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Dwight Howard To Lakers Still Being Discussed

6:16pm: The Rockets continue to exhaust all possibilities to acquire Howard, but if Houston is unable to put together a suitable package, the Lakers could move in on D12 in the next few weeks, says Sam Amico of FOX Sports Ohio (Sulia link).

6:01pm: A trade that would send Dwight Howard to the Lakers and Andrew Bynum to the Magic is still being discussed, according to Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times (via Twitter).

It's not clear, based on Woelfel's tweet, whether the two sides are engaged in trade discussions, or whether the Lakers and/or Magic are internally discussing the possibility. However, reports have suggested for weeks that Howard is the only player that would make the Lakers seriously consider moving Bynum.

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13 thoughts on “Dwight Howard To Lakers Still Being Discussed

  1. Blake Einhorn

    here we go again!

    • Don Vito

      I want to rip my eyes out every time I read this stupid rumor…

  2. Mracm1

    Thanks , but no thanks

  3. Greg MacDonald

    These two clowns deserve to get traded for each other.

  4. Polito

    when did basketball become some stupid reality show!!!? oh ya since Lebron.

  5. Raphaelcarlocarpio

    lets get it on! D12 and Z-BO will surely form an elite front line for the lake show. Add mike beasley 2! Is this enough 4 u Mamba?

  6. Don’t do it it would be stupid to give up the second best big in he league to rent he best for a year

  7. Ronaldmitchell717

    This bull never ends! It goes on and on and on

  8. mrmgraw

    The orlando magic is dumb as fuck if they get rid of D12 he took us to the finals i am a die hard fan dont be stupid please please please

  9. Dondontomoling

    no need to trade.wasting time n money for both org…. bcoz miami will b in d top again nxt season=)huhuhuhu.Champs!!

  10. Vincevinvinny

    he playing with d-will period

  11. Vincevinvinny

    in brooklyn

  12. Umpalumpa20072008

    I think the Lakers should just look some where else I wouldn’t trade bynum for Howard yes I know that my 15 year old act more mature than bynum but once he grow up and realize’s that it not just about him that it about the team his goin to be one of the best center’s that ever played the game

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