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T-Wolves, Blazers, Lakers Close To Deal

5:06pm: It appears the Lakers will send a first-round pick to the Blazers in the deal, reports Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio. The Lakers would like to target a point guard in another, but giving up the pick makes that difficult. 

4:46pm: Everything has been agreed upon except for what the Blazers would receive from the Lakers, tweets Chris Haynes. According to Haynes (on Twitter), the Blazers wants a draft pick, with Blake being the fallback option. I don't see how the deal gets done if Blake is the only asset heading to Portland.

4:36pm: The Blazers would receive a first-round pick in addition to Blake, tweets Joe Freeman of The Oregonian. Freeman isn't sure where the pick would be coming from, though I have to assume it'd be one of the Lakers' first-rounders. Meanwhile, Crawford's agent tells Jason Quick of The Oregonian that the deal is close to being done (Twitter link).

4:28pm: This deal is getting closer to becoming a reality, according to Chris Haynes of Haynes says (via Twitter) there will be other pieces involved if the teams reach an agreement, but that Crawford, Beasley, and Blake are the primary parts. Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune agrees that this trade is the most likely move for the Timberwolves (Twitter link).

2:54pm: Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld (Twitter link) confirms that the three teams are talking about a deal, adding that Steve Blake would be going to the Blazers in the proposed trade. I don't think that changes the fact that Portland would want a draft pick.

1:55pm: Talks between the Timberwolves and Trail Blazers for Jamal Crawford are gathering momentum, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. The discussions also involve the Lakers, who would receive Michael Beasley from the Timberwolves in the proposed deal, tweets Wojnarowski. I'm guessing the Blazers are seeking a first-round pick from L.A.

Though the Timberwolves and Blazers looked like a promising match last week, Ricky Rubio's ACL injury seemed to put a damper on discussions, since the T-Wolves needed Luke Ridnour at the point. However, Chris Haynes of said on Monday that Minnesota's pursuit of Crawford hadn't faltered, and that perhaps the Wolves could bring in a third team.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported yesterday that the Blazers seemed to be cooling on the idea of trading Crawford, since they couldn't find a first-round pick for him. Portland hopes to gain cap space this summer and Crawford figures to opt out of the final year of his deal, so the Blazers have some motivation to keep him. But if they can gain a pick and avoid bringing on any future salary, the Blazers would obviously be inclined to make a move.

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13 thoughts on “T-Wolves, Blazers, Lakers Close To Deal

  1. jwsox

    Lakers get Beasley, wolves get crawford, blazers get draft picks from both?

    Decent trade for both but the wolves without Ricky are not going to do anything. I don’t understand this deal for them

    And even if the lakers get Beasley they still need a point guard like crazy. Boozer and Watson would love to play in la

    • ThinkBlue10

      Maybe Boozer and Watson can get traded to the Clippers or something. Lakers don’t need those guys.

      • jwsox

        The lakers need smoking guard and Watson is actually pretty good and has a solid 3 point shot. Also a boozer Watson for pau deal could net the lakers one of the bulls first round picks. And the lakers would not need to send a draft pick the bulls way. Plus boozer is making less per year than pau thus helping them recoup the money taken on in getting Beasley.

        • ThinkBlue10

          I don’t see us getting better with that trade. If Pau goes we need a young legit point guard. And if the Lakers are reluctant to give up Gasol for Rondo why would they give him up for those two guys?

        • Angelskc9

          rather just keep pau and trade other pick for sessions, and jwsox im assuming you are a bulls fan, you should ask yourself, what about pau’s game makes you think he can play the physical lock down bulls game. He is a finesse player and boozer owns the most untradeable contract known to man!

          • jwsox

            I am a bulls fan. If boozer can last in the defense then do can Pau..he is much better at defense than boozer…but in terms of offense I truly think this trade makes sense…

            first off just the draft pick alone I would assume that the lakers would want the bobcats protected pick. lottery protected this year, top 5 next season and unprotected in 2014, the way that team is going its going to wind up being a top 5 pick maybe a #1 over all…add to that the bulls second 1st round pick is a nice kicker..

            Pau is a much better low post scorer than boozer which fits better into the bulls offense. Boozer is a better close to mid range shooter which along side bynum actually fits better than pau in my opinion.

            Watson is a very good defender, very fast, very good passer, and has a great shot from 3 point range he is 100% better than fisher

            yeah the lakers take a step down in boozer but his game will help open up bynum and kobe…plus boozer as your 3rd option, or 4th if they do get beasley is pretty good.But the lakers would be upgrading at point guard

  2. Ethan Heth

    i like beasley to the lakers. hes got some upside. grab him and sessons from the cavs

    • jwsox

      In the right situation with Kobe pushing him. He could finally live up to his beast potential.

  3. ThinkBlue10

    We better get Beasley and Felton in that trade.

  4. matt galvin

    Maybe added Bulls to it and send Boozer to Portland and Gasol to Bulls.

    • ThinkBlue10

      No thanks.

  5. RKel10

    The Lakers have 2 first round picks tho, so they could still look for a PG.

  6. Orlandojjk

    Do the Lakers really need Beasley? Why not Crawford instead? We have no damn shooting guards and our bench can’t score for sh!t. If Mike Brown was smart he’d give Josh McRoberts minutes and then it wouldn’t have to come to this. I’m not the biggest fan of Crawford because he’s a ball hog, but we need a legitimate scorer off the bench and he’d fit that description. Oh and please don’t trade any of our core guys Kupchak.

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