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Mavericks, Nets Among Teams Eyeing Jeremy Lin

If the NBPA is successful in its appeal to allow players claimed on waivers to retain their Bird rights, the Knicks will head into the offseason in much better position to keep their free agents. But either way, New York figures to make locking up Jeremy Lin a top priority this summer.

The Knicks won't be the only team looking to sign Lin though. According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, the Mavericks, Nets, Raptors, Trail Blazers, and Warriors are among the clubs eyeing the point guard.

Because Lin will be a restricted free agent that has played two years or less in the NBA, he'll be subject to the Gilbert Arenas provision. Rival teams will be able to offer Lin lucrative, back-loaded deals, but the Knicks will be able to match any offer sheet using their mid-level exception, since the first-year salary can't exceed $5MM.

We've heard the Raptors mentioned as a possible suitor for Lin, and the Mavs and Nets both make sense, depending on whether they miss out on Deron Williams. The Blazers also figure to have plenty of cap space and a need for a point guard, as I outlined earlier today. It's hard to imagine the Warriors being serious contenders for Lin, since they won't have cap room, and have a more glaring hole at small forward.

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12 thoughts on “Mavericks, Nets Among Teams Eyeing Jeremy Lin

  1. Warriors are kicking themselves in the ass right now as they are going to have to pay dearly if they want to bring him back there. With Curry’s injury history, Lin would have their head over a barrel in negotiations.

    • UnadulteratedTruth717

      How can he have them over a barrel when he’s coming off of his own major injury?

  2. Henryc

    I doubt that Jeremy would want to go to the Warriors to be a backup when he could stay with the Knicks (or several other teams) and be a starter.

  3. GaryR

    I’m a Knicks fan and thoroughly enjoyed Linsanity for as ong as it lasted…but I have to ask, in the 35 games he played in this year…is he THAT good to garner this much attention and expect this much money (5M) after less than a half a season of basketball? I mean, even when he was on GS, he practiced, trained, played….and he was cut. He was on the Knicks how long before he saw meaningful playing time? He practiced with them and that didn’t show D’Antoni anything special to get playing time before the injuries came.

    Is this the state of the NBA to throw out 5M to Lin to catch lightning in a bottle? I love the kid’s attitude and guts to be driving the lane as often as he did…until he was hammered a few times…and his on court intelligence and team first approach to the game…but 5M?

    Please, someone educate me on how he is a lock to be mentioned as a posible starter in this league.


    • KarLo

      You can say the same thing about DeAndre Jordan. He has VERY average numbers and hes making over 10 mil this year plus a monster long term contract. Yes, he deserves the attention giving the circumstances he had to overcome. If people realized the talent he had before (which I believe he was overlooked by everyone because he’s asian american), then all this hype wouldn’t be there but a healthy dose of recognition. Lin impacts the game more than DeAndre can, think about it. 5 mil for Lin is cheap compared to that. You a Knicks fan but you have to look at the bigger NBA picture and be a basketball fan, then you’ll understand.

  4. Michael Hopcroft

    Why the Knicks would be especially eager to hang onto a player they have no intention of ever letting see the court again is a complete mystery. You don’t market from the end of the bench. The coaching staff at MSG would be very happy to see Linsanity playing in China or Europe. They have no reason to want him on their roster. None.

    • Marathoner

      You’re stupid or retarded, maybe both!,MSG $ growth over $500mil from Feb to Apr, 3mon.

    • Bryce Gonzalez

      what are you smoking? Lin would start if he signed with us, both because of his talent and because we have no other options. You clearly don’t follow the Knicks, or even basketball to suggest that Lin isn’t wanted in NY

  5. Bryan Colangelo

    Raptors feel real stupid, they almost had him for Anthony Carter

  6. Memongs

    because of what he did in his first 5 starts w/o Melo and Stat…on his 2nd yr! (pratically a rookie).. his upside is what has given him his worth..

  7. thesultanofswingandmiss

    Lin is here to stay.

  8. remyngtin

    cha-ching $ $ $ $

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