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Bulls Exploring Kyle Korver Trades

11:13am: According to Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Hawks had interest in Korver, but it appears he's "likely" heading to the Timberwolves in a trade. The T-Wolves need to clear some cap space for other moves they've lined up, so I wonder if they intend to trade guaranteed salary for Korver's non-guaranteed deal.

8:12am: The Bulls have until Sunday to decide whether or not they'll bring back Kyle Korver for another season, and haven't ruled out retaining him. However, in the meantime, the team is also exploring trade possibilities that could send Korver to another club, such as the Timberwolves or Hawks, according to Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Although Chicago reached an agreement to sign Kirk Hinrich, the team's strong roster depth of a year ago seems to be taking a hit. The Bulls will not guarantee Ronnie Brewer's deal, and appear unlikely to retain C.J. Watson as well. With the Rockets prepared to sign restricted free agent Omer Asik to a lucrative offer sheet, the Bulls' decision on Korver may hinge on whether they end up matching Asik's offer, says Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald.

If the Bulls don't find a trade they like for Korver, they have the option of waiving him by Sunday and only taking a $500K cap hit. If the club decides to hang onto him, his contract will become guaranteed for the full $5MM.


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23 thoughts on “Bulls Exploring Kyle Korver Trades

  1. Bulls25

    Keep him!!!

    • Guest

      i wouldnt mind a korver for derrick williams swap but i doubt it

      • United We Run

        keep dreaming

        • jwsox

          Considering he has fallen out of favor and has been involved in trade talks for the better part if a year if the bulls were willing to throw a draft pick in there it could get done.

          • Mab31914

            The bulls would have received a draft pick not interested in giving any away

    • Jig232003

      who will minnesota give up or is it a trade exception deal?

      • Guest

        The Wolves are looking to free up cap space. They probably would give up Barea or Johnson.

        • Cjx233

          I love wesley Johnson they should definitely try and get him as he could grow and develop under coach thibs and his offense needs a little work but i believe he can help the team

  2. Guest

    Luke Ridnour?

  3. $1529282

    Please, take Wes Johnson off our hands. PLEASE.

    • Mab31914


  4. Gonzalesv

    korver could be good for a team like the thunder,spurs,lakers , but he makes too much $ .. he should be at about 2 mill

    • Your wrong

      To much money ? nah ! you must have never watched him play….

  5. The Buls managment needs to start opening their wallets if they want to contend in the East. Miami already doing some major addiditions to their rosters. With Marcus Camby, Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis in Heat uniforms this coming season, I don’t think the Bulls can match up with them if they don’t make any major moves or add some quality players. I would overhaul the roster (trade Deng, Noah or Taj) for an offensive player. They need a player that who can create his own shots and not just rely of Rose. If they will just seat and wait for Rose to come back, might as well anmesty Boozer and start playing for the Draft and hopefully they can get another good rookie.

    • Raider2025

      Bulls are done for 2 years man. Accept it , move on.

      • Mab31914

        dont kid yourself

    • United We Run

      Canby is with the knicks

  6. jwsox

    Actually korvers deal isn’t fully guaranteed until January if i remember correctly his deal didn’t have a dead line like brewers or watsons

  7. Kenny

    Trade Korver and a first round pick for OJ Mayo

    • Mab31914

      dont we all wish

    • 1underafter9

      Mayo is overrated

  8. Shenika Jackson

    If they let Asik go the the Rockets, Keep Korver. Who can they possibly get to replace him. I think that they should consider what they have. Keep Korver!!!!!!

  9. Mab31914

    I think the bulls are looking into sending Korver to atl for Hinrich which would free up the Mini MLE they used to sign him so they could match the pacers offer for Gerald Green

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