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Dwight Howard Rumors: Sunday

11:02pm: The Magic, Nets and Cavs are in "serious talks" about a deal involving Dwight Howard and others, reports Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld, who said Magic executives will meet Monday morning to determine if the deal is the right one, and an agreement could come sometime Monday (Twitter links). The Magic will complete "one last sweep" around the league before deciding whether to pull the trigger on the 11-player trade, says Jarrod Rudolph of (Twitter links). A key to the deal could be the willingness of the Cavs to take MarShon Brooks from the Nets, because the Magic isn't interested in the swingman, report Chris Broussard and Brian Windhorst of Many teams concerned about competitive balance are reluctant to facilitate a blockbuster deal, Broussard and Windhorst report, so the Magic and Nets must overcome that obstacle. 

9:58pm: The Sixers are also a possibility to acquire Humphries as part of a three-team that would send Howard to the Nets, Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld notes via Twitter. In an email to Tom Moore of, Sixers president Rod Thorn indicated a move may in the works, but declined to give details.

7:17pm: Mary Schmitt Boyer of The Plain Dealer says that there is nothing imminent between the Cavaliers and Humphries, which stifles some of the momentum of a Dwight to Nets deal for now. She also agrees with Adrian Wojnarowski in that the Cavaliers are using their interest in Humphries exclusively as a means of stockpiling assets and draft picks.  

7:04pm: Following up his earlier tweet that a Nets deal was "very close", RealGM's Jarrod Rudolph acknowledges the chance that news is being "leaked" in order to get other teams to improve their trading bids to Orlando. 

6:42pm: HoopsWorld's Steve Kyler tweeted earlier that the Hawks, Lakers, and Mavericks are also still involved in talks with the Magic. His latest tweet says that Atlanta's offer includes "luggage from the Joe Johnson deal."

6:35pm: ESPN's John Hollinger tweets that the Nets still have to sweeten the deal with the Cavaliers, as Cleveland would hypothetically be able to sign Humphries outright but have no interest in doing so.

6:28pm: Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM spoke with a source that says Nets GM Billy King is "very close" to acquiring Howard and that a deal could be completed "very soon" (Twitter link). 

6:20pm: David Aldridge of (via Twitter) addresses speculation of Cleveland's involvement in a deal, saying that there is "nothing substantive"with the Cavaliers right now. He also adds that the Nets are currently reaching out to "any team with room" in order to help facilitate a deal. 

5:01pm: Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweets that Andrew Bynum has shown no inclination to agree to an extension if he is sent to Orlando in exchange for Howard. Also, Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld added (Twitter link) that in addition to the Cavaliers, the 76ers also remain candidates to be the thrid team involved in a deal that would send Howard to Brooklyn. 

4:43pm: The Nets are "making progress" on finding a third team to take on Kris Humphries in a larger deal that would send Dwight Howard to Brooklyn, tweets's Ken Berger.That third team might be the Cavaliers.

1:25pm: Earlier today we mentioned several reports saying that the Nets' main focus right now is to re-sign Brook Lopez and focus on what they can control. However, according to Ken Berger of, Brooklyn's upper management is instead still going hard after Dwight Howardwith a package centered around three first round draft picks.

The Nets have their own first round picks to offer in alternate years, but the other pick would likely come from a third team. In the rumored deal, Brook Lopez would join the three first round picks in Orlando, and Kris Humphries would be included in a sign-and-trade situation with that same third team. 

Along with draft picks, the Magic are interested in jump starting their post-Howard era by unloading some of their less team friendly contracts. Whichever team makes a move for Howard's services would have to be willing to take on players such Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu

The Rockets are still in the hunt for Howard, and have a recently acquired lottery pick from Toronto, but if Houston is unable to land him it seems unlikely they'd arise as the third team willing to help Brooklyn build an appropriate package. 


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8 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Rumors: Sunday

  1. RegularAce

    Dan Gilbert was the first one to whine and cry about CP3 trade to the Lakers last year but he’ll help facilitate a deal to make another super team in the eastern conference.. I don’t like LeBron at all but no wonder why he left that sniveling weasel of an owner. This, David Stern, is why you and your league are a joke. You “Lockout” to prevent all of this from happening but the players & agents are 5 steps ahead of you.

    • dc21892

      You can’t stop teams from building super teams. Some teams will be fine with paying the luxury tax as long as it means winning. What is wrong with that?

  2. packmuly

    glad hes not going to the lakers…. but fuck the nets are going to be really good…..

  3. packmuly

    it makes literally no sense for the cavs to be involved since they could just sign him as stated in the article, but the nets want something for him, why would the cavs ever agree to that? unless new jersey’s sending THEM picks to take him…. which would make no sense for NJ

  4. jwsox

    after lookin at his stats he is good but not great and will for sure be over paid(thanks CBA you allow for above average players to be paid like stars) 13 ppg and 7 close to 8 rpg is nice to have but here is the big thing….WHY WOULD ANY TEAM IN THE EAST TAKE ON HUMPHRIES JUST TO ALLOW DWIGHT TO GO TO THE NETS? Yeah lets get a power forward who in all reality we could just sign in free agency(and save some money) and then let dwight freaking howard join the nets and create a super team. Williams-Johnson-Wallace-PF(does it really matter who?) and Dwight…thats probably the most complete team in the east and could easily take one and beat the heat in a 7 game series, yeah you get draft picks but those will be in the low first round…If im a GM in the east I do what ever I can to make sure Dwight does not go to the Nets, He wont be able to sign with them in free agency and you have to assume some team wants Lopez and humphries, humphries i get but lopez is a mid range shooter who does not rebound..this is weird…also if im the GM for orlando I dont trade him to the nets just to prove a point

    • dc21892

      Humphries was a double double per game last year, that’s why.

      • jwsox

        Ok but at the expense of helping to create another super team?

  5. Ricardo0492

    If the Magic are going to trade Howard to the Nets in a three-team trade, they have to try to balance the power between the teams involve. For example, if the Magic are going to send Howard to the Nets, the Magic and the Cavs should get a player or players that would fill their position of need and that would help them be better right away.

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