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Odds & Ends: Lottery, Raptors, Lin, Heat

Tomorrow night's draft lottery will have huge implications for the Warriors and Jazz, writes the Deseret News' Jody Genessy. Here are a few more items from around the NBA:

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3 thoughts on “Odds & Ends: Lottery, Raptors, Lin, Heat

  1. Harris

    Quick question; Why does it matter that the writing in the new CBA is very clear as far as waived players? Can’t the NBAPA appeal it anyway? They do have a very good case, considering nobody actually loses if they keep their bird rights. It potentially helps big market teams, small market teams, and the players moving forward. The argument is that players who are claimed off waivers don’t get to choose which team they play for, so why should they lose their bird rights?

    • HoopsRumors

      I agree that the rule doesn’t make a ton of sense as is, but I could see how it might open up a can of worms to rule in favor of the union — the NBPA agreed to this detail of the CBA mere months ago. Allowing it to be altered may lead to more instances of owners or players going back and trying to change rules that both sides agreed to when they negotiated the new CBA.

      — Luke

      • Harris

        I doubt they specifically discussed a situation like this in the CBA talks, as it’s rare that waived players have value. And this isn’t really a situation where the owners lose either. They come out on top as well being able to re-sign their own players as well as sign other players.

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