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Bucher’s Latest: Nash, KG, Nelson, Miller, Kaman

Plenty of the bigger names among this year's free agent class are in their 30s, and it's that over-30 group that's Ric Bucher focuses on in his latest Insider piece. Bucher spoke to GMs, scouts, and personnel experts that gave him feedback on this summer's free agents, including tidbits on Steve Nash, Kevin Garnett, Jameer Nelson, and plenty more. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Suns, Blazers, and Raptors are expected to be the top suitors for Nash, with the Nets lurking as a wild card if they can't re-sign Deron Williams.
  • The "prevailing wisdom" suggests that teams on the verge of playoff contention willing to overpay need not apply for Garnett. According to Bucher, KG is only interested in situations where title contention is realistic.
  • One of Bucher's sources names the Jazz as a team that could make a play for Nelson.
  • The Rockets could be in the mix for Andre Miller if they only retain one of Goran Dragic or Kyle Lowry.
  • A source tells Bucher that Chris Kaman would "welcome the chance" to return to the Hornets and play alongside Anthony Davis.
  • One source on Jason Kidd: "Hurts to say this, because I have so much respect for him, but he's run his course. This was his final chapter. He's 15 minutes a night as a backup for someone like San Antonio or Oklahoma City or maybe Brooklyn."


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8 thoughts on “Bucher’s Latest: Nash, KG, Nelson, Miller, Kaman

  1. Jacquebquique

    I would like to see the Jazz go for Dragic. Nelson is very good. However, I would like to see the Jazz return to being a more ethnically diverse team. The international flavor drew lots of fans even in other countries. Now, they are just another NBA squad with thugs and slugs.

    • UTSheepDog

      I just want them to get the best players they can. Who cares about the ethnic makeup. That shouldn’t even be a consideration. Judge a man by the content of their character and quality of their work. What they look like or what country they are from is meaningless.

    • Chasehyatt

      Thugs? Name one person on the Jazz that is a thug and tell us why?

    • Colonel Mustard

      Do you watch the Jazz? They pick up players that are hard-workers and have a great work ethic. If you are referring to Josh Howard and Jamal Tinsley, then that is just foolish of you. They did some stupid things, but they have straightened out, the Jazz are one of the teams with the best work ethic in the NBA.


      Who would you consider at being thugs on the team?

    • Wingchunshad

      Nelson is not any better than Harris you retard!

  2. gaiguy69

    Please Dragic

  3. normrichardson

    With Sloan gone and perhaps his head diminished in size, would D-Will be willing to return? I’m sure that he and his wife and kids must have lots of friends in SLC. With him we could give the Lakers hell, He would really like that. D-Will with the current Jazz team could be a force and he may even learn to like Gordon. Interesting.

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