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Eric Gordon Unhappy With Hornets

Shortly after receiving an offer sheet from the Suns and flatly stating that his "heart is in Phoenix," free agent Eric Gordon expanded on those comments while speaking with reporters today.  The two-guard says that he will play in New Orleans if the club matches the four-year, $58MM offer sheet but won't be happy about it, writes Jimmy Smith of the The Times-Picayune.

"As for now, I don't know what's going on.  [If the Hornets match] as of right now, I'd be disappointed," said Gordon, before adding that he doesn't believe that the club can do much to change his mind.

According to multiple reports, the Hornets will match the Suns' offer sheet despite Gordon's recent comments.  The Indiana product's issues with the organization seem to run deeper than personal issues with the front office, however, as he criticized the current makeup of the roster.  Gordon said that he was hoping to see the Hornets tab a frontcourt player with their tenth overall pick, which they instead used to draft Austin Rivers.

"I was a little surprised; we have no center and no bigs," Gordon said. "You look at our roster right now, what do we have, one big? Jason Smith? Before Anthony Davis, we had no bigs."


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12 thoughts on “Eric Gordon Unhappy With Hornets

  1. Gordon is a gimp who will be lucky to play 40 games a year. And the Hornets are the second worst destination in the NBA (i.e.Bobcats). So they are both stupid…

  2. Michael Jenkins

    Suns will get him in a sign and trade for Lopez, and two 1st rounders!

  3. eric gordon

    hey, rivers and davis, come here. want to lean fast about the NBA business side of things, ill tell you a few things and spew negative things all day long. stick with me and you’ll be good when you’re FA’s in a few years.

    • Real Dwight Howard

      FAIL… and GAY… not ol english gay either, im talking DICK IN THE ASS GAY.
      get some help.

  4. Slimpickins82caa

    NOLA just needs to do a sign and trade with him to PHX and get future draft picks and a big man, the SUNS have 5 bigs that are just sitting around doing nothing these days. hell get Childress too. he can play the 2 and the 3.

    • Michael Jenkins

      Lopez or Frye along with a 1st rounder and second round could get it done!

    • alphakira

      Why would they do that? They chose to deal CP3 for Gordon…now they’re just going to trade him to a team with very little that other teams want? Aside from Gortat, what “big” under contract is worth a high quality SG like Gordon? Surely not Frye or Lopez. They could probably dangle him to Atlanta for Horford, to Philly for Iggy, or Houston for Scola/picks. Why would they just give him up for little to nothing?

  5. Guess what Gordon… You’re a RFA. If you don’t like it, tough. It gets tiring seeing player after player dictate where they go when they’re still under contract. I’d love to see Orlando trade Dwight Howard to the Mavs instead of giving into his demands. It would be refreshing to see them call his bluff. He’s not going to pass up on the bigger Max contract that the team that has him can give him.

  6. LuvMyUsa1

    If New Orleans was going to match any offer for Gordon , then New Orleans should have traded that pick instead of drafting Rivers ! They play the exact same position and most teams don’t draft a player in the lottery that they don’t expect to start at some point ! Gordon can see himself getting traded in the near future if New Orleans match’s that offer ! So why would he be giddy about coming back there ? But with that being said , restricted free agent’s don’t have much of a choice if the team matches the offer sheet ! So he might just have to make the best out of a bad situation , hopefully when he starts cashing those bigger check’s his anxiety will go away !

  7. Chi Diddy

    Hey smart guys, the Hornets cant sign and trade him because he is a rfa. Either they match the deal and keep him or they let him go. Know ur stuff before u jump all over the board and talk like ur a future gm!

    • Oddmanout06

      They actually can sign and trade him, they have to do it before he signs the offer sheet from the Suns. He would then sign with the Hornets and then be traded to the Suns for whatever agreed upon compensation. If he signs the offer sheet he can’t be traded to the Suns for the duration of the contract. He also has veto power in a trade for the first year of the contract. I would suggest you take your own advise and do some research on the topic instead of personally attacking people on a comment message board like your some tough guy only to be completely wrong.

    • Fcukstick84

      Restricted free agent Nicolas Batum has agreed to terms on an offer sheet with the Timberwolves and is hoping the Portland Trail Blazers either do not match the offer or execute a sign-and-trade to get him to Minnesota..
      So where did u make your millions? Apparently ur alsoo not a GM!

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