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Dwight Howard Still Wants Out Of Orlando

Despite the exit of coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith today, Dwight Howard "desperately" wants to be traded before next season, a source tells Chris Sheridan of While it seemed the moves were made with Howard in mind, the superstar center wants out of Orlando now more than ever, according to the source.

Sheridan says Magic execs are expected to meet soon with Howard in Los Angeles, where he's recovering from back surgery. If he reiterates then that he wants out, Sheridan says the team is expected to try to trade him to "the highest bidder." The source says the Nets are still the frontrunner for his services, but the Mavericks, Knicks and, to a lesser degree, the Clippers and Lakers, are destinations that also appeal to Howard.

Earlier today we heard that Magic CEO Alex Martins has called for Howard to make his decision regarding his future with the club. At the trade deadline this past March, Howard declined his early termination option for next season, committing himself to the last season of his contract with the Magic. The move appears only to have been a temporary stay of the drama surrounding his rumored departure. Howard missed the playoffs for the Magic this season after undergoing surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back more than a month ago. He has been rehabbing in Los Angeles and has not returned to Orlando since the operation. The Magic said earlier he's staying there because he requires frequent checkups from his doctors in L.A., but Howard's choice of locations nonetheless fueled speculation he's estranged from the team.

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6 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Still Wants Out Of Orlando

  1. Kpsmith

    Howard for Wade anyone?

    • Jasko

      a 30 yr old injury prone for a young star center? no

  2. mbrink12

    Howard to Brooklyn is the best option. Give us Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, if their 2012 pick is in the top three, it goes back to Brooklyn from Portland, give us that, and possibly another first for Howard and Turkoglu. That way we can take a SF like Barnes or MKG in the draft and take a PG in the mid-1st.

    • yeahyeah123

      if the nets get davis that probably all you get, and what your asking for is a lot and i dont see the nets giving up a top 3, and 1st, and two great prospects in lopez and brooks

    • Ecreynolds96

      What in gods name are you smoking, LOL I love Dwight, but I don’t see this type of tradehappening. That is asking for a lot. What next, you want the Nets to pay the salaries for the entire Magic team? Let’s start thinking realistically here.

  3. howard should come to milwaukee….put a franchise back on the map. they have jennings ellis mbah moute sanders illysova(free agent) and the 12th pick. along with vets gooden and dunleavy. they are a star player and maybe a coach from being contenders

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