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Steve Nash Seeks Three-Year Deal

In a phone interview with's Marc Stein earlier today, Suns point guard Steve Nash said he would seek a three-year contract after his current one expires this offseason. According to Stein, the 38-year-old insists his back feels "the best it's felt in a decade."

Nash gave no indication as to whether the three-year deal he seeks will be with Phoenix, Miami, Dallas, or another organization that could use his services. The comments appear to come in response to a recent New York Post report that Nash's back was as bad as its ever been. 

"It's been my best year physically from start to finish in a long time," Nash said. "Other than a little tweak (last week) against San Antonio, my back's been pretty close to 100 percent."

The two-time MVP has only missed four games this season, and is currently leading the league with 11.3 APG. 

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10 thoughts on “Steve Nash Seeks Three-Year Deal

  1. dc21892

    I would really like to see this guy win a championship. He is one of the best pure point guards to ever play the game but he’s never been on the right team. Choose wisely this summer, Steve.

    • John S Stenson

      He is still playing better then he ever has. Without Nash the Suns would be in the toilet. Steve has been in PHX. With his family for a long time so give the guy a break. He’s finishing out his contract, how many player’s can say that. I hope he goes to a top teir team asap grab for that ring while his body is still albe. He’s been great to watch over the years Thanx Steve!!

    • Johnnyguit12

      Can you imagine Nash side by side with another Mr. MVP on The Bulls (and we all know who he is!) My God Nash could make even a Derrick Rose a better player; “if that’s possible but if Nash got traded to Chicago and lets just say he has another MVP type season,
      if nothin else it sure would be a hellova lotta fun to watch those 2 in action!

  2. Janice

    I would love him in a heat uniform. He could lead as well as mento Chalmers and Cole.

  3. Flatland123

    He may be 38 years old but he still is the most entertaining player to watch with his speed and ability to find the shooters on his time. Like he has eyes in the back of his head. That my friends is talent.

  4. Joseestupinan99

    Nash needs to win a championship! He’s not getting any younger, he needs to sign with Miami!I can see him throwing lobs to LeBron and d-wade already!

    • Miles

      Yes !!! Your exactly right . Ive been saying that Nash should join Miami for more than a year now. Imagine him using the pick and roll and distributing to one of the big three! Im sure he would have to take a bit of a pay cut …. but the fact that he would be in major contention to win a championship and the endorsements he would gain once joining Miami would surely make up for it and be worth it for Steve . It wouuld be a great way to cap off his career. Wade , Lebron , Riley …. get on the phone to Nash ! Pat Riley is probably already onto it….

  5. Boisest99

    I feel Nash would be a good fit in L.A. because Kobe wants and needs to win now which is what Nash need to do also. If Nash goes to a young team they won’t have drive to win now like L.A.

  6. I’d love to see Nash come over to San Antonio, but I know that’s incredibly unlikely for a number of reasons. With the new layout though (Diaw, Leonard, Jackson) and the potential of losing Duncan & maybe even Gino, I think it’d be a good fit for Nash. Like I said though, because of all of those things having to happen (not to mention getting rid of Parker), it’s really unlikely.

  7. John Paul Hibbert

    Raptors better give him a decent offer

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