

  2. Guest

    If the Hawks weren’t missing Horford, then they’d be a trade away from the elite, but right now, they’re just a trade away from having a chance in the playoffs. That’s not to say they can’t win… but I wouldn’t pick them over the Heat or Bulls even if they made a trade (assuming they’re not going to trade for Howard)

    • Derek Lee

      In order for the Hawks to acquire Howard, they would have to definitely give up Smith, Johnson, or Horford. Kaman would be easier to acquire. Marvin Williams and Willie Green to Hornets for Kaman and Belinelli. Hornets get 2 decent bench players (Marvin wants out of Atlanta), and the Hawks get the big man they need a sharpshooter off the bench.

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